Friday, September 21, 2012

The Divine Dolphins "Do" Me Again - Notes from Summer Solstice 2012 Wild Dolphin Swim in Bimini, Bahamas

Every time I have gone to the island of Bimini, Bahamas to swim with the wild dolphins there, it has been a life changing experience for me and of course this year’s trip was no different.

I had been feeling the 2012 Summer Solstice trip for a long time. It marks half way through 2012 and I knew there would be a focus on releasing anything that is holding us back from who we want to be in the second half of 2012. In the past when organizing dolphin trips, there has always been some kind or workshop or seminar, like Communicating with Animals or Being Your Authentic You, but I wasn’t feeling it this time. I asked the dolphins what the Summer Solstice 2012 week should be called or what the theme was. They told me to plan nothing, do not worry about leading any kind of workshop or having any kind of them but FUN and CELEBRATION of the human/dolphin connection. I liked that as I am never totally comfortable leading groups, and we came up with the name Summer Solstice 2012 Human/Dolphin Celebration.

“The perfect people are going to show up, Sierra. This is going to be about forming a Human Pod. You don’t have to think too much about this or have a planned schedule. It is going to flow perfectly. We are not going to bring you any beginners on this trip. You are the Gatherer, the Orchestrator and the Holder of the Space and your new pod will take care of the rest. You will see.” Cool!

For me personally on these trips, I never know what is going to happen, I just know it is going to be BIG and several times I have had what I call painful manifestations right before the trip.

One year I fell in my bathroom right before the trip, nearly poking out my eye. I ended up with a swollen face and a big black eye. When those things happen I know that Spirit is trying to get my attention. I know I haven’t been listening to the more subtle messages and a clue-by-four is needed to wake me up to what is the next step on my Journey. After falling I got on the phone that day and called my friend Christopher who happened to have a dolphin swim trip to Bimini starting in two days. I flew to Florida and to Bimini and had an incredible heart opening with a Bottlenose Dolphin who first came to me in a very lucid dream while taking a nap during the day on the boat, and then immediately after in the physical when I was awoken to the call of “dolphins!” and seeing that same dolphin, who swam around me several times, sonaring me the whole time, as confirmation. This encounter started a whole wonderful journey in which I found true self love and lost a 170 pounds in one year.

For last year’s trip, as I was on my way to the San Jose, Costa Rica airport to leave for Florida and the Bahamas, I started to have trouble breathing and what felt like chest pains. I felt like I was having a heart attack. It subsided enough for me to go on the trip, but it came and went during the week and I was actually for the first time afraid for my life. I made it through the trip but instead of coming back to Costa Rica after it was over, I flew to California and my parents took me to the emergency room and I had to get completely checked out, with even an overnight stay with an IV in my arm. My WORST nightmare. I avoid doctors and hospitals and hadn’t seen a doctor, besides a dentist in YEARS. I checked out okay, but this all led to some major heart openings too as you can imagine. I wrote about it here:

So this year I had a special request for the dolphins. I am all up for major transformation and heart openings but please don’t let it be physical this time. Why did I hear laughter when I said that??

They told me to set intentions for the trip as follows:

I am clear about: ___________

I am now allowing into my life: ____________

I am now releasing and letting go of: ___________

I made lists for all three items.

Among many other things, I wrote that I am clear about my property and those that are to come here and what we are to do, that I am allowing into my life fully owning who I am with no excuses or trying to fit the expectations of others and I also wrote that I am releasing and letting go of anyone and everything that is not a vibrational match and for my highest good.

Of course the journey starts long before we board the boat and I got all those things in the weeks leading up to the trip in a most interesting tornado of drama, destruction, anger, frustration, disappointment, shock and then clarity, empowerment and release.

Through someone who came to stay here, I got it all¸ including the clue-by-four that always comes along with these trips, either before, during or after. At least it wasn’t a physical one this time. First I got clarity about who will NOT come here, what we will NOT be doing and then the best clarity about who WILL come and what we WILL do. I was able to take a really good look at what type of person totally works here and who I connect with easily and gracefully. I went over the dear, lifelong friends I have made when they came here and what they had in common. They are all very dolphin oriented, spiritual yet very GROUNDED and well balanced between the two, trustworthy, honest, confident, secure, self-empowered, able to communicate openly without passive-aggressive anger, jealousy and power games, don’t depend on me to be their live in spiritual guru and entertain them and I think most importantly, walk the talk, not just talk it.

