Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Divine Pink Sunsets ~ The Color of Love

Drake Bay, Costa Rica: Pink Ocean, Pink Clouds, Pink Hills... The Color of LOVE

Nature Speaks

In the past few days, as I sit here at my computer, I have had butterflies regularly fluttering into my room and flying circles around my head. There was a big grasshopper the other night that continuously jumped on me no matter where I went. Yesterday, TWICE, two hummingbirds flew in together and buzzed around myhead. Yes, twice. Of course I also have a wild macaw flying into my room and letting me get close, but I raised him, so not sure if that counts, nor the coati who came to the kitchen yesterday since I give him food. :)) Oh and there was the gecko who jumped onto my head yesterday and besides Ma’Halo, our Guardian Hawk’s constant presence and calls, a new falcon has taken up residence here and he make sure I see him dive bombing for food. And just now, a dragonfly flew in my room and did complete circles around me. Figure 8's too.

It is literally getting WILD around here!

Nature Speaks. I AM LISTENING.

Go Light Up the World

It’s time to BE FREE!! It’s time to stop seeking and trying. You don’t have to follow some ritual or certain sequence or secret formula to connect to YOU. There is no special ceremony and you don’t have to go to India or Tibet or meditate for hours to BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Spirituality is not a religion with rules and rituals to follow. SPIRIT-U-ality is who you ARE. Right NOW! Even before you take that next course, class or cruise... You have it NOW! No more excuses. No more giving away your power to other people or things. YOU ARE IT!! Now go LIGHT UP THE WORLD! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tell a New Story

Is there a story you've been telling about your life (your job, your relationships, your health) for too long now that holds you back from where you want to be? Well, STOP IT!! Telling the same story over and over holds you right where you don't want to be… in that story!! But speaking of the positive aspects of your life and joyously speaking about your dreams and telling a NEW STORY moves you towards where you want to go. Telling a new story with passion raises your vibration so much that your new story can became your new reality. Image-in the possibilities!! ~ ♥ ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ Sierra Goodman ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ ♥ ~

Monday, October 29, 2012

We Are All Channelers

We are ALL channelers… For me, whenever we are allowing Pure Source/God/Spirit Energy to FLOW THROUGH us, when we are “on our game” or “in the zone,” we are channeling Spirit. When words, music, poetry, art, uncontrollable laughter flow through us, we are channeling Spirit. When we are making love, when we are present in the moment, when we are in appreciation, when we are feeling and sharing unconditional love, we are channeling Spirit. So basically, just by being, everyone is channeling/flowing Spirit in their own unique way… ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Have the Power!

We can get lost in the story about what happened and what they did and what they didn’t do, but the healing and shift comes when you get to the core of how what happened made you FEEL... and take responsibility for your feelings. Forget the story and any power you have given to others over you with blame or anger. Get to the core of “I didn’t feel loved,” “I didn’t feel appreciated,” or “I didn’t feel safe,” and make your shift from the place of being responsible for your own loving, appreciation and safety. YOU HAVE THE POWER!! Lose the story, get to the core, and take your power back! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jagger the Macaw Returns!

Over the years we had eleven Amazon parrots and four macaws. Jagger was brought to us as a baby and we raised him for about a year until he finally flew off with the wild macaws. He still would come back to eat and would come and sleep inside if it was raining hard but after time he came less and less. I always had sunflower seeds around just in case. Then I left Costa Rica for a while and when I came back, I only saw Jagger from a distance, always knowing it was him because he would come closer than other macaws. But today he flew to a nearby branch, I called him, and he flew right into my room! All I had on hand was cat food and he didn't want that so I sent my friend to the kitchen to get some rice. He gobbled that up! He even almost let me pick him up. The intelligence amazes me. It's been almost four years since Jagger flew into my room and but he definitely remembered me. I am such a proud mom! :)) ♥
— at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Take the High Road

When we set a clear intention for growth in one or more areas in our lives, what is not in alignment with our intention is often what presents itself to get transmuted and transformed. People often stop right there, mistakenly believing that roadblocks have been inserted. But really what is happening is that we are being shown the fastest, clearest road to get where we want to go; what needs to be cleaned up, where we are not a match to our desired outcome. Instead of taking a detour which will only lead to a circular road that is difficult to exit, observe what is being shown to clean up and lovingly clean it up! It’s not a conspiracy against you; it’s a conspiracy for you! It’s not a roadblock, it’s a shortcut! It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity!! Ahhh, yes, now we are on the High Road, straight ahead without speed limits. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman~

