Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turn On Your Inner Happiness

We cannot be responsible for other peoples' happiness, nor they for ours. Any time we depend on outside circumstances or that people have to act a certain way for us to be happy, we are giving over our power. Turn on your own inner happiness and don't allow others to depend on you for theirs. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

With Unconditional Love There is No Need for Forgiveness

When we are in a place of pure unconditional love, there is nothing to forgive for we know everyone plays the perfect part in our journey of growth and expansion. Let everyone off the hook and beyond forgiveness, appreciate them for playing their mutually agreed upon role so perfectly. If you are still holding on to what others did to you, you have not gathered up your golden nuggets from the experience. Grab your nuggets and return to LOVE! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

You Are Always Divinely Guided

You are always Divinely Guided. An ever-present Loving Universal Super Intelligence is always guiding you to manifest your dreams, desires, happiness and life purpose. Divine Spirit is always calling you forward towards Love and Divine Expression. Trust this Truth and know that when you truly listen to your Heart you are always Divinely Guided. Pay attention, be present, observe and allow your Divine Guidance to show you the easiest and quickest path to your true purpose and highest good. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Make Affirmations Count

Affirmations, faith, etc. work when you don't have a stronger belief that negates them. For instance if you are repeating an affirmation of "I am healthy, wealthy and wise" and the words are coming out of your mouth but your mind is thinking, "No I'm not, that's for other people, things like that never happen to me, I don't deserve it, I'm too fat, lazy, stupid, ugly", etc. etc.... all the negative things we can think and say about ourselves, well then THAT is your dominant vibration, what you are putting out to the Universe, and your affirmation gets canceled out. You might not even realize it because the beliefs of unworthiness have been an underlying current for years. (or not so underlying) It might be time to learn to REALLY love yourself and feel your worthiness as the Divine extension of God/Spirit that you are! Then step back and allow the Universe to deliver everything you want and more! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Embrace the Divine Spiritual Being that You Are

Embrace the Divine Spiritual Being that you are. Allow in the constant stream of Love always flowing to you. Celebrate the magical, mysterious way the Universe delivers in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Embrace Joy. Embrace Love. Embrace All that Is. Embrace YOU! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~ 

You are Divine and Worthy

You are a Divine Spiritual Light Being worthy of ALL that you desire and so much more. Any questions? :)) ♥ Oceans of Inspiration ♥

Added Bonus: Get MORE of What You Want!

Today instead of talking about what you don't like, what others are doing wrong (from your perspective) and basically focusing on what you don't want... talk about and focus on what you do like and want. It will change your whole day... AND the added bonus? You will get MORE of what you like and want simply by focusing on it! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman from Oceans of Inspiration ♥ ~

(This photo was taken from my front yard, also known as Bliss Beach, by my dear friend Alvaro who is property sitting for me. Looking forward to getting HOME! )

People Watching... and Allowing

I've had lots of opportunities for people watching lately as I take a break from monkey, toucan, macaw and beach watching. 

On the cruise I just returned from there were people from all over the world from all walks of life and all ages. And of course now I am in the city so people abound all around! 

It has been such a great practice for me to allow, allow, allow and to stay in Love… which means non judgment. I played a game with myself on the cruise ship, reminding myself that every single one of those people are an aspect of ME/WE… and it would make me giggle to think about that, especially with some of the people I met and saw. It’s so much more rewarding and pleasant and peaceful and entertaining to look at others without judgment and as a Spark of the Divine… just like YOU. There is such a big difference in the energy of “I would do/say things differently and I respect their way of being.” then to say “They are wrong and bad and crazy” for how they do it.

And when people try to fit me into their mold for how they thing things/I should be or judge me, I have learned that it is about THEM and not about me. They are seeing things from their own unique perspective, not mine. We only feel bad about it when we are judging ourselves and/or are not confident in ourselves and who we BE.

Soooo, the moral of the story is:

Let others BE while you BE who you truly ARE without shame, excuses, doubt. YOU YOU YOU are a Divine Spark in the Fire of Love… and so is everyone else. In their own Divine Unique way.

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

(Divine Spark Heart photo taken by Bliss Beach before I left Drake Bay... looking forward to being back!)

Stop and Make the Shift

STOP! Is what you are thinking, focusing on, putting your energy on RIGHT NOW, in this NOW minute, what you want to be creating more of? If not, STOP AGAIN and MAKE THE SHIFT to the thoughts, focus and energy/vibration of what you want to create and BE. Yes, it really is that easy.

(This has been a public service announcement from 111.1 K-LOVE, ALL LOVE ALL THE TIME.)

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~