Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food: Saving Grace at Thanksgiving

Let's face it. For many, Thanksgiving is a much about food as it is about giving thanks. It can be a trying and guilt filled day for those wanting to become thin, but it doesn't have to be. I suggest making a plan before the big day, feel good about your plan, and stick with it. This will save yourself a lot of guilt, torture, self loathing, anger and resentment.

Plan A: Decide that you are not going to let Thanksgiving get you off track. It's just food after all. We live in abundance and there will still be food the day after Thanksgiving; you don't have to eat it all in one day You ill concentrate on the joy and love of being with your friends and family, taste many things, but stick to small portions and not pig out. You will enjoy every bite, chew slowly, and savor the smells and tastes without stuffing yourself to the limit. You will feel strong, satisfied, healthy and proud of yourself.

Plan B: Decide that it's just once a year after all, and no two ways about it, you are going to pig out. You will not torture yourself pretending that you wont and then do it anyway creating feelings of guilt and failure. You are being honest with yourself. Your thin relatives are stuffing themselves and you should be able to eat as much as you want too. You will enjoy every bite, chew slowly, and savor the smells and tastes and eat to your heart's content. The difference is, you shall not feel guilty about it. You will allow yourself this day of feast and commit to it not becoming a week-long binge.

Which plan is best? The one that feels the best to you; the one that you will stick to. Plan A is great if you are on a roll, have been visualizing and Being your thin self and are dreading a day of overeating and what it might do to your self esteem and body. Plan B is great if you know you will not be able to resist and don't want to feel bad about it. By allowing yourself to eat as much as you want this one day, you are less likely to keep binging in the vicious circle of eat/guilt/eat/guilt.

Which ever plan you choose, Have a Joyful and Gratitude-Full Thanksgiving and remember to give YOURSELF thanks too!

Working on My Money & Abundance Beliefs Creates $50,000 (temporarily, but not for long!)

This past week, I have been consciously working on my money vibration...I always have just enough, money shows up in the nick of time when I really need it, but I am tired of playing that game. I want MORE!! So for the past several days I have been doing some conscious work on my money vibe and asking to be shown my sub and not so sub conscious thoughts so I can break free about money.

Thursday, I had a wild experience with a bee that I saved. Bees represent ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE to me. Bees should not be able to fly as their body weight is much more than their thin little wings can support. But yet, they fly. Why? Because they believe they can!! After saving the bee and he flew off, I felt a very profound shift in my reality. I saw the energy around the trees, in the sky, around everything. My vision was very focused but yet unfocused. It’s hard to explain, but anyway, for me it felt weird and wobbly and wonderful. Something was noticeably and deliciously different.

Anyway, a few hours later, I go to the ATM machine to deposit 2 checks. The machine scans the first check, an image of the check shows up on the screen, I verify the amount. I put in the second check. It starts to scan the check, I wait for the image to come up but instead, the screen flashes and blips and a screen comes up that says Verify Deposit Amount of $51,975.00. The ATM had added $50,000 to my deposit!!

I blinked, I quickly processed what the screen was saying and hit OK. Then it asked if I wanted a receipt with copies of the images of the checks. HELL NO! Just give me my card back!

I drive home, check online. Yup, the money is there. My mind races with all kinds of interesting thoughts. "They will catch it" is a prominent one but I also realized that there are no mistakes, only parallel realities and infinite possibilities. Did I just step into the one where I deposited $50,000? There is no one "out there" I make up the tellers, the bank, all of it. Money is energy; transactions of billions of dollars are just flowing right through the air, right through me as they are passed from bank to bank.

I found it very interesting to note some of my thoughts about the money, and some surprising resistance. It was VERY interesting to see my belief systems and thoughts through it all.

I purposely did not check my account again for over 24 hours. Whatever it would be, I was collecting data on my thoughts, feelings and vibration around money. Either way, this was helping me IMMENSELY to note my true vibrations around abundance.

I was practicing stepping into the parallel universe where I HAD deposited $50,000 and it WASN'T a bank error. I was FEELING my way through the whole thing, and as I mentioned above, noticing interesting resistance and other thoughts that came up. I practiced telling myself that there was nothing to "catch", that no bank tellers exist outside of myself, that I was the creator of all of it.