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Are All Connected

We are all connected and intertwined by a Divine Web of Energy, Light and Magical stardust… Send your Love to each and every thread, for they are connected to YOU. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

You Can't Touch This

If you are standing strong in your high vibration and heart space, no outside influences and energies can affect you and come into your "space." Don't look outside yourself if you are not feeling good. Don't blame others or the "energies" around you. It is only from within, and the vibration that we put out that determines how we feel. In other words, YA CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Today is a big day energetically here on my property. When I bought the property 15 years ago, there were only two buildings on it, the main building that the former owner used as a bedroom and the building I live in now. When I created the eco lodge here, the main building was converted into a kitchen and dining room and it is where we fed and entertained the guests. After some years, the building started to fall apart and we built a new dining/entertaining area on another part of the property and left that building alone. I have never completely taken it down because as far as building permits go, it is much easier to get a permit to rebuild than for something completely new, so I have left it there, slowly decaying with the humid and salty ocean tropical air. It is the spot where my dream home will go. My round mandala or other sacred geometry shaped home. The hill on the point with the 180 degree ocean view with two beaches surrounding it.

In this past week of transformation and metamorphosis, it came to me that energetically I needed to make space for my new home. Instead of trying to leave an old and decaying building, which happens to be the first thing you see as you walk up the steps to my property, it became important to open it up and allow the new to come in. Release and open up to the new. Old and decaying is, well, old and decaying and it’s time to let it go. It’s time to allow new beginnings and new energy and new Light to come in. So the inner and outer work continues… and I am sooooo excited about it ALL! As with-in, so with-out.

I can feel the change in energy already and the hammers have just started pounding. With each “bang” I feel release of the old… old patterns, old non serving thoughts, old stagnant energy. IN WITH THE NEW!!! Bring it ON!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Pay No Mind to the Peanut Gallery

There will always be those who focus on what you’re not doing or what they think you should be doing or are doing wrong. It’s an easy way to avert their attention from themselves and the mirror you are reflecting to them. Pay no mind to the peanut gallery. Trust YOUR guidance and intuition. Follow YOUR heart. Trust YOUR journey. You don’t want to live the life that others want you to life. Live YOUR life. And do it with confidence and grace… ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make the Shift

If we look at observing and shifting our limiting beliefs as an exciting journey towards expansion and enlightenment and not a dark, scary, difficult past to face, think of what we can easily let go of... and who we can now be! Let facing and identifying limiting beliefs & hidden emotions be an exciting expansion into who you really are. Nothing to be afraid of and everything to become and gain! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ~ ♥

It is Natural to Feel Good!

It is natural for you to have desire and it is natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes and it is natural for you to Love, and it is natural for you to sing and dance and it is natural for you to play. It is natural for you to skip, it is natural for you to be joyful, it is natural for you to know wellbeing, it is natural for you to expand, it is natural to feel. It is natural for you to question, it is natural for you to find interest, it is natural for you to want more and it is natural for you to feel good… and anything else is resisting the natural state of who you are. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Time of Transformation and Metamorphosis

It is happening again today. Butterflies are flying through my room and even around my head. It happened yesterday too, just the same. Oh how Divine Nature speaks and reflects to me!! This week has been a very BIG time of transformation and metamorphosis. After somewhat of a hibernation, cocooning, comfort period, I have taken some big steps and leaps and bounds and actions to embrace and embody MORE of who I really am… and I have come full circle in so many ways... back to my roots, what works for me. These last two months of 2012, now that much of the cleaning and clearing and cocooning is done, is to embody, become, BE, transform, FLY and REALLY SHINE. Thank you, butterflies in my room, for being such a beautiful, divine symbol of the transformation and metamorphosis that I feel so deeply and strongly now. I am truly Blessed. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Let Spirit Shine Through

Before You Act
Before You Speak
Let the Universe Know
It's the Highest Good for All You Seek

Let Spirit Run Through You
Co-Create with the Divine
If You Relax and Let Go
It is Perfect Every Time!

You Don't Have to Push
You Don't Have to Shove
When You are Creating with Spirit
It's ALL about LOVE!

Have Compassion, Be Kind
For We Are All One
Allowing Other Aspects of Ourselves
Is All Part of the Fun

Let Go of Your Fears
The Past is the Past
Tell a New Story
One You Want to Last

And Most of All
Be True to YOU
That is the Best Way
To Let Spirit Shine Through!

