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Spiritual Activism - There Is No Paradox - It's ALL Love

Spiritual Activism – It’s ALL about Love – A Sierra Essay and Vent  

There was a time a few years ago when I struggled with the seeming paradox of “All Is Well” and “There is only Love” and speaking up for and taking action on the issues and things that are important to me. It felt like a tug between my spiritualism and my activism… if all is well, then why speak up? If all is well, what is there to do? I went through a period of keeping my head in the sand, not wanting to know or hear about any issues because “All Is Well.” I even gave up my nonprofit foundation working towards a protected marine area because I did not want to “push against” the commercial fishermen and after all, “All Is Well.”

But after a while I did not feel good at all keeping silent and keeping my head in the sand about things that are important to me. I felt like I was letting down my brothers and sisters, my family, my planet and not fulfilling my true divine purpose. I felt like I was taking a free ride on this planet. I wanted to enjoy it but not stand up for what I love because “All Is Well.”

And then I realized… Activism and speaking out keeps a balance. A very important Planetary and Universal balance. It IS all about Love. Speaking out about what I believe in COMES FROM LOVE. My love for this planet, for the animals, for humans, for future generations. Being a voice for the animals and the planet IS LOVE!!! Duh!!!

By taking my head out of the sand and keeping my eyes open, I know where to send the Love! How do bring bright light to the shadows if I refuse to look at them and continue to ignore them? I could have continued simply sending out a general love vibe… but I feel it is important, at least for me, to have focus and I know that I have more power when I am focused on something specific instead of just generally.

I am totally fine and have no judgment of people who want to keep their heads in the sand and not look at the issues and just send love to everything and everyone. They have their place in the balance, a VERY, VERY important place and I respect and honor them for their part in the perfect big picture. And I guarantee you, for every person out there sending love and do nothing more, two or more people TAKE ACTION, sign a petition, speak up, keep the balance, do the WORK of those sending love. How else do you think things get done? Love Creates. Action MAKES.

I also have no problem with the All is Well people as I was and STILL AM one. All IS well whether you take action or don’t take action. What I do take issue with is that some people use the “It’s all Love” and “All is Well” flags to judge those who ARE taking action and speaking out or use them as what I see as a lack of compassion and sometimes straight up laziness. I see some of them as having a condescending, holier than thou attitude because they seem to think that those taking action and speaking up are misguided and off the “All is Well Love Train” that they see themselves on. I have my evidence... 

And I will never forget a thread on a forum of one of the most popular channelers around. Someone asked, “If you saw a woman drowning, would you save her?” I was completely appalled at how many people said they wouldn’t help her because she “attracted it” and it wasn’t their place to get involved. And I thought, but maybe she attracted YOU being there to save her! I found myself moving away from many in the Law of Attraction community because it felt, to me, that using the whole “they/you attracted it” allowed for a lack of common sense and compassion and a will to help others and our environment.

I experienced this first hand when I had a major health issue while on a dolphin trip in Bimini a few years ago. I felt like I was having a heart attack and had all the physical symptoms. But instead of those around me helping me in the way that I needed, I was psycho-analyzed, told it was just in my mind, made to walk in the hot sun to run errands because “it was only energy” and I was “just making it up” and “all is well”, etc. and I literally felt like I was drowning until some kind and understanding person finally reached out and took ACTION to give me the PHYSICAL HELP and understanding that I needed at the time.

Once I was on steady physical ground, sure go ahead and psycho analyze me, tell me it is all in my mind, but holy shit, sometimes people need a physical hand, need physical action, just like our planet and the animals do. It was another major part of my awakening and pulling my head out of the sand and gave me a compassion for those injured and ill that I had lacked before. So, all was well in the end as it always is. I needed all that to happen to become who I am today. So thank you for the lack of compassion and understanding to enable it to come out in ME.

Now of course, the activism world, in my eyes, could be transformed too. (Told you this was a rant!) So many people fight for what they DON’T want, instead of focusing on what they DO want. So many petitions are against this, fight that, stop this, end that instead of I AM FOR THIS, I WANT THAT. And so many activists work from a place fear and hate. The name calling and insults and time spent working AGAINST others makes me cringe and back away from many issues, at least the way they are presented. Some of the things said in some of the groups of activists make my head spin with the hate and venom spewed forth. And does that help the dolphins and whales? NOT!

