Monday, August 19, 2013

Pod Mates. Soul Pods. Soul Mates.

Podmates. Soul Pods. Sistas and Brothas from otha Mothas. I seem to be on a roll these past few weeks in meeting people of like vibration and mind. Ju'Light Awoken To Oneness is the icing on the cake. I can hang with this woman. There is absolutely NO pretense, game playing, jealousy or competition energy coming from her that I feel from so many who pass through here. 

She is divinely authentic, REAL and heart wide open... oh and she has manners and respect for others' space and things. She is polite and considerate and sooooo not like any French person I have ever met.  Me and this girl... we vibe on the same level on many levels. I can HANG with her!!!

Her visit here this time is very short, but she, along with some others I have met in the past couple of weeks, have opened up my desire to have these kind of people around me more often. I can do alone better than anyone I know (well, with all the nature and animals around here I am NEVER alone, but I am talking about human companionship).

The Universe is showing me that my Podmates are near and that they exist, and that MORE are coming my way. AND I LIKE IT!!! BRING ON MY HUMAN POD!!! I love my homeboys from around here, I so do... but I need to expand and have other human playmates, my soul pod, to hang with and co-create with.


And thank you, Ju'deLight for being authentically and 100% YOU!