Saturday, October 27, 2012

Take the High Road

When we set a clear intention for growth in one or more areas in our lives, what is not in alignment with our intention is often what presents itself to get transmuted and transformed. People often stop right there, mistakenly believing that roadblocks have been inserted. But really what is happening is that we are being shown the fastest, clearest road to get where we want to go; what needs to be cleaned up, where we are not a match to our desired outcome. Instead of taking a detour which will only lead to a circular road that is difficult to exit, observe what is being shown to clean up and lovingly clean it up! It’s not a conspiracy against you; it’s a conspiracy for you! It’s not a roadblock, it’s a shortcut! It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity!! Ahhh, yes, now we are on the High Road, straight ahead without speed limits. ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman~