Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Statements of Being for 2010 and Beyond

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions… how many have we made… and broken over the years? This year making “resolutions” didn’t seem to resonate with me. I want to step further into the ME that my inner/higher self IS. I am becoming more of who I really am. So I decided instead to write “Statements of Being”. Statements of Who I Am and Who I Am Becoming.

 I’ve done a lot of seeking. I know the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Richard Bartlett and countless others. I’ve done a lot of searching for the fundamental questions I had, like who am I and why am I here? I already know the answers. Now it’s time to not only KNOW these teachings on an intellectual level, but to BECOME them, EMBODY them, LIVE them. In every moment possible.
 I write these Statements of Being not only as a statement to the Universe of Who I Really Am, but also as a reminder to myself on days that I seem to forget or find myself really bored and disconnected. Kind of like a spiritual cheat sheet. LOL. It happens to the very best of us… after all, we DID come here for the human experience. So when I find myself lost in my human experience, oblivious to my role as the Observer, temporarily forgetting why I am here and WHO I REALLY AM, I shall read my Statements of Being and remember… once again.

It is the gift I give to myself that will keep on giving, just when I need it.

When I am focused on my connection to All that Is, all these things just happen naturally, I AM BEING my higher self and I don’t have to read a list to remember how to be and who I am. But it’s when I am a little off kilter that these Statements will serve me well as reminders that beam me back up to my heart connection.

I fully believe in the power of writing things down as it sends my passionate desires and statements of being into the Ethers of the Universe and also serves to get me into the feeling/becoming place. It has always worked for me. I keep a Master List such as the one below and then create more detailed lists about various subjects that I break out from the Master List (abundance, health, relationships, homes, careers, etc.) So, I shall continue for this year of 2010, a year that excites and thrills me without yet knowing why.

• I expect the best possible outcome. And so it is.

• Everything always works out for me.

• I am lucky, I am blessed, I am divinely guided at all times.

• I follow my own guidance; I always go with what feels best to me, no matter what others say.

• I know that divine orchestration and divine timing is always in play.

• I let go of limiting relationships and beliefs with ease.

• I came here for the human game, and I play it with joy.

• I do not depend upon other people, places, things, surroundings events for my happiness. Only I am responsible for my happiness. And that gives me all the power over my experience.

• I see others through my broad Source Perspective of Love.

• I know that in any given moment, I have the choice of how I feel, and I choose the higher, broader, perspective of love and well being.

• I notice and appreciate the synchronicities, I notice and appreciate the magic, I notice and appreciate the divine love and well being in everything.

• I take what resonates for me and become it NOW.

• I ask myself “What are the unlimited beliefs I can hold about this and why not think them now?”
• I know that passion creates manifestation, so I acknowledge what makes me passionate and focus on THAT!

• I take complete and total responsibility for anything I create in my reality, and when I perceive something that I have created as not wanted, I look at it as an opportunity to show me what I do want. And then I focus on and get passionate about THAT.

• I always know exactly where I am vibrating and what my beliefs are in any given situation by looking at my checking account, my relationships, what I am manifesting, and if they are not where I want them to be, I do the vibrational/belief work to shift them.

• Just as I want others to allow me to be, I allow others to be. And I BE ME. True to myself. My authentic self. Always.

• I ask myself…. “Is what I am thinking right now what I want in my reality? Is what I am thinking in alignment with who I really am?” If yes, continue thought process, if no, it’s thought shift time.

• Thou shalt follow my bliss.

• I remember to reference these Statements of Being when I need them.

• Feeling good is most important.

• I am in my heart space/vortex and step out for no one and nothing. It feels too good in here!

• This is the year of BECOMING. 2010 is the best year EVER!

• Before writing, talking, acting… I ask, “Does this come from a place of inspiration, from a place of love, does this serve me and others?”

• I am living out loud and singing out loud.

• I bask in my uniqueness.

• I love myself unconditionally and know that I am worthy of all my desires.

• I am keeping my thoughts in the NOW. If I find my thoughts wandering, I gently bring them back to NOW. Like a waking meditation. All the time.

• I am pure source energy expressing in a human body.

• I am basking as Source comes through me as I hold the vibrations of pure love and appreciation.

• I am more cat-like… including taking cat naps when my body asks for them.

• I act from inspiration, not shoulds.

• When I get comfortable in my life and creations, and especially then, I remember to continue expanding through the ways that work for me. After all, we never get it done.

• I am applying the unlimiting beliefs I have about things I already do and manifest well to the areas in my life where I want to create unlimited beliefs.

• I feel first, then think.

• I speak of only possibilities instead of arguing for limitations.

• My beliefs are only thoughts I keep thinking. I can change my beliefs by changing my thoughts and emotional response to them. One by one, or bunches at a time.

