Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Relationships: Nourish Your Soul!!

Oh us humans. Why do we ever stay in relationships; love, work or otherwise, that do not nourish our souls? Maybe we think we don’t deserve better. Maybe we think we can help or save these people. Maybe we just get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Maybe we are forever waiting for “the right time.” Maybe we think tomorrow will be different or if we just hold our high vibration it will be okay. But all of this at what expense to our own joy and happiness and self-respect and tranquility and peace? Every single time I have finally retreated from a relationship that was no longer nourishing my soul, I say every time, “What took me so long?” The feelings of release and freedom and LIGHTness sooth my soul immediately. And here’s the great part. EVERYONE goes off to their HIGHEST GOOD!!! What is good for you is good for others, even if they don’t see it at the time. ALL is in Divine Orchestration; we can’t take away someone else's Good… EVER!… And when we take control of our own joy and happiness and peace and tranquility by stepping away from that which does not feel good, it gets REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Sooooo GOOD!! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~