Monday, December 31, 2012

Embrace the Dream

Sometimes when our dream is right in front of us, fears, unworthiness, insecurities, and doubts can come up. We can start mind-jerking our way out of it and looking for things that are wrong with us and/or others involved. Our upper limits of what we can have and deserve might be being tested… Can I really have it all? Do I really deserve this? Am I worthy of living my dream? If you have not worked on your beliefs and limitations and raise the ceiling limit you have placed upon yourself, you will surely find a way to sabotage it.

Isn’t it time to EMBRACE THE DREAM and LIVE IT? Isn’t it time to PLAY BIG and RELEASE all limitations and old baggage that binds you? There has never been a time when your dreams (the ones that are for the highest good of all concerned) can come to you faster and in more magical ways… that is if you ALLOW it. Sooooooo whaaadddaya waiting for? ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Universal Lottery Jackpot

People often say “when I win the lottery,” literally putting all the ways and means to their dreams in one basket. Don’t limit the Infinite Universe with only one route to provide to you. It’s all the Universal Lottery Jackpot when you consciously create what you want with your imagination, feelings and inspired actions, no matter how it gets to you. Dream and Live your Dream Now. And let the Universe deliver the Mega Powerball! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Our Creative Power

We are creators in our reality because we have the choice of where to put our thoughts and focus about anything that is going on in our lives and in the world. Everything is a neutral experience until we put our beliefs and perspective upon it. That is our creative power, the vibration that results from what we give our focus, passion and attention to. What are you creating today? ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ~ ♥

A Tipping Point in Human Consciousness

We are at a tipping point in human consciousness. We are at a balancing point at planetary and Universal levels. The time is NOW to choose LOVE over FEAR, ACCEPTANCE over HATE and COMPASSION over INDIFFERENCE. As we are ONE, you and YOUR stream of consciousness affect the WHOLE WEB OF LIFE. YOU are the cog in the wheel, YOU are the Rainbow Bridge, YOU are the LIGHT. Now, more than ever, it’s TIME TO SHINE THE DIVINE. And it feels mighty FINE! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Embrace Your Triune Self

We can choose to love, we can choose to hate, we can choose to celebrate. It's all part of the experience we chose to participate in from our non-physical perspective. And when we finally choose to equally blend our Body~Mind~Spirit and embrace our true Triune self, we remember that it's all for the fun of it, all for the expansion of it, all for the LOVE of it. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

You Are Always Divinely Guided

You are always Divinely Guided. An ever-present Loving Universal Super Intelligence is always guiding you to manifest your dreams, desires, happiness and life purpose. Divine Spirit is always calling you forward towards Love and Divine Expression. Trust this Truth and know that when you truly listen to your Heart you are always Divinely Guided. Pay attention, be present, observe and allow your Divine Guidance to show you the easiest and quickest path to your true purpose and highest good. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Shall No Longer Hide From My Light

I shall no longer hide from my light. I shall no longer argue for my limitations. I fully accept, honor and carry out my Divine plan and service to humanity without resistance (except for when it comes up and then I shall joyfully do the work to name it, claim it release it.) I easily and gracefully step into my agreed upon Divine Role and I fully embrace Who I Really Am. I shine my light with pure love and compassion and work with my tribe to create true community. I AM HERE. NOW. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Your True Power

If you knew the TRUE POWER your LOVE emits in Frequency Waves and God Particles to every other being, plant, animal, tree, rock and all in existence, you would put up your antenna and start broadcasting LOVE 24/7. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Download the Divine

It’s not all happening TO us, it’s happening THROUGH us. Download the Divine. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman


Expectations. We all got em’. People expect things of us, we expect things of others. And when the reality doesn’t match our expectations we can either choose to be disappointed and angry, or we can open up our minds and hearts and know that everyone and everything is Divinely perfect just as it is. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Embrace Who You Already Are!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toes To the Fire

If we are still holding someone’s toes to the fire for something they did in the past, we are not allowing them the same space we want for ourselves to grow and expand. We've all done things we would do differently now from our new place of BEing, learning and expanding… So, let it go and allow others to re-create themselves and become NEW Beings too! See it all through the eyes of Love and no one gets burned. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Own Who You Are

In order to fully express our true, authentic, Divine nature, we have to stop giving our power away to other people’s fears, agendas, criticisms and opinions. It’s time to OWN who we are and live free and clear of the outside noise and the need to conform. Take a STAND for who YOU uniquely are and live your life from YOUR heart and inner guidance as a full Divine expression of YOU. Beautiful, Divine YOU! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Apply and Fly

If you were living the life of your dreams, who would you be? What would you do? Take a moment to feel how you would feel if you were living the life of your dreams. 

But then maybe that little, or not so little, voice comes in. The one that says that your dream is out of reach for you, only achievable by the charmed and lucky ones; those who were born with it. You could never do that. Where would the money come from? 

 That is the voice of your limiting beliefs. It lies there under the surface, that background (or not) voice that is sabotaging your visualizations, your affirmations, your vision boards, your good intentions and your dreams. It could be that you understand the Universal Laws or different teachings on an intellectual level and you really believe it, but you are not intentionally applying it in your daily life to your benefit.

Well. It's time to APPLY. It's time to FLY!! Allow yourself to observe and gently shift old patterns and beliefs that keep you from GOING FOR IT and living the life of your dreams. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Love yourself a lot. Have FUN with this. Decide to be Happy RIGHT NOW! Choose it. Own it. Be it. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Listen, Divine Beings and You Will Hear

Listen, Divine Beings and you will hear 
Your own Inner Guidance loud and clear

You are the one who knows what’s best for you 
So follow your heart, to your authentic self be true 

 There is nothing to obtain, no one you have to be 
You have it all inside you, so set yourself free 

In the present moment is where you find your true self 
Past stories and present worries remain on the shelf 

 To follow your dreams is what you came here for 
So get passionate, BE Possibility and wait no more 

 Instead of complaining and waiting for change 
Refocus your NOW and watch your life rearrange 

 Let go of the baggage and the attachments too 
Cause’ once resistance is gone, it’s a dream life for you 

 Let go of the hurt, let go of the blame 
And start living your life in charge of the game 

 Be FOR, not against, speak from love and respect 
This is how you create the Love Consciousness Effect 

 When things don’t go how you think they should 
Remember there is the law of The Highest Good 

 The higher perspective, the Divine Broader View 
Is how it can all make sense to you 

 Allow unique perspectives and inspired Source to flow 
Every Being has their unique journey to expand and grow 

 Trust in Divine timing, let the Universe orchestrate 
And it all turns out better than your imagination could create 

 Know you are worthy, embrace your Divine
 Expect the best to happen, for it happens all the time! 

 Live from the heart, be the LOVE that you ARE 
And your true and authentic self will shine like a star. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

IN-LIGHT-IN-ment 101

There is no big secret to being “IN-LIGHT-ened.

Just LIGHTen up and don’t take it all so seriously!


Turn UP your INner Heart LIGHT and operate from a space of LOVE.

And THAT is IN-LIGHT-IN-ment 101!

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

ONEness Now

It’s time to really GET this ONENESS thing and let duality finally lay to rest. When we say WE ARE ONE, that means that we are that person on the street without a home, we are that person we can’t stand, we are that person we don’t understand, we ARE that person that we judge. We are ALL THAT and so much more. We are all Divine Sparks of the Big Spark that is All Knowing, All Encompassing Spirit. We are all really, really in this together. Judgment and hate have no place in the New Earth we are birthing NOW. Love the others like your sister/brother from another mother… because they ARE. There is no more US and THEM. It is WE WE Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ALL THE WAY HOME! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~