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cleaning and Clearing Brings... Chocolate!

As this has been a time of cleaning and clearing on the inside, it is also a time of cleaning and clearing on the outside and that is what we have been doing here on my property. Lots of cleaning and clearing all around the property. So today my workers are cleaning up an area we don't usually go to much and one of them brings me two big cacao fruits. "Sierra, you have a big cacao tree full of fruit," he tells me. I have been wanting to grow lots of cacao since I buy it by the pound... and looky there, I already am!


It just keeps getting better and better!!! Yummmmmmy! ♥ ♥ ♥

There Is No Veil

Many speak of the “veil” lifting. For me, it is not a matter of some misty veil lifting to reveal what is behind the curtain… there is only being a matching vibration to what is and always has been there. As humans vibrate at higher and higher rates as we are now, what used to be invisible, seemingly behind some veil, becomes visible. More and more people are seeing lights, energies, angels, and so much more previously thought to be “out there” on another plane or in another dimension. They were never out there. They have always been here and now we are coming to the vibrational point that we can see them more easily. More people are accepting and allowing of it too. The supernatural is becoming Super Natural and there is a lot more to come. Bring it on!! Especially the shiny, pretty, sparkly lights and stuff... :)) ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Joy Set Point

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the LOA, the YMCA, the CIA, Cause and Effect, Evolution or Revolution… what matters is what works for you, what inspires you, what allows you to be at the Joy Set Point, the Zero Point of balance where your human self and spirit self are perfectly blended and expressed. (Yes, it’s set at Joy!) The rabbit holes of the how’s and why’s and what happened’s are never-ending deep, and while fun and fascinating to explore, hanging out in the JOY and LOVE of RIGHT NOW brings the most clarity of what it all means and why we are here. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coconut Joy

Happiness is a refrigerator FULL of young coconuts from the magical beaches of Drake Bay, Costa Rica... :)) ♥

Stay True to Your Reality Bubble

Everyone has their own personal bubble through which we see physical reality. No matter what we say or do, others always filter it through their own perspective and belief system bubble. There are those that will find what is right with us and those that will find what is wrong with us...and that is their reality based upon how they see the world, not yours. This is why it is so important to stay true to your core, to your heart, to YOU. If you let what others think enter your reality bubble, be sure that it resonates in your heart, otherwise you are allowing someone else's reality to become your own. Stay centered in LOVE even if others want to pop your bubble... because then your bubble becomes so filled with light that it raises above anything that is not Love. Up Up and Away! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Avatar Experience: Magical Sparkly, Glowing Rainforest of Drake Bay, Costa Rica

I don't usually go anywhere at night here in the rainforest unless it's down to the beach here at my property, but the other night when my neighbor had a party we were standing outside and hundreds and hundreds of fireflies were dancing on the grass... I was completely mesmerized and entranced... and I don't think I had ever seen so many at one time. I asked my neighbor, is it like this every night? And he said no, not like this. 
Later, as my friend and I started to walk home along the jungle trail, it was all feeling so magical that we stopped and laid down right on the ground and it was glowing and twinkling!! I had never seen it like that before. We stayed for a long time even as a light rain fell and it was one of the most magical, sparkly, glowing nights of my life... a total Avatar experience (but we didn't use our tails ;) I have since looked it up because I know we have glowing mushrooms and other glowing plants, but I had never seen it all over the ground like that... it was that blue bioluminescence color like in the ocean. It is called Firefox when on the ground. Ya, I need to get out at night more often... thank you Spirit for amazing glowing rainforests and magical times! And I think I need to watch Avatar again. :) ♥ ♥ ♥

Let the Univese do the How, You Just Allow

The beautiful thing is that you don't have to figure out HOW your dreams will unfold... THAT is the work of the Universe... just keep PASSIONATE about your dreams, KNOW that you are worthy of them, FEEL as you will feel when they are already yours, take ACTION when inspired and ALLOW the Universe to do the HOW in ways you can't even imagine! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Be a Vessel for Love!

It's when you allow Spirit to flow THROUGH you, that magic happens. Be a vessel for Love, Joy and Wellbeing to flow through and out into the world. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

You Are a Special Agent of Spirit!

