Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Statements of Being for 2010 and Beyond

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions… how many have we made… and broken over the years? This year making “resolutions” didn’t seem to resonate with me. I want to step further into the ME that my inner/higher self IS. I am becoming more of who I really am. So I decided instead to write “Statements of Being”. Statements of Who I Am and Who I Am Becoming.

 I’ve done a lot of seeking. I know the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Richard Bartlett and countless others. I’ve done a lot of searching for the fundamental questions I had, like who am I and why am I here? I already know the answers. Now it’s time to not only KNOW these teachings on an intellectual level, but to BECOME them, EMBODY them, LIVE them. In every moment possible.
 I write these Statements of Being not only as a statement to the Universe of Who I Really Am, but also as a reminder to myself on days that I seem to forget or find myself really bored and disconnected. Kind of like a spiritual cheat sheet. LOL. It happens to the very best of us… after all, we DID come here for the human experience. So when I find myself lost in my human experience, oblivious to my role as the Observer, temporarily forgetting why I am here and WHO I REALLY AM, I shall read my Statements of Being and remember… once again.

It is the gift I give to myself that will keep on giving, just when I need it.

When I am focused on my connection to All that Is, all these things just happen naturally, I AM BEING my higher self and I don’t have to read a list to remember how to be and who I am. But it’s when I am a little off kilter that these Statements will serve me well as reminders that beam me back up to my heart connection.

I fully believe in the power of writing things down as it sends my passionate desires and statements of being into the Ethers of the Universe and also serves to get me into the feeling/becoming place. It has always worked for me. I keep a Master List such as the one below and then create more detailed lists about various subjects that I break out from the Master List (abundance, health, relationships, homes, careers, etc.) So, I shall continue for this year of 2010, a year that excites and thrills me without yet knowing why.

• I expect the best possible outcome. And so it is.

• Everything always works out for me.

• I am lucky, I am blessed, I am divinely guided at all times.

• I follow my own guidance; I always go with what feels best to me, no matter what others say.

• I know that divine orchestration and divine timing is always in play.

• I let go of limiting relationships and beliefs with ease.

• I came here for the human game, and I play it with joy.

• I do not depend upon other people, places, things, surroundings events for my happiness. Only I am responsible for my happiness. And that gives me all the power over my experience.

• I see others through my broad Source Perspective of Love.

• I know that in any given moment, I have the choice of how I feel, and I choose the higher, broader, perspective of love and well being.

• I notice and appreciate the synchronicities, I notice and appreciate the magic, I notice and appreciate the divine love and well being in everything.

• I take what resonates for me and become it NOW.

• I ask myself “What are the unlimited beliefs I can hold about this and why not think them now?”
• I know that passion creates manifestation, so I acknowledge what makes me passionate and focus on THAT!

• I take complete and total responsibility for anything I create in my reality, and when I perceive something that I have created as not wanted, I look at it as an opportunity to show me what I do want. And then I focus on and get passionate about THAT.

• I always know exactly where I am vibrating and what my beliefs are in any given situation by looking at my checking account, my relationships, what I am manifesting, and if they are not where I want them to be, I do the vibrational/belief work to shift them.

• Just as I want others to allow me to be, I allow others to be. And I BE ME. True to myself. My authentic self. Always.

• I ask myself…. “Is what I am thinking right now what I want in my reality? Is what I am thinking in alignment with who I really am?” If yes, continue thought process, if no, it’s thought shift time.

• Thou shalt follow my bliss.

• I remember to reference these Statements of Being when I need them.

• Feeling good is most important.

• I am in my heart space/vortex and step out for no one and nothing. It feels too good in here!

• This is the year of BECOMING. 2010 is the best year EVER!

• Before writing, talking, acting… I ask, “Does this come from a place of inspiration, from a place of love, does this serve me and others?”

• I am living out loud and singing out loud.

• I bask in my uniqueness.

• I love myself unconditionally and know that I am worthy of all my desires.

• I am keeping my thoughts in the NOW. If I find my thoughts wandering, I gently bring them back to NOW. Like a waking meditation. All the time.

• I am pure source energy expressing in a human body.

• I am basking as Source comes through me as I hold the vibrations of pure love and appreciation.

• I am more cat-like… including taking cat naps when my body asks for them.

• I act from inspiration, not shoulds.

• When I get comfortable in my life and creations, and especially then, I remember to continue expanding through the ways that work for me. After all, we never get it done.

• I am applying the unlimiting beliefs I have about things I already do and manifest well to the areas in my life where I want to create unlimited beliefs.

• I feel first, then think.

• I speak of only possibilities instead of arguing for limitations.

• My beliefs are only thoughts I keep thinking. I can change my beliefs by changing my thoughts and emotional response to them. One by one, or bunches at a time.

• I am thinking the thoughts that match what I want until I believe them. I use my imagination and visualization to feel forward until it is TRUE.

• I am laughing a lot

• When I find myself beginning to resist things that are working for me (listening to affirmations at night, reading a particular book, or whatever), I remember that it is my limiting beliefs fighting for their lives causing the resistance. I remember why I want to change these beliefs, keep doing what is working for me for at least 17 days, and therefore create new unlimited beliefs by rewiring my brain.

• I am of service to others, not out of obligation, but from inspiration.

• I am dancing as if no one is watching