Thursday, August 22, 2013

YOU are the GURU!

I have noticed that I am no longer listening to seminars, webinars, workshops, channelings, or really any outside “stuff” except for divine conversations with my Sacred Sisters, which expand and fulfill me. My connection has grown so strong… no, that’s not it. We all *always* have a strong connection. The correct thing to say is that I now TRUST in my connection like never before. I AM now listening like never before. I AM now hearing like never before. I AM confident and clear and conscious like never before. I have no desire or need to listen to outside input at this time except that from Nature and my own Inner Guidance. I AM all I need!

I have found a really perfect balance for me of spirituality and groundedness… and that is something I desire in those closest to me too. I have no desire to ascend, descend, or be anywhere else than right where I AM. I AM creating Heaven right here on Earth, right where I stand in the Light. I VALUE the REAL Human Experience and those who speak and share from that place. I don’t want to be labeled as a lightworker, a guru, a channeler or a master of others, and have found myself moving away from those who self proclaim that they are and that you need their teachings/coaching to get anywhere. A true master/teacher just IS. And that true master/teacher is YOU. Yup, YOU!!!

It is time now to claim YOUR mastery.

Embrace it. Live it. BE IT.

DO IT!!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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