Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jagger the Macaw Returns!

Over the years we had eleven Amazon parrots and four macaws. Jagger was brought to us as a baby and we raised him for about a year until he finally flew off with the wild macaws. He still would come back to eat and would come and sleep inside if it was raining hard but after time he came less and less. I always had sunflower seeds around just in case. Then I left Costa Rica for a while and when I came back, I only saw Jagger from a distance, always knowing it was him because he would come closer than other macaws. But today he flew to a nearby branch, I called him, and he flew right into my room! All I had on hand was cat food and he didn't want that so I sent my friend to the kitchen to get some rice. He gobbled that up! He even almost let me pick him up. The intelligence amazes me. It's been almost four years since Jagger flew into my room and but he definitely remembered me. I am such a proud mom! :)) ♥
— at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.