I was also able to add pertinent questions to my list of things to ask BEFORE people come here, like “Are you dependent on any prescription mood altering drugs that affect your temperament and decision making and communication abilities?” “Do you have common courtesy, cleanliness and respect for others privacy and space?” You know, small things like that. And it was another, in a long line of many lessons that as good as it sounds on paper and over the internet, for the sake of both parties, they need to come for a visit first before we make long term commitments based on cyber relations.  Do I really need to learn that one again?? Really? Ah, sweet clarity!!

I thought I had been clear before, I thought I knew all the questions to ask after so many experiences over the years, but the Universe, and my property, had more very important direction to give me on the subject before “what’s next” and they made real sure things were very clear this time. I got it!! Boy did I get it!!

Through this experience, and even more so how things went down after asking this person to leave, with personal attacks on me and spreading lies and rumors with mutual friends and people in town, I was being asked to OWN who I am. Take a STAND for who I am and not let people with their own perspectives and agendas to EVER make me doubt myself or feel that I am doing something wrong. I am willing to be a mirror for someone but when their own fear, anger and insecurities are turned against me in this way I need to shine my light elsewhere, especially when my tranquil, quiet, serene moments in paradise are so blatantly disrupted.

Oh the drama!! Oh the deliverance of what I had asked for!! Oh divine self reflection!!  Clarity! Owning Who I Am! The release of all that was not a vibrational match to me! BINGO!! And I didn’t even have to hurt myself physically to learn it!!

I had asked for fully owning who I am and all the things that people say that I let bother me because I haven’t owned them. And I am so appreciative of this opportunity that gave me the fuel and fire to stand up for myself and who I am. I asked, and it was once again given, just not like I thought it would be. But it certainly did the trick. I could see that the big messages and lessons for me were in really OWNING who I am and about releasing any need to live up to expectations of others.

People have a lot of expectations of me because of the way I live my life, the way I write and the things I share that I learn along my human journey. I think some people think I fart fairy dust. LOL. People like to call me lots of things, Dolphin Whisperer, Lightworker, Teacher, Mentor, Guru, and I am honored, truly… but I am so happy just being Sierra, divine spiritual being in a human body, sharing my life experiences and lessons as they come and so very happy that that inspires others.

I share what I share as the guidance that was given to me from my own Divine Spirit Connection as I am having my human experiences. I don’t share them as a guru or master talking AT people. If I am talking AT anyone, it is ME! I want people to walk BESIDE ME in this divine human experience. I get uncomfortable when people put me on a pedestal and expect me to behave however their perspective is of how a teacher/guru should be. I don’t wanna be there!! I just wanna hang out and be authentically human.

I have observed how people react when I don’t live up to the expectations they have put upon me and act how they think I should act, and in the past I have let that get to me, like maybe I needed to live up to who they make me out to be. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I needed to change to fit their picture of who they thought I should be. But not anymore!!! I just wanna be me, living the amazing life that I have set up for me and I do it without excuses of who and what I am. And my wish is that others do the same.

People are also often surprised how quiet I am in person. And for a long time, most of my life in fact, I thought there was something wrong with me because talking a lot of times truly feels like an effort. I am totally content being like the animals and observing more than talking, Being more than talking, living in the NOW more than talking. If you are talking, chances are you are thinking about what you are going to talk about next and not truly BEING in the moment.

Sometimes I find people open up more when you don’t ask the standard questions like “How many kids do you have?” “What do you do for a living?” etc. because as soon as they become “mom” or “wife” or “mother” or “boss” or whatever roll they are playing in life, they immediately fall back into their stories and patterns and away from NOW. I want to know who people are right NOW, I don’t need the past story, I don’t need the whole detailed life story and I am so good at reading energy that a lot of times I prefer to speak in feeling and telepathy. But sometimes I forget that others don’t do that and sometimes my silence is misinterpreted as rudeness, disinterest or worse.