I knew I still had work to do when I heard sirens and my heart skipped a beat when police cars pulled over a car two houses away from me. Of course I had done nothing wrong, I had not spent a cent of it, but I obviously was not convinced that it was "mine" free and clear. LOL

I checked last night. They found it. Minus $50,000. But the value of discovering some hidden beliefs was priceless. I had asked to clean up my money vibration. The U delivered big time in a way I couldn't have imagined. Or was it Jeeves (as in Ask Jeeves, lol), the name I gave the doorman to my sub-conscious thoughts? Whoever it was, my sub conscious B.S. (belief systems) were quickly and easily revealed to me because of my asking and deliberate focus on my money vibration.

It was an amazing experience, I love the exciting, heart thumping game that I set up for myself to check in with my money vibration and bring my limiting belief systems to the very top where they could be exposed and de-bunked.

Next time it will be for reals, that I can promise!

Of course, as always, the Universe continues to play with me with sychronicities. This was the daily message from the Abraham-Hicks Facebook page today:

The question that we would put to you is, "Where is your dominant vibration relative to the subject of allowing money into your experience?"

In other words, when you think about money does it feel more like shortage or not enoughness?'

Here's a better way of putting it. When you think about money does it feel more like insecurity? Or does it feel more like security? Does it feel more like a little fluttering fearful feeling? Or does it feel more like exhilaration?

Every one of you with no exception can answer that question easily. And as you answer the question, you know whether the dominant vibration within you is about your desire -- or is about whatever contrasting experience caused you to formulate that desire.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA - 3/16/02

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Wisdom of Will Smith

Send in the Army ~ The Amazing Power of Bee-Lief

(I wrote this back in July of 2008 and just stumbled upon it again due to another bee experience yesterday. It's worth repeating!)

Living in the rainforest in commune with nature can sometimes be a challenge.

I have a big colony of wasps living inside my bedroom wall. They enter from a crack in the wood on the outside. They have been there for at least a year, probably more. We have lived together in harmony. My workers told me to get them out, but I just let them bee (ha ha). As long as I left them alone, they left me alone.

Well, four days ago, I broke our deal, forgot they were there and pounded a shoe on the wall to get the sand out. One came flying at me and stung me right on the face. My face swelled up to monstrous proportions. I was not a happy jungle girl. But it was my fault. I broke the deal.

The next day I was merely raising the plastic window from the rain and wind the night before, and they came flying at me. I got stung eight times. These guys inject a sort of poison, and actually leave small burn holes where they sting. It hurts!!! Bad!!!

Now I had to do something. They attacked me from just getting near. If the entire swarm came at me, they could probably kill me, or at least send me to the hospital. It would seem that we were now at war.

I am one of those “reverence for all life” kind of people and hate to kill anything. When I was a small kid I ran over snails with my tricycle, but when I realized I had actually killed them, I started to cry and since then have tried not to kill anything. Unless my life and wellbeing is at stake! I even refuse to use bug spray, I don’t like to invite poisonous chemicals into my space and kill anything.

But I had to do something. My hand shook as I wrote bug spray on the grocery list (not really, but that sounded more dramatic!) I then got quiet and connected with the wasps. I told them that they would have to go, we were no longer living in harmony and if they didn’t leave, I would have to kill them. I then asked the U to please take care of this problem for me, to somehow remove these wasps so I didn’t have to kill them myself. I decided to let it go for a few days and let the wasps and the U think about it before I took any action.

This morning I was working on the computer and looked over and saw all the wasps swarming outside. I thought that was very strange. But then I looked onto the ledge and there were hundreds of ARMY ANTS entering their home and taking out the eggs and the queen. A constant stream of Army Ants removing the wasps!!!


I am truly amazed at the way the U delivered on my asking. Even I wouldn’t have thought of army ants!!! I was completely blown away at the way this was handled by the U and nature without me having to kill anything. And not one wasp flew into my room, it was like there was an invisible shield, and they only stayed outside even though my room is open with half walls.

