Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your Personal Love Bubble

Everyone has their own personal bubble through which we see physical reality. No matter what we say or do, others always filter it through their own perspective and belief system bubble. There are those that will find what is right with us and those that will find what is wrong with us...and that is their reality based upon how they see the world, not yours. This is why it is so important to stay true to your core, to your heart, to YOU. If you let what others think enter your reality bubble, be sure that it resonates in your heart, otherwise you are allowing someone else's reality to become your own. Stay centered in Love even if others want to pop your bubble... because then your bubble becomes so filled with light that it raises above anything that is not Love. Up Up and Away! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allow In the Beauty!

May you allow in the beauty and grace that surrounds you, no matter where you are and what you are doing... Smile, bask, appreciate, feel the LOVE that IS and that you ARE... and let Spirit shine through YOU! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Just Like They Do It On The Discovery Channel

I so LOVE nature, you all know I do, but sometimes it pisses me off, like right now when a white faced monkey came into my bedroom and before I could run over, grabbed my beautiful Golden Orb spider friend, whom had made such a big, lovely web in a corner of my room, and ate her right in front of me, while looking me in the eyes. 

"THIS is nature, Baby, THIS is the Discovery Channel Live," says the monkey. Yes, indeedy. Monkeys need food too. But I swear they do it to mess with me sometimes, like the day I was talking to a beautiful green iguana and a monkey came over, grabbed it, bit off it's head, and threw it's body at my feet. Gee, thanks, Monkey.

Why do I hear Elton John singing right now???  The Circle of Life. Yes indeedy. Played out right here from my bedroom on a point in the most biologically intense place on Earth. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Monkey sense of humor nor not.

See you in your next life, my dear friend Charlotte. 

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Wish Only the Very Best as We Are One!

Never wish ill will upon others, no matter what you think they have done, as it will surely come back to you though the web of inter-connection. Because we are all ONE, all intimately and eternally intertwined and connected, we must wish the highest and best for everyone, even our enemies and those who do not wish it for you, and especially them. The highest and best for others is always the highest and best for you too. Spread only good will and good wishes through our inter-connected web of life. Make LOVE be your contribution to the WHOLE.. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ fromOceans of Inspiration



We, the people of Planet Earth, proclaim that our Earth and her inhabitants are now freed from those who exploit us for their own profit. Harmful technologies that are poisoning the people and wildlife of the Earth are immediately stopped. We uphold the ideals of truth, health, peace, prosperity and liberty, for all people of this planet. We affirm that all countries are governed by public servants who support the highest good of all in good faith and truth. Those responsible for media communications base all reports on the truth and the good of all.

We create a new economy that frees all people from being indebted to a corrupt banking system, and rewards creative solutions that serve the highest good of all. All industry and commerce based on untruth and exploitation are dismantled and replaced with creative endeavor that supports personal and environmental health for all. Jobs are provided for all, based on “right livelihood.” We invite and promote non-partisan scientific studies and technologies that return our world to the pristine condition of clean air, clean water, healthy food and natural Earth resonance.

All food is grown organically from natural seeds with sustainable methods. Treatment for those who are not healthy, begins with determining the root cause of illness and treating the whole person in returning to a state of organic balance. The health and needs of all life/all beings of Planet Earth are tended to.

People who have more than needed are encouraged to share the excess with others in their communities. All people are encouraged to live according to their highest purpose and share their unique personal gifts with others in the spirit of community. We utilize nonviolent communication to heal differences and replace war offensives with peaceful initiatives. All people are given the opportunity to heal the past and, together, create a future that nourishes all beings.

United Citizens of Planet Earth

My friend Lisa Be and I have started a brand new Facebook page called United Citizens of Planet Earth. Please read our purpose and please come and join us together with all the CITIZENS OF PLANET EARTH to create POSITIVE CHANGE with POSITIVE ACTION.


We join together, as a Planet, as Citizens of Planet Earth, to create positive change through conscious, caring consensus.