It has always been interesting to observe how people react to my quietness. Many people feel self conscious and wonder if maybe I don’t like them or am not interested in them and feel insecure. Some people think I think I am too good for them. Some people just cannot stand the sound of silence and get very uncomfortable and twitchy, reaching for things to say, blabbing whatever comes to their mind. Some people get really angry with me and call me names and tell me I am not the person I “pretend” to be online because I am so different in person from their perspective and expectations. Some people don’t even notice I am not saying much because they talk so much. Some people think I am very lonely because they would be if they lived like I do. And others GET IT and the connection is deep and with much love and understanding without so many fill in bla bla bla words. When we do talk, it is about love and nature and beauty and silly things. I love to giggle and laugh and am very easily entertained. And most of all have FUN FULL OUT!! I love that kind of connection and am meeting more and more of these kinds of people, my tribe.

I no longer feel that there is anything wrong with me or with being quiet, and the animals helped me so much with that. “You are like us, Sierra. You don’t see us telling each other every detail of our lives, telling the same stories over and over, our troubles and woes and long history. We might share where the best food is though! When you are in the state of NOW and LOVE and APPRECIATION, there isn’t much to say but so much to FEEL and BE and EXPRESS in many different ways. Your creative expression is through your writing and that is what you were born to do. And you are doing it. You are perfectly on your Divine Path.” they tell me. I am in very good company with the animals.

And I am always shown what I call the Points of Light Map, a map of the world that shows a point of light everywhere there is a person I have touched or inspired… and there are points of lights ALL over the world, in the far reaches and corners. I hear, “Don’t EVER again let anyone make you feel bad for the time you spend on Facebook or doing anything you feel inspired to do, Sierra. Your positive and inspirational influence goes out farther than you can ever imagine. And you know this is not about ego. How could it be egotistical to feel good when you are inspiring others and following your divine path? Of course it feels good!! You are fulfilling Divine Purpose, you are doing Divine Service. It is supposed to feel good!!”

I no longer feel I have to explain or feel bad when others run their beliefs, patterns and expectations on me. It is not my responsibility what others think and say and do and judge and perceive. I can only be and express 100% authentic me and OWN it with PRIDE! My days of giving away my power to other people’s perspectives, opinions, judgments, fears and doubts are OVER!!

It is okay to be allowing of others ways of being/doing, but there is a fine line between allowing others and allowing your authentic self to be stepped on. I shall no longer cross that line. I shall live free and clear of outside noise and express divine ME without others limitations, agendas, etc. Yay!!!

This all coming up now of course was perfect timing because I had had some concerns about the upcoming Bimini trip and what the participants were expecting of me. I had advertised the trip as a “Human/Dolphin Celebration” as the dolphins had talked to me so much about how this trip would really be about our Human Pod as much as our Dolphin Pod and that it was to be about having FUN and finding JOY and Embracing and Owning who you are. I had advertised no kind of workshop or guided anything for the very first time. Just a promise of FUN and transformation.

So it was very helpful to be able to let go of my fear of what people expected of me and go into this trip trusting that it would unfold perfectly as always. And the dolphins reminded me again… “There are no beginners on this trip, Sierra. The perfect pod has been assembled. These people have the knowledge, tools, and intuitiveness to take care of themselves amongst the pod of support. You just hold the energy. You have already done the gathering perfectly.”

As the trip got closer, I also noticed how much “giving up the story” was coming up too. We all tell stories about things that have happened in our lives or about who we are and most of the time we don’t even realize it or hear when we limit and de-grade ourselves. I always notice when other people do it, but the trick is in becoming a gentle observer of ourselves and LISTEN to what we say to ourselves and to others. And so as I was OWNING who I am, I also paid a lot more attention to my stories and inner dialogue. Yep, this was going to be a life changing experience. I was being called to clean it up and OWN IT!

The Bimini trip started on June 17, but I was flying into Florida on the 15th to spend time with my Florida friends, in particular, Sista Christopher. I was scheduled to fly out of Drake Bay at 9:00 am on the 15th and then from San Jose, Costa Rica at 1:00 pm, arriving in Ft, Lauderdale around 5:30 pm, giving me the evening and the whole day of the 16th to hang with my Florida homies.