Ask and it is Given in ways that you cannot even imagine. The U can deliver ANYTHING, even an entire army!!!


AND today was the real test for me. Where the wasps started to build a new nest after being kicked out of their home in my wall was a bush still way to near my room for me. I said to them, "Okay guys, this is still too close. I need you to move further away, after all, you have the whole rainforest to choose from! Go to your highest good ELSEWHERE!"

And to my amazement, (well, not really at this point) within ONE HOUR I saw them swarming again and they MOVED!!! Far away, to the other side of the property. OMG!! I am the creator of my reality!!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's All B.S.!! (Belief Systems) ~ Creating Unlimted Beliefs

What are our Belief Systems (B.S.)?

Beliefs are your building materials, the very blueprint from which you build your life. If you are using a belief system that is out of alignment with your true self, who you really are, you are building a life that does not reflect who you truly are. Belief Systems can be empowering or limiting.

A Belief is just a thought you keep thinking, making it true for you. That means that not all of your beliefs are true. Believing in them is what makes it TRUE FOR YOU. Your beliefs are what you filter all your experiences through. This is why two people can hear the exact same thing, but have two totally different experiences and reactions to it because everything is filtered through each persons belief system.

If you believe you have to work hard for money, then you'd better be prepared for a life of hard work work. If you believe the economy is impossibly broken, you're gonna go broke. If you believe you can never get thin, it’s too hard to get thin, you are too old to get thin, diets never work for you, you are right!

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t — you are right.”
 Henry Ford.

Our beliefs guide everything we do, our actions, thoughts, relationships. But remember, beliefs are a choice! We can choose limiting beliefs or we can choose unlimited beliefs like “Everything always works out for me.” Changing a belief is really just a thought away. And then another thought, and another thought, and another thought. What you believe you receive and achieve!

Limiting Beliefs are like weeds in the garden of your mind. Pick them out so that new, unlimited beliefs can grow!  So how do we find them and pick them out? First of all, if there is an area of your life, say financial, physical, relationships, etc. that you are not where you want to be, you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back in that area. Here’s one way to pluck out your limiting beliefs:

Make a statement to yourself about something you want to be or have such as “I am rich” or “I am thin”. Then listen closely to the “self-talk” in your mind after making the statement. What are the thoughts your mind thinks after each statement? Does it say: “You will never have enough money!” or “Making money is not easy!”? or “You’ll never be thin”, or “It’s too hard to lose weight!”

Ok, you have just found some of your Limiting Beliefs! Now, how to go about changing them?

The first thing is to accept your limiting beliefs without judgment, just observe what your limiting beliefs are. By just observing without judgment, you are releasing the resistance to your limiting beliefs. What you resist, persists! You are not that belief and that belief is not you. They are simply persistent thoughts that you have allowed to become a truth in your life. And now it’s time to change them into unlimited beliefs!

Write down your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper. It might say:
  • I will never be rich
  • I do not deserve to be rich
  • I have always been fat and I am going to stay that way
  • Nothing ever works out for me
  • I never have enough time
  • My job sucks
  • The economy is bad so I don’t have a chance
  • I am afraid of success
  • I am afraid of failure
  • I will never find my perfect partner
  • Etc. etc.
Now, on another piece of paper, write out your NEW corresponding unlimited beliefs, such as:

  • I have everything I could ever want
  • I deserve to be rich, it is my birthright
  • Becoming thin is easy 
  • Everything ALWAYS works out for me
  • I have all the time I need to do what I want to do
  • My job is perfect for now and something even better is coming
  • I am worthy of success and I choose it now
  • There are no failures, only lessons that empower me
  • My perfect partner is seeking me too!
  • Etc. etc.
What I like to do now that I have my list of unlimited beliefs is to crumple up and burn my list of limiting beliefs. It is a symbolic gesture that I now longer accept that belief as true. Then I read my list of new unlimited beliefs and keep it near for whenever I need it.

You can also challenge your limiting beliefs by asking yourself:

  • What would happen if I didn't?
  • What would happen if I did?
  • Who says?
  • What stops me?
  • How do I know?
  • Has it ever been different?
Practicing new unlimiting beliefs, one by one, creates unlimited thinking. Because the truth is, we are truly unlimited beings, only limited by our own thoughts. Let’s start thinking unlimited!