We join together, on the issues that are near and dear to us, many of which affect life on this beautiful planet as we know it, and get our elected officials to take notice and more importantly to CREATE CHANGE. The change WE, the World want.

Let's stop complaining about it, fighting about it and dreaming about it and let's take POSITIVE ACTION!! As THE WORLD UNITED.

As United Citizens of Planet Earth!

Through our network created here, we can get Petitions signed by hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions all around the world in a day or two. We can spread important issues across the internet like wildfire so that mainstream media, governments and those making decisions for us will have to take notice and work towards the positive change that we see.



It's time to take our power back. We want and demand clean air, clean oceans, access to free energy, clean, chemical free foods, and so much more.

This is not a page to spread fear or conspiracy theories. It is a place to educate about what is happening on Planet Earth and what positive action can be taken. No issue or problem will be posted without a positive action that can be taken, a solution.

We welcome healthy debate, constructive comments and inspired ideas, but we will not tolerate hate, insults, racism or name calling. Let's act like the respectable Citizens of Planet Earth that we ARE.

Are you ready for POSITIVE CHANGE?

We sure are. Let's do it together.

As the United Citizens of Planet Earth.

Close Encounters with Humpback Whales on a Kayak!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

YOU are the GURU!

I have noticed that I am no longer listening to seminars, webinars, workshops, channelings, or really any outside “stuff” except for divine conversations with my Sacred Sisters, which expand and fulfill me. My connection has grown so strong… no, that’s not it. We all *always* have a strong connection. The correct thing to say is that I now TRUST in my connection like never before. I AM now listening like never before. I AM now hearing like never before. I AM confident and clear and conscious like never before. I have no desire or need to listen to outside input at this time except that from Nature and my own Inner Guidance. I AM all I need!

I have found a really perfect balance for me of spirituality and groundedness… and that is something I desire in those closest to me too. I have no desire to ascend, descend, or be anywhere else than right where I AM. I AM creating Heaven right here on Earth, right where I stand in the Light. I VALUE the REAL Human Experience and those who speak and share from that place. I don’t want to be labeled as a lightworker, a guru, a channeler or a master of others, and have found myself moving away from those who self proclaim that they are and that you need their teachings/coaching to get anywhere. A true master/teacher just IS. And that true master/teacher is YOU. Yup, YOU!!!

It is time now to claim YOUR mastery.

Embrace it. Live it. BE IT.

DO IT!!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Go of Your Inner Critic

Others real or perceived judgments can only affect you if you are already judging yourself. It is only if you are afraid there is some truth in it that it can break you or shake you. Usually the judgments we think are happening are created in our minds because of our insecurities and others mirroring that. Let go of your inner critic and all the other critics, real or imagined, will disappear from your reality. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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What an incredible day!!!

Okay, first, I am getting ready for the tour and someone comes to my door and it is this nicely dressed man and a Costa Rican guide and they are lost and looking for the hotel next door. I point them in the right direction, finish getting ready and head down to the beach. The nicely dressed man starts talking to me. He is from India, now living in Costa Rica, and he wants to bring people to see the dolphins and whales and for yoga retreats. "I will show you the real yoga, Sierra," he tells me. I say, "Everything happens for a reason and it was not a mistake that you came to my room this morning and that we are talking now, it is Divine Orchestration." "I agree," he says.

I give him my business card, we hug and off I go on the tour with 8 guests including a man from MINAE, the environmental governmental agency here in Costa Rica.

First mom and baby Humpback come up right in front of the boat with baby rolling over and showing us his pec fins and cute little (relatively) tail. We travel on and find another mom and baby and while we are with them, we see a breach out further and start to head that way and this whale comes up right next to the boat, and I see the dorsal fin and it is NOT a Humpback.

We stop and the whale starts to circle our boat... it is a Sei Whale, and a HUGE one!! I haven't seen one for a long time and here it is in the middle of all these Humpbacks!! How cool is that???