On the 14th, I had my suitcase out and took the morning to start to pack and get my things together in between swimming, laundry and cleaning up before I left the next day. I also did my online flight check in with Spirit Airlines and printed out my boarding pass. Later in the afternoon I wanted to go for another swim, but something told me to go and check my computer first. I looked over my emails and there was one from Spirit Airlines stating that due to “maintenance” my flight the next day had been cancelled.

SAY WHAT?? I had already printed my boarding pass!!! I had about 30 seconds of panic, but then calm came over me and I came back to my KNOWING that everything happens in perfect divine orchestration. I called Spirit (Airlines) to check out my options. I could fly out the following day, the 16th, which would mean I really would only have half a day with my Florida family. I didn’t like that. Or, I could fly out at 1:00 am tonight.

Now, I live in the remote rainforest. To get to San Jose and the airport on time I would have to leave NOW, take my boat for an hour long ride down the Sierpe River, get a taxi and drive all the way to San Jose, about four hours. I would also lose my in-country flight from Drake Bay the next morning (too late to cancel or get a refund) and I would have to change my car rental reservations. This would get me into Florida at 5:30 am instead of 5:30 in the afternoon.

I immediately knew what I needed to do. I KNEW that this was happening for a reason and I knew there was a reason I checked my computer before going for a swim. If I had waited, I would not have had time to do what I was about to do. GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I was so thankful that I had been slowly packing all day, that the laundry was done that I could essentially walk out the door in 30 minutes. The other amazing thing was that my captain, who does not live on the premises, just happened to have stopped by. If I would have had to call him to come, if I even could have reached him which is not always easy, it would have been too late. But there he was, I told him what was going on, and he said, “Let’s go!” And so we did.

The trip up the Sierpe River in the late afternoon was beautiful. I usually make this trip in the mornings and the light on the river and mangroves was so beautiful. We got to Sierpe and the cab I had arranged was waiting for me and we drove to San Jose along the coast watching an amazing sunset on the ocean. I felt calm and at peace and was excited to get to Florida even earlier.

I got to the airport around 10:00 pm, plenty of time to catch my flight and a bite to eat. Perfect! I arrived into Ft. Lauderdale as the sun was coming up over the ocean. I went to the car rental place and had the most amazing interaction with the clerk who told me, “I can tell you are a high vibing, beautiful person, that you understand that we are all ONE. I am going to give you every discount I possibly can.” And so he did! I ended up paying even less than I was going to originally and I know had the car for 12 more hours than my original reservation. Nice!! It pays to be in Light Service!

I drove up the coast of South Florida to Boca Raton and Christopher’s house, called Narnia. I knew that Christopher had just gone through a break up and she had told me how happy she was that I was coming earlier. I got to her house by 7:00 am and was welcomed by all the critters, but I knew Christopher would not be up at this time so I settled in to wait for her.

Christopher is one of the strongest women I know. She has dedicated her life to helping others, both human and animals, and what I saw when she walked out of her bedroom tore my heart up. She looked totally devastated and fell into my arms sobbing. I was not prepared for how bad she was feeling and I knew major action needed to be taken. And I knew now why I had been called to come earlier.

I had made reservations at the nearby Marriot and I insisted that Christopher come with me to get out of the house and get a change of scenery and energy. We headed over, got changed and went down to the pool. We were both in the water, doing a swirling motion with our arms, not planned or on purpose, it’s just what we both ended up doing. And while we were doing that I said, “This is a job for the dolphins. We need to get you out there. NOW. My trip is totally full, but maybe we can write to Jerry and see if there is space on his boat.”

Christopher said, “I am leaving this up to the Universe and I will know that if I get to go out there, it will be my reward for all I have gone through this month.”

I said, “The only way you could go on my trip is if someone cancelled at the last minute. There was one person who was iffy last week after a surgery, but I think they are coming. We are just going to leave this up to the dolphins and the Universe. I know that is where you need to be and we will let the Universe take care of it.”  We swirled the water some more.

We went back up to the room for a bit and I sent an email to Jerry, my friend who works on another dolphin boat in Bimini, and asked if there was any space, that Christopher really needed to get out there.  He wrote back that their trip was also full and there was no space.