I highly recommend listening to the Joy Vibe Radio program called It's All B.S. (Belief Systems): Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Being the Unlimited You for some great Limiting Beliefs De-Bunking!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Matrix Energetics ~ The Physics of Miracles and Transformation ~ Joy Vibe Radio

Come with us to the magical world of Matrix Energetics where ANYTHING is possible! Our very special guests, Mina Bast and Justice Bartlett, daughter of Matrix Energetics founder Richard Bartlett, will talk with us about the amazing world of instant transformation. Hear incredible stories of healing and transformation and learn how you can tap into the morphic field of Matrix Energetics to create miracles in your own life and in the lives of others.

November 19, 2009 6:00 pm pst - 9:00 pm est

Defining Your Desires

WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Getting clear on what you truly desire is essential because in order to get what you want, you need to know what that is. How can the magical Universe give it to you if even you don’t know what you want? You gotta tell em’! You want to be thin, you say? Well, of course, but what else? This is not just about “I want to be thin.” How will you feel in your thin body? How will your clothes feel? How will you interact with people and how will they interact with you? How do you want to walk, feel, relate to others? How will your life feel to you with the body that you desire? We want the nitty gritty details that create the Attractor Factor!

By defining what you truly desire, you start feeling how it would be to have these things in your life, and this brings more of what you want to you. It also begins to take your mind off that which you don’t want, because when you talk and think about what you don’t want, you are bringing those things into your vibration also. You are focusing on it, thinking about it and therefore attracting it to you. Focus and think only about what you do want! It’s a Law of Attraction thing.

Also, by getting really clear on what you desire, you just might find that you have resistance and deservabiltiy issues to actually having them, and then you can deal with those one by one as they come up. You have to really want it, feel that you deserve it and be it for this to be an easy journey.

For me, writing down all my desires let’s me feel that it is done, that I have handed over to the Universe and I can let it go, not worry about the how's and when's and details. But many people feel it and then go through the thought process of, “that will never happen, how can it happen, when will it happen”, and they negate all their good work and intentions. Let the Universe work for you. Tell your new story and stick with it! The more you tell it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more it becomes reality.

You'll see it when you believe it.
Wayne Dyer

I have found that putting true passion behind your desires brings them closer to you faster. Passion is a major Attractor Factor. Defining your desires and getting excited about them is what creates the passion and inspiration that makes them manifest easily and quickly. It gets you into that feeling place of already having them and that’s where you want to be.When you get clear on your desires and know what you truly want, you feel inspired. And when you are truly inspired, ideas and connections and opportunities come to you that you couldn't have even imagined. Let the magic begin!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Have A.D.D.!

Yep, that's right.
Attention Divinely Directed
That's my new definition of the "disease" and "disorder" labled as Attention Deficit Disorder.

Wikipedia says: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD) is a neurobehavioral[1]developmental disorder.[2] ADHD is defined as a “persistent pattern of inattention or hyperactivity—impulsivity that is more frequently displayed and more severe than is typically observed in individuals at a comparable level of development.”[3] While symptoms may appear innocent and merely annoying nuisances to observers, "if left untreated, the persistent and pervasive effects of ADHD symptoms can insidiously and severely interfere with one's ability to get the most out of education, fulfill one's potential in the workplace, establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, and maintain a generally positive sense of self."[4].2

I say PHOOOEY on that label!! It's just a made up disorder to put a label on people who think fast and who have inspired thoughts coming quickly, who are always looking for something interesting and fun and entertaining and are bored when not inspired.

Some of the most intelligent people I know have been labled as A.D.D.  Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics is one of them. I am sure there are many more.

What makes someone deficient if they get bored or distracted by things that don't inspire them? I say they are divinely guided to what DOES inspire them!

I didn't pay much attention in school. Nor was I a "focused" worker when I worked in office jobs that I was only doing to make money. But baby, look at me now!! Yep, I have Attention Divinely Directed, and I'm doing just FINE!!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Start Telling a New Story!