As a non-physical light being you said: I shall go forth into the physical and expand the leading edge of thought and ALL THAT IS thru my human experiences. I shall choose the parents, friends, lovers and experiences that allow me to love, laugh, cry, feel bliss, feel angry; all which will cause me to expand and grow. I shall take none of it too seriously because I willingly and excitedly signed up for this as a Special Agent of Spirit...Remember? ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everything Is As It Should Be

You can find happiness right now by letting go of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” you’ve put on YOU! You are Divine, Sacred, and truly God’s hands in action through the physical. You can choose to stop suffering right now by not entertaining your inner judge. Release all “shoulds” around your life today and notice how free and easy you feel! By the way, there’s only one “should”... Everything is exactly as it “should” be! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Tommy the Tree Frog

Okay, it's official. I have a pet tree frog. I have put him outside so many times now and we are at the point that he just let's me walk right up to him and pick him up and pet him... and every night he is back in here... and he is just soooo cute and he eats bugs, so we are working together here. Welcome to the family, Tommy! :)) ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shift Your B.S. and Shift Your World!

You get what you settle for. You get what you focus on and think about, whether you want it or not. You get what you believe you deserve. Who and what shows up in your life exactly mirrors your B.S. (Belief Systems). Shift your B.S. and shift your world! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

It's In Your Hands

Isn't it time to step out of your comfort zone and expand into more? Isn't it time you lived your dream instead of just dreaming it? Isn't it time you stopped caring about what others think more than what YOU think? Isn't it time to be true to YOU? Like, really... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? It's in YOUR HANDS! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bless the Human Angels

Bless the human angels who come into our lives, as mutually agreed, to cause us to remember more of who we really are. Bless the ones who you allowed to make you feel angry and hurt for they are the ones who give us the biggest opportunity for growth and expansion. The key is to not get stuck in the hurt or the anger, but to look within to what was triggered and heal thyself with LOVE. Let it goooo!! And Bless them all… for they give us strength, courage, clarity and the never ending opportunity to BE LOVE. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet Tonight's Rainforest Visitor: The Rotschild's Silk Moth

So this is tonight's visitor and she is AMAZING!! She flew in and flew all around my head, all over my room, all around my friend, back to me, doing circles around us, she landed twice on my head, on my shoulder, and on my bed. I couldn't get a picture of her because she did not stop... until she did, in the ocean blue scarf I have tied around my light. If you look closely she has actual WINDOWS in her wings, you can see right through the transparent part. And she's HUGE!!!! Sooooo Beautiful!! Thank you, Divine Winged Angel Visitor!! — at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

The Universe Has My Back: Thanks for the New Workers!

So yesterday I wrote in my journal: The worker(s) I am seeking are seeking me and the Law of Divine Good and Love brings us together quickly and in peace, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Then I made a list:

Honest, hardworking, respectful, knowledgeable, boat captain experience, construction experience.

Now, no one has come by looking for work for quite a while, but sure enough this morning c
omes a guy who worked for me many years ago, he has all the experience I asked for above including his own boat and I told him to come by tomorrow and we’ll do a trial. Perfect!!

But then just now comes this young beautiful being, no experience to speak of, but with this amazing twinkle in his eye and super good vibrations. I told him to come back tomorrow too. I think I’ll take them both!! But I think that second one might get me into trouble. Of the best kind… ;))

Workers: Check!!!


Go with the Dolphins, Sierra - Marine Protection and Education in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

When I joyfully closed my eco lodge on May 1, 2008, my plan was to create a marine research and education center on my property. In fact, as the boat took away the very last guests on that day, another boat came in bringing a news crew from Channel 7 here in Costa Rica to cover the story of the transformation. (I always seem to attract publicity!) Since our very first tours in 1998, I had been paying marine biologists and supporting volunteers with the money I made from the eco lodge to take important data on all our tours. We have 10 years of good data about the location, behaviors, species, size of pods, fishing boats, etc. taken on hundreds and hundreds of tours.

The Grand Plan was always to create a protected marine area/sanctuary here due to the amazing abundance of sea life found here. But then it didn’t feel like it was the right time somehow. And more so after we lost a $250,000 grant due to the Madoff scandal (one of our benefactors lost a LOT of money and our biggest supporter and funding was lost). It started to feel like an effort and NOT FUN. So I let it go for a while.

Over the years since I have toyed with many ideas for the property, mainly a wellness/healing/spiritual center. But somehow, even though in many ways it sounded like a great idea, my heart was never 100% in it. And with many different experiences lately with various people it has become CRYSTAL CLEAR to me that this is neither mine nor the property’s path at this time. It all comes back to the dolphins and whales. It always has and it always will for me.