• I am thinking the thoughts that match what I want until I believe them. I use my imagination and visualization to feel forward until it is TRUE.

• I am laughing a lot

• When I find myself beginning to resist things that are working for me (listening to affirmations at night, reading a particular book, or whatever), I remember that it is my limiting beliefs fighting for their lives causing the resistance. I remember why I want to change these beliefs, keep doing what is working for me for at least 17 days, and therefore create new unlimited beliefs by rewiring my brain.

• I am of service to others, not out of obligation, but from inspiration.

• I am dancing as if no one is watching

The Power of Repetative Audio Programs (RAPs) for Shifting Beliefs and Manifestation

I recently discovered the power of listening to repeated affirmations, repetitive audio programs (RAPs) while sleeping. When we sleep, we are in an alpha state, a state of non-resistance where our subconscious beliefs are easily tapped into. During the day, we stay focused with positive thoughts, but sometimes our deeper beliefs held on a subconscious level are stamping out our good work.

I have had amazing results in all aspects of my life with listening to looping affirmations while in the state of sleep/non resistance, especially when coupled with bineural beat music, like the Guided Visualization I created.

It's perfect for people like me who don't like to do many processes. I just turn on my ipod and go to sleep. Now that is MY kind of process!

I knew my recorded affirmations were working and could feel the difference for sure, but then I started feeling a resistance...kind of an irritation when I went to put on my RAP playlist before going to sleep that made me want to just put on music instead.

I asked myself what that was about and my guidance told me that it was my limiting beliefs fighting for their lives...the constant affirmations at night were breaking them down and they were resisting being written over with new unlimited beliefs. I knew this was the most important time of all to push through it, keep listening, break on through to the other side!! So after a two or three night break, I started up again.

Truly, I am having amazing results in the way I feel and think. The trick is to stick with it, especially when you feel resistance, as this is a sign that your limiting beliefs are being shifted. Personally, I am really liking this Night Shift thing.

Of course, I recommend the looping affirmations I have created as it covers all aspects of wellness and wellbeing, including weight loss, abundance, worthiness, and more, and there are many others that can be found on the internet. I recommend ones with bineural beats for added sinking in factor!

Sierra's New Becoming Thin Guided Visualization mp3 is here!

This is a visualization process for you to BECOME the healthy, thin, abundant person you desire to be.

It is enhanced with binaural beats which allow you to ease into a deeper state of concentration which synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain, causing higher awareness, intellectual thought and comprehension, and therefore you receive the information on a deeper subconscious level. Guaranteed to change the way you think and feel!

"I have been listening to your Guided Visualization for almost a month straight, and I am noticing significant changes in how I feel about food, and especially about myself. I am much more confident and happy and have been dropping pounds easily and effortlessly. Thank you for this gift, Sierra!"
Joanie Craig

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Goodbye 2009 Rap Song

Bye Bye Bye 2009
I must admit I did feel fine
But now it's time to say goodbye
I release you, I leave you, I shall not cry

Bye Bye Bye limiting beliefs
Bye Bye people who brought me grief
Bye Bye to thoughts that create unwanted
Bye Bye to feelings that kept me haunted

I say goodbye to say hello
All that doesn't serve me, you have to go
As I release the old, come new thoughts that deliver
What's next, who knows, but it makes me shiver

Bye Bye Bye 2009
I must admit I did feel fine
I love you now and I loved you then
But you can't hold a candle to 2010!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Join me for Dolphins, Whales and Rainforest in Drake Bay, Costa Rica ~ February 26-March 4, 2010

Join me in beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica February 26-March 4 for an incredible journey into the best nature has to offer. Meet the dolphins and whales, including spinner, common, spotted and bottlenose dolphins and the glorious humpback whales. Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is known as the most biologically intense place on earth. Come to the place where the rainforest meets the sea and immerse yourself in pristine nature!  For details go to:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Following Your Inner Guidance & Becoming Your Higher Self

We all have heard about our intuition or inner guidance. Some call it your soul, or higher being or inner being or higher self or even our sixth sense. All of these terms can be used interchangeably because for me, they all mean the same thing: the divine super intelligence that is the bigger part of us, the non physical part of us that is always connected to divine, supreme, higher, God Source energy. It is who we really are. That inner voice, the intuition; that is the God in YOU. You always have access to that. We can’t ask for better inner guidance than that!

We all have that constant, steady, always ready connection to divine God Source intelligence. You are not the lone human on the planet without this guidance. And people, please, God did not stop talking when the Ten Commandments were handed down to Moses. God still speaks through us, through the voice and guidance of our inner being. How cool is that?