Admittedly, I often sign petitions against Monsanto because they are what are out there and I can’t say much about it unless I take the action to make a petition FOR non-GMO foods. You know, instead of complaining about what is, create what you want! But here is the thing about that… people don’t pay as much attention to FOR things as they do AGAINST things. People like a good fight, I am sorry, but it is true. It makes people feel alive. And if I look to nature, I watch the animals fight over territory, food, attention… could it be that conflict is part of nature? Part of the balance? DUH!!! But the thing about the animals is that they express themselves and then let it go. In five minutes they are preening each other again. People tend to hold on for dear life to their anger and conflict. We just have to learn to express, find the balance and let it go.

If we just all agree all the time, where is the growth, where is the refining of clarity, where is the expansion? Conflict/contrast is part of ALL THAT IS.

Sooooo, we are back once again to ALL IS WELL. The rest is our opinions and beliefs and desires. And here I am expressing MINE. I don’t expect you to agree… but you can if you feel inspired to. 

I guess what I am really trying to stay is that I have finally OWNED my activism and have learned to blend it in with my spirituality. It is NOT one or the other. I am doing what I am called to do, feel compelled and inspired to do, cannot stop myself from doing. But not from a place of fear. I do it from a place of power. From a place of Love. From a place of we can transform anything with Love, Truth, Compassion and Positive Action. I do not ever again want to have my head in the sand. After all, what if Ghandi (who protested many times with fasting), Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, etc. said, “Oh, all is well, I think I will just Love this issue away in my meditations. Let me send some love and light and see what happens.”??? No, they stood up and took ACTION for what they believed in. But in a respectful, LOVE filled way and that is why they succeeded in their own way.

I can’t keep quiet about Monsanto and safe, organic foods or the murder and mistreatment of dolphins, whales and our ocean and a few other things that get me fired up to speak up about. I just can’t. I must speak up or wither away. I feel compelled and inspired and motivated to do so. Telling me to keep quiet about these things is like telling a mother not to stand up and speak up and protect her own children. For me it is the same.

Then there are the people who say to me, “But Sierra, what about the starving children and what about over population or what about this or that?” And I say, if that is what calls to you, then YOU get active about it!! It’s not that I don’t care about those or other issues. But I can’t be effective if I spread myself among too many things. So I have to go with what calls to ME the most. Go with what calls to YOU and THAT is what creates balance and change!!! See how that works? All In Balance. All Is Well.

It feels GOOD to stand up for and speak out for what you believe in. It makes us feel alive!

There is a reason people are attracted to me and what I say and why I have been given internet power. And I am gonna use it for the highest good that *I* see. Surely it’s not what everyone else sees. But it IS my platform that has been created. If you don’t like it, you know where the unfriend/unsubscribe buttons are and if you do like it, well then speak up and stand up, baby!!!

It's ALL Love!

 Sierra Goodman 
~ Spiritual Activist ~ 

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Name em', Claim em', Shift em!

Our work is to observe our non-serving behaviors and patterns without getting pulled in and triggered. We observe and catch ourselves in the act of running old patterns and behaviors and LOVINGLY shift them into new behaviors and patterns that serve our highest good. Name em', claim em', shift em! Be a conduit of Love and the highest good for yourself and for others. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Honor ALL Your Emotions

Honor ALL your emotions... do not resist or fight them. Allow yourself to be afraid, to be angry, to FEEL what you feel. Resisting does not get rid of them, it makes them get bigger. As soon as we allow ourselves to FEEL them is when shifting from them is possible. It's really, really okay to be human & have human emotions. It's all perfectly perfect for your journey and growth. DO NOT SUPPRESS... EXPRESS!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

We Are All Connected by a Divine Web of Energy, Light and Magical Stardust

We are all connected and intertwined by a Divine Web of Energy, Light and Magical Stardust… Send out your Love to each and every thread, for they are connected to YOU and the never-ending circle and web of life. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

When You Completely Stand in the Light

When you completely stand in the LIGHT, when LOVE is what Moves You and Motivates You and Rules You, when your True Intentions are for the Highest Good of ALL Concerned and you KNOW because you KNOW because you KNOW that EVERYTHING is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS in Divine Order and Divinely Orchestrated… you can relax into any outcome without any need for things to turn out in a certain way and truly allow the Magic of the Divine Universe to Flow through YOU without resistance. And that’s when it gets REALLY REALLY GOOD!! ~  Sierra Goodman ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Oneness - The Time Is NOW!