So it is with great JOY and PASSION that I have hooked up with Nori Neumann and Lucan Mulder and their foundations Women for Whales and BeAsOne and we are back to marine protection, preservation and education. This feels SO RIGHT!! IT IS TIME!!!

My heart is in the Sea and it is with those like-minded people that I belong. My tribe. And after that day I swam into the tuna nets, it is more evident than ever that the dolphins and whales and other sea life are needing our help. We have lots of amazing things already happening and a lot more to come. Nori and Lucan are the answers to my prayers as they have the passion and enthusiasm that I had when I first came to Costa Rica and will continue all the extensive work that has already been done. It warms my heart to know that it was not for nothing. They are dedicated and hard working and we get along VERY well. They are the perfect mix of grounded and “spiritual” that is a match to me. We are Ocean Warriors with lots of LOVE!

We will also be creating a community garden and some other exciting land projects beneficial to the community along with our marine projects.

This is only the beginning and there is a lot more to come. If you are interested in more information, volunteering or donating, please visit their website at: They are in the process of creating a US based non profit foundation for larger donations.

I AM EXCITED!! What’s Next is HERE! Woo Hoo!! ♥ ♥ ♥

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

You Are Divinely Guided

You are always Divinely Guided. An ever-present Loving Universal Super Intelligence is always guiding you to manifest your dreams, desires, happiness and life purpose. Spirit is always calling you forward. Trust this Truth and know that when you truly listen to your Heart you are always Divinely Guided. Pay attention, be present, observe and allow your Divine Guidance to show you the easiest and quickest path to your true purpose and highest good. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

On Relationships: Nourish Your Soul!!

Oh us humans. Why do we ever stay in relationships; love, work or otherwise, that do not nourish our souls? Maybe we think we don’t deserve better. Maybe we think we can help or save these people. Maybe we just get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Maybe we are forever waiting for “the right time.” Maybe we think tomorrow will be different or if we just hold our high vibration it will be okay. But all of this at what expense to our own joy and happiness and self-respect and tranquility and peace? Every single time I have finally retreated from a relationship that was no longer nourishing my soul, I say every time, “What took me so long?” The feelings of release and freedom and LIGHTness sooth my soul immediately. And here’s the great part. EVERYONE goes off to their HIGHEST GOOD!!! What is good for you is good for others, even if they don’t see it at the time. ALL is in Divine Orchestration; we can’t take away someone else's Good… EVER!… And when we take control of our own joy and happiness and peace and tranquility by stepping away from that which does not feel good, it gets REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Sooooo GOOD!! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Only Three Months to Go in 2012! What an Amazing Time to be Alive!

It’s hard to believe that there are only three months left in this auspicious year of 2012, the year that so many have been waiting for. It is an AMAZING time of cleaning and clearing and renewal and rebirth and just NEW in general and it continues…I have seen this demonstrated in grand ways on my property through nature and in my personal life through comings and goings, doors closing, others opening and the deep need/urge to clean and clear all around. My INBOX is down to ONE, yes, ONE email right now, I have started to catch up on Facebook emails and now I start on my new book. The two workers I had are both gone and new ones are on the way. EVERYTHING feels different. I have been shown many new LESS-ONs lately, including that even with all the light and love in the world we cannot save someone who does not want to be saved and that it is more important than EVER to OWN WHO I AM and stay in my high vibration NO MATTER WHAT. Deep breath. Here we goooooooooo to un-chartered territory, new beginnings, release, renewal and REBIRTH. It’s a WILD and WONDERFUL RIDE!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!

And another thing that has shifted besides all the cleaning and clearing stuff is how animals are coming to me and allowing me to get close. I mean, ya, animals have always come to me and let me get close, but MORE are coming to me and letting me get closer. They are showing NO FEAR in my presence and it is happening over and over every day. From little mice that probably would have let me pick him up if I had tried... he was so close and did not move when I walked up to him... to GIANT grasshoppers, to hummingbirds flying still in front of my face, to hawks following me as I walk the trail, to tree frogs letting me pick them up... I dunno, folks, but it's getting curiouser and curiouser...!!!! ~ ♥ Sierra in Wonderland ♥ ~

An Incredible Day with the Humpback Whales of Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Get Enlightened!

