Thursday, October 4, 2012

Speak Your Authentic Truth

Ya know, there are just some people that you do not resonate with and you know it right away… and there is no sense in fighting it or trying to make it happen or prolong the relationship when there are so many others that do resonate and that you do vibe with.

I truly believe that we are ONE. But that doesn’t mean we all want to live together and hang out with each other. We can Love from a distance and sometimes that is the very best thing to do.

The pattern I have had in the past when I don’t resonate or feel a vibrational match with someone is that I feel it so very deeply, some people feel like they are on a totally different planet than me, that I start to pull away and shut down. I just don’t have the patience or will or desire to “try” to create something that is not there and certainly will not try to match their vibration. It either is a vibrational match or it isn’t. And as I shared in my most recent Note, talking often feels like an effort to me anyway and to try and talk something like this out feels like the vocal Olympics to me. So I just don’t bother. I shut down; I stay quiet and try to stay away.

And they feel me withdraw and then get very defensive, upset and sometimes very nasty and lash out with venom and lies and even try to “destroy” me with rumors and other old school old ways of doing things…which only serves to verify the feelings I had from the beginning to pull away as fast as I can. I can feel a LIEworker right away. You can sugar coat all words and talk the talk, but when I meet energy sucking LIEworkers in person, I just want to RUN and usually do… and they know I know and that makes them on the defensive because they can’t get away with “the usual” with me. And they lash out at me as holder of the mirror and the message.

So this has happened with the last two women who have come here and as I know that others will be coming to be a part of this community, I need to break this pattern of shutting down when it is not a match and learn to just speak my truth from the beginning… as soon as I know... which is always right away.

There is still no guarantee that they will not lash out and spew venom and lies, turn on me and get nasty. People don’t like it when you ask them to leave, no matter how nice you do it, especially when you are dealing with LIEworkers. But at least it will be much cleaner and clearer on my side. And over much faster.

Usually, in my silence and shutting down, I wait too long in trying to be “open and allowing” until they have tried my patience and the incidents like a lack of basic manners and respect and vibrational discontent have added up and by then things can get out of control because I get to the point of "GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!” And I want to move away from getting to that point EVER!

I take responsibility for the drama that has surrounded the exit of these women, although I will never understand their spiteful actions and lies upon leaving… but that is theirs to own. I OWN that I created the intense energy because I let it build up instead of speaking my truth from the beginning in an open and authentic way. And I OWN that I now change this pattern and will never let it get to this point again with anyone who comes who is not a match.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, SIERRA!!! Even if your voice trembles and it feels like an effort. Remember these incidents and do not let it happen again!!!

And while the drama in my usually calm and happy life was definitely a contrast, I have learned so much from it and do not regret the LESS Ons. Yes. LESS ON!! (Thanks for that, Flo) :))

It is a either a vibrational match or it is not and trying to “make it happen” and trying to be “allowing and open” when that’s not what it’s about leads to discord on both sides. It serves no one and can lead to things getting out of control and bringing drama into your life.