It’s time to really GET this ONENESS thing and let duality finally lay to rest. When we say WE ARE ONE, that means that we are that person on the street without a home, we are that person we can’t stand, we are that person we don’t understand, we ARE that person that we judge. We are the rocks, the trees, the animals. We are ALL THAT and so much more. We are all Divine Sparks of the Big Spark that is All Knowing, All Encompassing Spirit. We are all really, really in this together. Judgment and hate have no place in the New Earth we are birthing NOW. Love the others like your sister/brother from another mother… because they ARE. There is no more US and THEM. It is WE WE Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ALL THE WAY HOME! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

Morning Monkey Madness!

It Is Time for Mega-Morpho-Sis!

Us Humans often repeat patterns and behaviors we created based on past experiences that caused us to develop a belief system that no longer serves us... but we are so afraid to face that event or situation that got us there, that we continue to live under the influence of it. This comes up because an old friend is going through something and is afraid to face "the event" but yet allows it to drag her down through her whole life... so every day is like reliving it anyway, affecting every day of her life.

We have the choice to let our limiting beliefs that are based upon past experiences affect every decision and way of being for the rest of our lives, or we have the choice to identify them, shift them and fly. Why would we ever stay stuck in beliefs that no longer serve us?

It is also important when we identify a limiting belief or repetitious cycle we've been living that we don’t waste our precious time and vibration to go into the “I am so stupid, why didn't I see that, look how much time I've wasted, I coulda shoulda woulda done that” vibrational mind downward spiral. That just holds us there. Instead celebrate and embrace the insight and make the shift into our new way of thinking!!!

Feel free and excited to admit that “Wow, this is something I've done my whole life, I see a pattern, a theme, a running story through my experiences. I see it!!! Wow, how great to notice that. I can shift and change it now!!”

It’s not about admitting that we've been wrong all our lives, we can let that self-sabotaging crap go. It’s about self-observation and growth and expansion. Changing our beliefs doesn't mean we were wrong. It means we have changed our beliefs through experience and guidance and greater understanding and awakening. Being fluid with our beliefs allows them to flow as our awareness grows.

It's time for MEGA-MORPHO-SIS!  

 Sierra Goodman  ~

Claiming Our Worthiness. Why Do We Ever Doubt It?

I was talking with a friend recently 
about worthiness and how we let others define our own worthiness for us. She told me about a teacher who told her she could do nothing right and she believed that for many years. I had a teacher who didn't like me either and she was very obvious about the kids she did like and I allowed that to make me feel “less than” and left out. That feeling followed me around for many years. 

We were also talking about how others talk bad about us or others and I told her how it used to affect me and now, especially living here in a small town, I have learned to laugh it off. I mean, I have had people say I burned the next door neighbors’ bar down, that I have sunk people’s boats and one very angry and jealous guy around here, after we fired him, went on a vendetta against me and passed around rumors such as that I used the name Sierra (my real name is Shari) because INTERPOL is after me. It makes me laugh because INTERPOL would have to be very stupid if they were looking for me as I fly in and out of Costa Rica regularly… but people actually believed him.

He has tried to not only ruin my reputation but that of my foundation also and at first I would get quite upset about it because not only was he affecting me, but also others working for my foundation... and the very dolphins and whales that we were trying to protect… but then I realized… anyone who has to speak bad about anyone else, and especially flat out lies, doesn't feel good about himself or herself. If they did, they wouldn't have to try to put down or take down others, they would uplift instead. And my getting upset about it didn't help the situation, it only fed it and took away from my JOY time! It was never about me!! It is about THEM!!

So instead of letting it upset me, I have learned to feel compassion for this person who is obviously hurting so much inside (despite acting very macho) and very much lacking in his own self-worth and self-love.

Why do we ever, ever, ever allow others to make us feel unworthy, less than or in any way bad about ourselves?

Why do we ever, ever, ever allow others to take our own power and divinity away from us?

Why do we ever, ever, ever give power to rumors and small talk and small minds?

Why do we ever, ever, ever allow people to not treat us with love and respect?


Soooo, I hereby and heretofore declare that anything anyone ever said to you that made you feel less than, unworthy and/or unloved is and was not true. EVER.

I hereby and heretofore declare that anything anyone ever said to you that made you feel less than, unworthy and/or unloved came from THEIR own lack of self-worth and self-love and had NOTHING to do with YOU.

