Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Universe Has My Back: Thanks for the New Workers!

So yesterday I wrote in my journal: The worker(s) I am seeking are seeking me and the Law of Divine Good and Love brings us together quickly and in peace, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Then I made a list:

Honest, hardworking, respectful, knowledgeable, boat captain experience, construction experience.

Now, no one has come by looking for work for quite a while, but sure enough this morning c
omes a guy who worked for me many years ago, he has all the experience I asked for above including his own boat and I told him to come by tomorrow and we’ll do a trial. Perfect!!

But then just now comes this young beautiful being, no experience to speak of, but with this amazing twinkle in his eye and super good vibrations. I told him to come back tomorrow too. I think I’ll take them both!! But I think that second one might get me into trouble. Of the best kind… ;))

Workers: Check!!!