It is important to learn to hear and trust that inner guidance. Your higher self always feels good. Being your higher self and listening to your inner guidance is connecting with who you really are; that thin, healthy, happy person who allows themselves to receive all the good that is theirs by divine birthright. YOU know you are worthy and deserving of all that YOU desire when you are connected with the HIGHER YOU.

Using your inner guidance and intuition is essential for a balanced, joyful life. Most importantly, you use your inner guidance to find your inspiration, what turns you on, what makes you go Oh Yeah, Baby!

Use your inner guidance to find what inspires you, your true journey or what I like to call my Divine Path. I know that when I follow the divine signs and messages that come to me, when I follow my inspiration, things easily flow into place. Connections, people, places things come to me that I never could have imagined. That’s when I know I am aligned with who I really am.

When you feel good, you are seeing things through the perspective of your higher self. When you are connected with your Higher YOU is when inspired ideas and magical messages and divine signs come easily and frequently. To be inspired is to be “in-spirit”. When we feel inspired, we are connected to God Source, and from that place we can create anything, including our desired weight.

It’s time to connect yourself with your body by listening to your inner guidance that knows what your body wants and needs. Your body will talk to you in various ways and direct you.

That’s how I knew I was totally aligned with losing weight this time. The journey was easy for me because I had used my inner guidance to show me the way to the best things to eat, how to exercise, and the best thoughts and feelings for quick and easy weight loss.

For instance, when I began my weight loss journey, I was called to order and drink Japanese Green tea. Not the Lipton variety, mind you, but the real stuff from Japan. And it wasn’t just the constant spam about weight loss with green tea that I kept receiving. I just KNEW it was for me. I felt like my body was calling for it. Every time I saw something about Japanese green tea, I felt something resonate within me. Of course, it turned out to be the closest thing to a magic pill outside myself that I could have found. It worked and still works amazingly for me. And I found it by using my intuition, what felt really good to me, not just by reading studies and believing other people’s stories of success.

Here’s another thing I discovered when I really listened to my body and inner guidance. Six smaller meals, instead of three bigger ones, really worked for me. I was never hungry, it was easier and this kept my metabolism up too. Where did 3 meals per day rule start anyway? Who made that rule anyway? Yes, it is the society norm but does this work for everyone? It doesn’t work for me and I no longer eat that way.

It is good to have your own beliefs; you take in all kinds of information from well meaning friends, the internet and books and gleen what feels good and resonates with you. But also don’t get stuck in your beliefs, keep exploring and expanding for what feels good to you. You are unique and the exact combination of foods, supplements and exercise is also uniquely yours. You are looking for the choices that feel good to you, what resonates with you, what makes you feel good.

Don’t let people convince you that something is good for you and you have to try it because it works for them or they think you should do it. Just because something works for one person, it might not work for another. If you have doubts, there is a reason… don’t let others influence you to do something you don’t feel good about. FEEL your way through, listen to your inner guidance and you will be led down the divine path for you! However, if it feels good, do it because often our guidance comes through others. As you listen to your feelings, your guidance, your heart, you will know when it is meant JUST FOR YOU!

"Following another's path leads to who they are, not to who you are." Harry Palmer

Use your own inner guidance on ideas and concepts presented to you. Your guidance is there to lead you on your Path in a divinely guided way, to make it easy and flowing for you. You will just know what resonates with you and will work best for you. Trust it. Go with it. YOU know what is best for you!

If you don’t already feel you have a strong connection with your inner guidance, well you do! You just don’t realize it yet. We ALL have that connection; it is just different for each person.

The easiest way to follow your inner guidance is to allow your emotions be your guide. If you don’t feel good, you are not feeling or thinking about the situation from the perspective of your higher self. In other words, if we feel bad about how we look and get upset and feel like a failure, we are not looking at the situation through the eyes of Source. That’s why we feel bad! Your higher self sees you as perfect the way you are, and when you don’t see you that way, you feel bad.

Many people meditate to connect more profoundly with their inner being. Some find that guidance can flow out through them by writing or typing in a meditative state, others just ask and hear the answer come into their mind or they are shown in a short time the answer to their question by divine signs and messages. You do not need to sit in the lotus position for hours every day. A short 15 minutes done consistently each day is all you need to start connecting on a deeper level.

Edgar Cayce promoted 'creative writing.' He described this as sitting quietly and in a reflective state, even a spiritually attuned state, and then letting thoughts and ideas flow to you, writing them down as they come. Don’t think of these as being for others or for publication. The guidance is for you; it is communication from your higher self, even from God, to your outer self.

That voice you hear when you ask yourself a question, usually the first answer you get, but not always, is your inner/higher guidance. The voice that doubts and says you can’t do it, or it’s not possible or that you do not deserve it is NOT your inner guidance, but the B.S. (belief systems) you have built up over the years. The idea is to allow the voice of your inner guidance overrule and conquer your negative, limiting belief systems.