I hereby and heretofore declare that anything anyone ever said to you that made you feel less than, unworthy and/or unloved is now erased, undone, forgiven and forgotten and you take your own power back NOW.

Release, Relax, Re-invent. The drama is over. Your life begins NOW.


Love, ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

Monday, July 8, 2013

You Are Whole and Complete NOW

You are whole and complete RIGHT NOW. You are already DIVINE LOVE ONENESS. You are already connected, for you cannot be dis-connected, you can only forget that you ARE and WHO you ARE. And you can remember RIGHT NOW. You don't need a teacher, guru or master, you don't need someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. EMBRACE and OWN your DIVINITY and BIRTHRIGHT right NOW. OWN it NOW!! SING it OUT, SHINE it OUT, LAUGH out LOUD, JUMP for JOY, BE your AUTHENTIC TRUE YOU. That is your gift to the world. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~
Love. There’s an APP for that. It’s called APPly it in every moment. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

Let Go of the Anger and Blame and Take Your Power Back

Below is a message I sent to a friend this morning and felt inspired to post it here too as I think others will benefit:

In a past love relationship you got very hurt and allowed this person to make you feel unworthy. You need to forgive this person and even above forgiveness, embrace unconditional love and begin to thank this person for the lessons and the strength you received. It was a soul agreement that BOTH of you agreed to so that you could learn, grow, expand. No one does anything hurtful to another person who isn't hurting themselves. Only a person who doesn't feel good about themselves or doesn't love themselves can inflict pain upon another. Stop feeling rejected and less than and embrace the Divine Light Being that you ARE. Everyone loves you so much. Let go that someone else with their own issues and their own journey can judge you or make you less. Only YOU can do that. And in the eyes of God, you are perfect. Don’t give anyone else that power. So you can let go of all blame and anger and take your power back because you agreed to it all… and now you know better. You are divine and awesome and pure Love and Light.

Love, Sierra Goodman

(btw, this photo is NOT photo-shopped, just incredible divine timing and being at the right place by the photographer)

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There's No Place Like OM!

Most of us already have all the tools and techniques we need to release resistance to our divinity and feelings of unworthiness, however our patterns of self-sabotage and upper limits of self-worth and success keeps us from doing them. Most of us do not finish courses, exercises, techniques that would help and guide us if we did. But we keep searching anyway so that we have an excuse to not integrate what we already know. It’s time to stop playing Hide n’ Go Seek. It’s time to integrate and BE who we already are and what we already KNOW in our hearts. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

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The Magic of Allowing

Ah, yes, the magic of Allowing… I don’t think I even like the word manifesting anymore. That sounds like work. The real magic and easy FLOW is in ALLOWing your dreams into your life. FEELing worthy of them. KNOWing that the highest good will always happen. TRUSTing the Divine Timing and Orchestration. LISTENing to the messages, signs, impulses, intuitions. ACTing when Divine Inspiration hits. ENJOYing the Journey while nothing seems to be happening. (Oh, it is!!) FOLLOWing YOUR Path. RELAXing into your dreams and visions without hesitation or resistance, cause it’s already yours (as long as it is for the highest good of all concerned… but you know to ask for that from the beginning, right?)

You don’t have to manifest anything. The Magical Universe does the manifesting work!!


 Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

It's ALL Love, Even the Anger!

Humans put a lot of conditions on what love should look like and feel like. But the truth is, it is ALL love... and sometimes the disagreements and anger are the most passionate I Love You's of All. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Let Spirit Run Through You

Before You Act
Before You Speak 
Let the Universe Know
It's the Highest Good for All You Seek

Let Spirit Run Through You
Co-Create with the Divine
If You Relax and Let Go
It is Perfect Every Time!

You Don't Have to Push
You Don't Have to Shove
When You are Creating with Spirit
It's ALL about LOVE!

Have Compassion, Be Kind
For We Are All One
Allowing Other Aspects of Ourselves
Is All Part of the Fun

Let Go of Your Fears
The Past is the Past
Tell a New Story
One You Want to Last

And Most of All
Be True to YOU
That is the Best Way
To Let Spirit Shine Through!

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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Fly Your Freak Flag

Express Yourself.  Fly your freaky flag.  Celebrate your unique individuality.  Follow your heart and inspiration.  And allow others to do the same.

 Sierra Goodman  ~