Most of us didn't come here to meditate our lives away in a cave and get all spiritual and enlightened in that way... we came here to experience the physical human experience... ALL of it! The laughter, the tears, the joy, the anger… ALL of it! Living a Life of Joy is not about challenges not arising... it's about loving it ALL and constantly shifting to the higher, broader perspective because you know that everything is in divine order and orchestration... that's how you stay joyful and enlightened! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

Say It Anyway

When we speak our authentic truth, those on the receiving end might not always see us as kind and compassionate. Speak it anyway. By not speaking up, we are not being kind and compassionate to ourselves. Say it with LOVE and let go of the outcome. We cannot be all things to all people, but we CAN be our true authentic selves no matter what other people think. It’s YOUR life and YOUR truth! ~ Sierra ~

Speak Your Authentic Truth

Ya know, there are just some people that you do not resonate with and you know it right away… and there is no sense in fighting it or trying to make it happen or prolong the relationship when there are so many others that do resonate and that you do vibe with.

I truly believe that we are ONE. But that doesn’t mean we all want to live together and hang out with each other. We can Love from a distance and sometimes that is the very best thing to do.

The pattern I have had in the past when I don’t resonate or feel a vibrational match with someone is that I feel it so very deeply, some people feel like they are on a totally different planet than me, that I start to pull away and shut down. I just don’t have the patience or will or desire to “try” to create something that is not there and certainly will not try to match their vibration. It either is a vibrational match or it isn’t. And as I shared in my most recent Note, talking often feels like an effort to me anyway and to try and talk something like this out feels like the vocal Olympics to me. So I just don’t bother. I shut down; I stay quiet and try to stay away.

And they feel me withdraw and then get very defensive, upset and sometimes very nasty and lash out with venom and lies and even try to “destroy” me with rumors and other old school old ways of doing things…which only serves to verify the feelings I had from the beginning to pull away as fast as I can. I can feel a LIEworker right away. You can sugar coat all words and talk the talk, but when I meet energy sucking LIEworkers in person, I just want to RUN and usually do… and they know I know and that makes them on the defensive because they can’t get away with “the usual” with me. And they lash out at me as holder of the mirror and the message.

So this has happened with the last two women who have come here and as I know that others will be coming to be a part of this community, I need to break this pattern of shutting down when it is not a match and learn to just speak my truth from the beginning… as soon as I know... which is always right away.

There is still no guarantee that they will not lash out and spew venom and lies, turn on me and get nasty. People don’t like it when you ask them to leave, no matter how nice you do it, especially when you are dealing with LIEworkers. But at least it will be much cleaner and clearer on my side. And over much faster.

Usually, in my silence and shutting down, I wait too long in trying to be “open and allowing” until they have tried my patience and the incidents like a lack of basic manners and respect and vibrational discontent have added up and by then things can get out of control because I get to the point of "GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!” And I want to move away from getting to that point EVER!

I take responsibility for the drama that has surrounded the exit of these women, although I will never understand their spiteful actions and lies upon leaving… but that is theirs to own. I OWN that I created the intense energy because I let it build up instead of speaking my truth from the beginning in an open and authentic way. And I OWN that I now change this pattern and will never let it get to this point again with anyone who comes who is not a match.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, SIERRA!!! Even if your voice trembles and it feels like an effort. Remember these incidents and do not let it happen again!!!

And while the drama in my usually calm and happy life was definitely a contrast, I have learned so much from it and do not regret the LESS Ons. Yes. LESS ON!! (Thanks for that, Flo) :))

It is a either a vibrational match or it is not and trying to “make it happen” and trying to be “allowing and open” when that’s not what it’s about leads to discord on both sides. It serves no one and can lead to things getting out of control and bringing drama into your life.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiration: Janine Shepherd on TED

I found this video to be MOST inspiring! Don't miss it! 


Conflict: How We Do It on the Discovery Channel

Conflict. I’ve had my share with several people in the past several weeks, culminating yesterday with the end to a long term relationship. Somehow many believe that we are supposed to live without conflict, but I look to nature and see what the animals do. Oh, yes, there is conflict in nature. I see the monkeys furiously fighting over food and territory and other issues; same with the macaws, dolphins, down to the hermit crabs. But the difference is in how they do it. They express themselves fully, they let it out, they GET ANGRY, and then they let it go. Five minutes later, they are swinging, swimming and pruning each other. Animals do not hold onto the anger because they have expressed it fully, said their truth and let it go. That is what happened yesterday. I gotta say I was ANGRY and I expressed it fully and so did he. We went our separate ways. Today when he showed up, there was nothing but big smiles, hugs and a renewed friendship that will take a different form. It’s not about not having conflict, it’s about expressing your truth, letting it out and letting it go. And THAT, baby, is how we do it on the Discovery Channel!!