As we are watching the Sei Whale, ANOTHER mom and baby Humpback swim by and we had two species of whales on either side of the boat. How cool is THAT??? Seriously!!

We head out again and find yet another mom and baby Humpback pair (four in all today) plus they are with a huge male escort whale. During the day we had seen other blows off in the distance and we did again while we were with them. I can't remember ever seeing so many Humpbacks for such a long period of time here! So very cool.

And that is not even the best part yet!!!

When I had my foundation, Vida Marina, I had contact with Mr. Madrigal on various occasions at meetings and events. I hadn't seen him for years. We started talking about the marine protected area and he has been preparing a proposal for the same thing and in fact has a presentation on Wednesday about it! He asks me if I have any info and photos that can help him, something that demonstrates the effects of the commercial fishing and "I say oh yesssss, what do you want? I have long liners cutting up manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, I have a baby humpback with a rope around it, I have dead dolphins, dead whales.... what do you need?"

He also tells us to start a Petition for the protected area to show support within Costa Rica and around the world. Imagine that I just started working on a petition for the same thing this week. Imagine that! I shall be asking you all to sign very soon.

He says to arrange a meeting with all the interested parties wanting to create the protected area. Imagine that just yesterday I sent out an email to do this very thing. Now the governmental agency that we need on our side will BE THERE!


We are nearing the place to drop Miguel off and I mention how I've never seen so many Humpbacks around for so long and he says, "It is a sign from God that this area should be protected."

And I say. AMEN!!!

Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

It just keeps getting better and better and better!



Oceans of Love

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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A Beautiful Video of Costa Rica

One of the cool things that just came through is that a film crew who was here filming and interviewing me several months ago, and I hadn't heard a word from them until yesterday, sent me the link to this preview/promo video for the 70 minute film they made being shown in theaters around Quebec, Canada. The promo piece not only has video they took around my property but also two pieces of my own video (you'll know which they are, the dolphins and the pseudo orca. Duh. LOL). The full length feature has interviews with me about the desire to protect and conserve this area. They are sending it to me by mail and I can't wait to see it! I hope there is a way to share it in the future, but in the meantime, check out the promo video. It is gorgeous. Woo Hoo!!! ‪#‎drakebaycostsarica‬


(August 17, 2013)
It just amazes me how many things are clicking into place right now. It's as if the switch has been turned on and many dreams, goals and inspirations are coming together like magic, all at once, even on things I've wanted to create on for many years.

All of a sudden I have all these projects I am working on, and all the right people and resources are showing up out of the blue and right on cue. One magical thing and opportunity after another... and I just gotta say... I AM LOVING THIS!

Thank you, Magical Universe, Divine Spirit, All That Is. I so trust your Divine Timing and Orchestration. You Rock and it is an honor and a pleasure to be co-creating with you.



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 — at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

The Universe Always Speaks to Us in OUR Language

The universe always speaks to us in OUR language. Signs and messages will always come in ways that we will understand but may mean nothing for someone else. I am appreciative that the Universe speaks to me through nature in the most creative and amazing ways. We are all always Divinely guided. Are you listening? ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Complete Faith and Trust are the fastest and easiest way to alignment with your dreams

Complete Faith and Trust are the fastest and easiest way to alignment with your dreams. You don’t have to “try” to align, you LET GO to align. Ask for the highest good for all concerned and then relax, KNOWING it is done… then watch the miracles happen. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Divine Moments with Ma'Taaya, the Baby Hawk Born Here on My Point

There Is No Veil.. Only Vibration

Many speak of the “veil” lifting. For me, it is not a matter of some misty veil lifting to reveal what is behind the curtain… there is only being a matching vibration to what is and always has been there. As humans vibrate at higher and higher rates as we are now, what used to be invisible, seemingly behind some veil, becomes visible. More and more people are seeing lights, energies, angels, and so much more previously thought to be “out there” on another plane or in another dimension. They were never out there. They have always been here and now we are coming to the vibrational point that we can see them more easily. More people are accepting and allowing of it too. The supernatural is becoming Super Natural and there is a lot more to come. Bring it on!! Especially the shiny, pretty, sparkly lights and stuff… ~  Sierra Goodman from Oceans of Inspiration

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Wish Only Love Upon ALL!