What story about your life do you tell to yourself and others? When someone asks how you are doing, do you go into a tale of how your husband doesn't treat you well, or how you got screwed in the divorce, that your kids are losers, that you have this illness and that pain, that you can't seem to do anything right, that you'll never be thin, that you are broke, or some other sad story?

The story that you focus on and tell on a consistent basis is what you are creating more of in your life. We get what we focus on. Every time. By speaking constantly of the things we don't want, we create more of it in our lives. We speak of it to anyone who will listen, we join groups about it, we tweet about it, we blog about it, and there it is. Always. More of what we don't want. Created by ourselves by focusing on the things we don't want and holding them close to us.

But what if we start to tell the story how we want it? What if when someone asks how we are, we focus on all the GOOD in our lives. What if we start creating a new story? A great example of this is a woman who wrote to me with a long, sad story detailing what she wanted to do, but all the reasons why she couldn't do them. She was limiting herself and holding herself back with her own words. This is what I wrote to her:

Now take a few minutes and write the story the way you want it to be, with the outcome that you want. If your heart is in the writing of the story the way you want it to be, then you will feel the shift of energy for that to actually begin to manifest. Remember, you can be do and have anything you want. Continue only to write and tell the story the way you want it to be and this creates the passionate and positive energy flow to make all of it come to pass quickly and easily.

I cried tears of joy when she wrote back to me:

Thank you for your email - you are right. I have re-read your email a few times and I do agree...I have re-written my story. I carry it with me everywhere I go and I look at it when I feel slightly down. I thought I would share it with you:

"I am a beautiful woman with exotic features and a gorgeous body. I am at my perfect weight all the time. I love my body and feed it well - I follow whatever my palette desires, food is indeed my friend. I love my work-outs and dressing up in the morning - this is my time to re-connect with myself and revel in the joy of being ME. Life is very natural and easy for me, I receive ABUNDANCE in all areas of my life - health, wealth, professionally and in all my relationships. All opportunities are presented to me in good time, in alignment with my vibrational offering. I believe that all is vibration and I believe in miracles. I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living. I believe strongly that personal power comes in pursuit of one's passion. I believe I can have it all - and I know it will come easily to me. As I begin to become clear about my career and its path, I will begin to see progress, change and success. I am surrounded my endless opportunities for success and I am not limited by my current place of residence. There are many like me who have desired their jobs into being and I can do the same. I am an inspiration to myself first and I am bound for success!"

This is how to tell a new story! Stop talking about the things that you don't like and want to let go of. Start talking about the things that you want to come to pass as if you have them right now. Practice telling your new story as often as you can. It might take you a while to stop telling your old one since you have been telling it for so long. But you will soon see that you stop yourself when the old story begins to come out and instead you tell your new one. And then it will become automatic and you will be amazed how quickly your new story becomes reality. The faster you become it, the faster it becomes you!

Not Guilty! Eating with Joy

Eat too much Halloween candy? Already sampling Thanksgiving Dinner? Can't keep your fingers out of the cookie jar? Well, you are not alone. And you are not alone in the guilt that you feel during and afterwards either.

The thing is, thin people eat Halloween candy, they enjoy every bite and don't spend days in depressed guilt. They get on with it. They ate it, it was good, carry on! This is an attitude that most is beneficial to adopt and emulate. Think like a thin person, become it now!

If you are going to eat something, eat it with JOY, not guilt as guilt carries a lot of calories and emotional baggage. If we tell ourselves we can't eat it, it's bad for us, it will make us fat and then eat it anyway, that is the worst thing you can do for you and your body physically and emotionally. It's an emotional tug o' war and because we eat it with guilt, our bodies hear the message "bad for you, fattening" and therefore process it that way, causing you to gain weight quicker.

If there is something you truly want to eat, then stop tormenting yourself and eat it with JOY. Allow yourself to eat it without guilt and you will probably find that you will eat less anyway because it is no longer a "forbidden" food, and that takes away half the seduction and temptation. Try guiltless eating and see how much better you feel emotionally and your body feels physically.

Let go of the guilt. Think like a thin person. Today is truly a new day, ready for you to create the new YOU!