I asked my friend David how he would tell the average person how to connect to their inner being. He answered the following:

“I would start by saying hi to my inner being. Hello! Inner Being! In other words, I would acknowledge the presence of my inner being and I would affirm or intend to want to become a part of my inner being more intimately on a daily basis.

So whenever I give thought to the fact that I have a much larger part of me on the inside in the unseen world I become more and more a part of that person and I then open myself up to all the benefits of aligning myself with my inner self or my God self or my Source self.

Now if a person is filled with too many outer thoughts to hear their inner being at first, I would consider some quiet time meditation to still the outer voices filling the brain. When all the mind chatter is quieted, one will really be tapping more into their inner being like never before.”

How you communicate with your inner being and receiving divine guidance is very personal to you. And how your higher self communicates with you is also very unique. Some people feel that their inner being is a female, some a male, some a “group”. Some see visions, some hear their guidance like a voice, and for some it is strong urges… or all of them. There is no “right” way to connect and communicate with your higher being. The important thing is to do it, trust it and listen to it.  The more you connect, the more you will easily flow down the river of life!

(adapted from Becoming Thin & The Law of Attraction e-book, available at

Why I Love Japanese Green Tea ~ Great for Weight Loss and So Much More!

Japanese Green Tea has been a big part of my weight loss and maintenance.  Here's how I got started:

In June of 2005, I slipped and fell in my bathroom, hitting my face hard on the tile floor. I was shocked when I saw the photos of myself a few days later - not because of the big black eye and bruised face, but because of the size of my body! I looked like a huge blimp! I had to weigh close to 300 pounds, if not more. It was my major wake-up call and I knew I had to do something fast. I had known I was fat, but I didn't realize I was THAT FAT.

I was led to Japanese green tea by my inner guidance, it seemed to be showing up every where, so I started reading a lot of websites about weight loss and green tea and decided to give it a try - the only thing I had to lose was over 150 pounds. I did some research and was impressed with the quality of green teas that were carried by a particular company so I placed my first order. Even Lipton sells green tea these days, but I needed the REAL THING, straight from Japan, something with all the properties and benefits still present in the tea, and definitely not some inferior or highly processed product. I had a long road ahead of me and wanted to be sure I had the full strength weight loss aid to do it right.

On August 15, 2005, I drank my first cup of green tea. Being obese and yo-yo dieting can effect your body in many negative ways. While I have not heard scientific claims regarding this, and I am certainly no scientist, I am 100 percent sure that the green tea regulated my menstral cycle for the first time in many years, and I am convinced that it has positively affected my metabolism as well.

A high quality green tea, when made correctly, is delicious. It nourishes my body in so many ways - I do not feel hungry all the time and I am satisfied with much less food. It has helped me in so many other ways and I felt the difference immediately. For more detailed info on exactly how I lost the weight, please be sure to get on my mailing list!

There is a lot of scientific evidence out there, but I think the proof is in the results and I can wholeheartedly stand behind the weight loss and health benefits of Japanese green tea. Besides my own innner guidance and using my thoughts to become thin, it is the closest thing to a magic pill I have found.

I started out using the green tea bags, which work great. I usually drink 2 cups in the morning and then again in the afternoons. I like it hot the best and think it does the most for your body that way, but it is also refreshing cold on hot days. If I skip a day or two, I find my body craving it! I will also sometimes add Organic Goji Berries to my green tea for a sweeter flavor and a real nutritional punch. (Don't tell the Green Tea Connoisseurs this though! LOL)

There are a lot of different choices out there, but I highly recommend the Uji teas I have listed here, as I have found them to be the best tasting and most effective. This is not a time to sell yourself short and look for the cheap quick fix, like name brand green teas from grocery stores or green tea pills and supplements. I can only recommend the REAL STUFF, direct from Japan, because that is what worked for me.

Now, almost five years later, I still drink my green tea almost daily and take care to make sure I never run out!

Uji Green Tea Bags
Uji Green Tea Bags


Organic Green Tea Bags
Organic Green Tea Bags


Uji Gyokuro Gyoku-Hou
Uji Gyokuro Gyoku-Hou


Uji Gyokuro Shou-Un
Uji Gyokuro Shou-Un

Besides weight loss, here are other medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:

  • cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • high cholesterol levels
  • high blood pressure
  • cardiovascular disease
  • lowers blood sugar
  • infections
  • impaired immune function
  • helps stabilize diabetes
  • it makes your skin healthier and prettier
  • assists in weight loss
  • slows the aging process
  • deters food poisoning
  • aids in digestion
  • encourages bowel regularity
  • provides you with a mild stimulating effect without causing sleepless nights
  • prevents tooth decay and fights plaque
What can I say?  Japanese Green Tea ROCKS on so many levels!