Why would we ever want or wish anything less than LOVE and the very best for everyone, including those who oppose us? 

Because we are ONE, LOVE is the only possible desire for all to experience. What affects others, affects us. Wish LOVE upon all, even those who may not be wishing Love upon you. Yes, it starts with YOU!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Ignore the Haters, Be a Lover

Always let your vibration speak for itself. You don't have to defend yourself or tell your side of the story to those who are quick to judge or not interested in your perspective. Trust the Vibe to work it all out. Just keep shining on, loving on and blessing on and leave the drama to reality TV... ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Flowing Right Along!!!

(August 11, 2013)
The coolest, bestest thing just happened!! I was called in the morning to see if a film crew could come over to talk to me about the marine protected area for part of a show they are doing. I was told six were coming for lunch but eight big men showed up and they were hungry. I had a temporary panic because I wasn't sure there was enough food. LOL

So we have lunch and they are so nice and and tell me about what they are doing and I tell them about what I am doing and get this, they offer to make me a short video to help with my upcoming crowd funding efforts to get funding. The funny thing is, the first thing the Sustainable Drake Bay, Costa Rica committee were going to do in our three phase plan was to make a video for crowd funding efforts and why we want to create the marine sanctuary. Check!!! It is going to be done for us with all their super professional equipment and edited by their professional editor all for freeeeee! Plus we will also come out on their show and what we working to create here. WIN-WIN-WIN!!!!


And. One of the guys was just soooo sweet, he insisted on washing ALL the dishes and then he even serenaded me in his native tongue which was some kind of Native Indian...

Oh this day just TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Such magical things have been happening. Like this and like the other day when I REALLY wanted to give a copy of my book, Oceans of Inspiration to Mark from Earth Island Institute but I had given the last copy I had here in Costa Rica to Ms. Ju'Light. But then the weirdest thing happened and I swear it is true, a copy fell onto my floor from out of no where. I totally haven't told that story yet but now seems like a good time cause...


Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! and Woooo Hooooo!!

I am sooooo Happy!!! Time to crank the music and DANCE!!!


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Talk About and Focus on What You Want!

Today instead of talking about what you don't like, what others are doing wrong (from your perspective) and basically focusing on what you don't want... talk about and focus on what you do like and want. It will change your whole day... AND the added bonus? You will get MORE of what you like and want simply by focusing on it! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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The Magic of Allowing

Ah, yes, the magic of Allowing… I don’t think I even like the word manifesting anymore. That sounds like work. The real magic and easy FLOW is in ALLOWing your dreams into your life. FEELing worthy of them. KNOWing that the highest good will always happen. TRUSTing the Divine Timing and Orchestration. LISTENing to the messages, signs, impulses, intuitions. ACTing when Divine Inspiration hits. ENJOYing the Journey while nothing seems to be happening. (Oh, it is!!) FOLLOWing YOUR Path. RELAXing into your dreams and visions without hesitation or resistance, cause it’s already yours (as long as it is for the highest good of all concerned… but you know to ask for that from the beginning, right?)

You don’t have to manifest anything. The Magical Universe does the manifesting work!!


 Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Falling Into Place

(August 9, 2013) 
I am feeling so very blessed and excited!! So many things are clicking into place right now which lets me know that I am on my Divine Path, I am following my Divine Blueprint. And it feels GOOOOOOD!!!

Today brings two people from Earth Island Institute, the organization responsible for the "dolphin safe" label program for canned tuna. As a result of this program, thousand and thousands of dolphins have been saved. 

As many of you know, I swam into the tuna nets last year to see the chaos, death and frenzy inside. My photos and video led to Earth Island issuing a warning to all of Latin America that this boat's tuna was not dolphin safe and they were not able to sell it anywhere and had to take it back to Venezuela where they came from.

Earth Island has many very worthwhile projects of conservation and protection and I am so very thrilled to have them come stay here at my place and go out on a dolphin and whale tour with me today and discuss ways we might work together on our mutual visions and goals. This is BIG!!!

So many things are lining up right now, all the right people are coming forth, new opportunities await and I can hear the click-click-click as the Universe and me co-create the Divine Perfection of my Life Purpose.

Hot Damn!! This ROCKS!!!

Wooooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!

Sustainable Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

One of my biggest goals for the last 15 years since arriving to Drake Bay, Costa Rica has been to create a Protected Marine Area to protect the over 15 species of dolphins and whales, and all sea life, from the commercial fishing that is rampant in this area. I have put together a wonderful group of people who are helping me towards this goal, and also creating a truly eco community and we now have a new Facebook page. PLEASE come over and give us a LIKE!!!


Worry. Soooo Last Dimension

Worry. Such a waste of divine energy and time. It doesn't change a thing and in fact takes your vibration in the direction more likely to create that which you worry about. Duh.

Worry. Soooooo last dimension.  

Pod Mates. Soul Pods. Soul Mates.

Podmates. Soul Pods. Sistas and Brothas from otha Mothas. I seem to be on a roll these past few weeks in meeting people of like vibration and mind. Ju'Light Awoken To Oneness is the icing on the cake. I can hang with this woman. There is absolutely NO pretense, game playing, jealousy or competition energy coming from her that I feel from so many who pass through here. 

She is divinely authentic, REAL and heart wide open... oh and she has manners and respect for others' space and things. She is polite and considerate and sooooo not like any French person I have ever met.  Me and this girl... we vibe on the same level on many levels. I can HANG with her!!!

Her visit here this time is very short, but she, along with some others I have met in the past couple of weeks, have opened up my desire to have these kind of people around me more often. I can do alone better than anyone I know (well, with all the nature and animals around here I am NEVER alone, but I am talking about human companionship).

The Universe is showing me that my Podmates are near and that they exist, and that MORE are coming my way. AND I LIKE IT!!! BRING ON MY HUMAN POD!!! I love my homeboys from around here, I so do... but I need to expand and have other human playmates, my soul pod, to hang with and co-create with.


And thank you, Ju'deLight for being authentically and 100% YOU!   

Welcome to My World... with the Pantropical Spotted Dolphins

You have done nothing wrong. There have been no mistakes.

You have done nothing wrong. There have been no mistakes. Everything that has happened has perfectly led up to this now moment when you can choose to embrace your divinity. It’s all okay, there is nothing you need to make up for or fix. You can proudly shine your light right now. You can choose right now to accept all of what it means to be a human and from here you can fly. From here you can live a life extraordinary. Right NOW!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

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It's ALL Spiritual!

It's ALL spiritual! Anything and everything is a spiritual experience because after all, we are spiritual beings. You cannot NOT be spiritual! We can let go of seeking answers, comfort and Love outside of ourselves otherwise we will always be seeking that “spiritual experience.” Rituals, ceremonies, seminars… all fun and certainly it is always powerful when people come together in conscious focus. But there is no right way or one way. Just do what you love, live life to the fullest, follow your heart and intuition and have lots and lots and lots of FUN. That's about as Divine of a "spiritual" experience as there is. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration 

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Fricken Leap Already!

Oh just fricken leap already!! Yup, that’s how the messages are coming through these past few days. No excuses. No past stories and patterns and self-imposed limitations and self-doubt. YO!!! It’s TIME. Shed it. Let it go. Turn on Your Heart Lights, Beautiful Peeps. Shine it BRIGHT! The WAVE is headed for shore. SURF’S UP. We are NOT in pre-game warm up anymore. IT’S SHOWTIME!! Woo Hoo!! ~  Sierra Goodman