We headed back down to the pool and I got Christopher to eat for the first time in days. She was starting to relax a bit. Dolphin Soul Sisters have that effect on each other. We swam some more in the pool, basked in the sun, talked about the lessons and similarities in our situations, hers with this man and me with the person who had just left my property. While mine wasn’t a romantic relationship, the bits about truly OWNING who we are, standing up and staying true to ourselves, telling a new story, and staying and in the Light no matter what others do around us were eerily similar. We found so many similarities in our recent experiences and were able to offer loving sisterly support to each other. And we swam some more.

Upon returning to the room, I checked my email and could not believe my eyes. In fact I sat there speechless for about 20 seconds before I was able to say, “Chris… Chris… Christopher… Oh My GOD you are not going to believe this. Someone is very sick and they just cancelled the dolphin trip. OMG OMG OMG!!! There is a space for you!! OMG!!”

Christopher looked at me wild eyed and then a big smile came across her face and tears filled her eyes. The dolphins had answered us, this was truly a miracle. We hugged and laughed and cried and felt awe at the magic of it all.

Of course you all understand that we are not happy because someone is sick. Never ever. We are happy because Christopher can now go on the trip… we got what we so deeply wished for in the pool. We trust the divine orchestration of it all. This person, for whatever reason, was not meant to go. She was already sick when we were in the pool asking for a way to open up for Christopher to go. The answer had appeared before we even asked. And she had bought travel insurance and would not lose her money. Divine orchestration was taking care of us all.

The next thing I had to do was to call the company I was working with in Bimini and make sure this was all possible at this late time. I had already asked the previous week about what happens if someone cancels when the other person told me there was a possibility of not being able to come so I knew it was possible but two days before the trips starts? I called the office and got the machine. Of course, it was now after 5:00 pm on Friday.

I told Christopher to plan on going, this was just too divinely orchestrated and it was meant to be, and so instead of staying with me that night like we had planned, she needed to go home and start getting ready and get things arranged.

Within five minutes of leaving the message with the tour company, I got a call back. “Sierra, I cannot believe you reached me. I am never at the office at this time on a Friday but I had to come back and get something that I forgot and I saw your message. If I had not come back, I wouldn’t have gotten your message until Sunday right before we are all supposed to meet at the hotel and that would have been a real mess. Let’s get all her information and I will book her flight to Bimini and change the customs documents. It’s just amazing that you reached me!” Oh yes it was.

I realized that if I had come in on the original flight that had gotten cancelled, I still wouldn’t even be with Christopher, I would just be arriving to Florida!! None of this could have happened! We wouldn’t have had our magical time in the pool, I wouldn’t have gotten the cancellation email until much later in the evening and I never could have reached the office of the tour company. It wouldn’t have happened. Not like magical clockwork. NOW I knew why my flight had gotten cancelled. NOW I knew why it is always good to stay calm and trust the divine orchestration of everything, even when you don’t understand it at the time and it looks like a “cancellation.” This was all just so AWEmazing!! One of my best friends in the world, my Divine Dolphin Sister, was coming with me on the trip and the timing just couldn’t have been better.

Just like Christopher’s trip saved me when I needed it several years ago, I was now able to return the divine service to her. Wow. Isn’t that incredible how that works? There were so many great things about this, first of all, the healing to Christopher’s heart that the dolphins would bring her, and also, while I am not much one to lead ceremonies, Christopher is truly a Master of Ceremony and would also be bringing her divine Dolphin Crystal Bowl.

The night before the trip we felt inspired to do a ceremony around the trip and all those that would be joining us. My friend Lisa came over too and we chatted as Christopher got the crystals and altar ready for the ceremony. As we began and felt the dolphins swimming in, we noticed that the sarong that covered the altar table was starting to get wet. As we continued, more and more water came until half the table was underwater. We checked under the table for some kind of leak, we checked all around and under and there was no source for the water. Except for the dolphins letting us know that they were all around us. That was crazy cool!!!

On the way to the hotel where all our dolphin trip group were to meet, I said to Christopher, “I hope I can remember everyone’s name, I am so bad at remembering people’s names.” And I heard “STOP!!! NEW STORY, NEW STORY!!” So I said, “I remember names easily and quickly.” See, such a big part of all that was happening before and during this trip was about being the gentle observer of the things we say about and to ourselves and CHANGE THE STORY!!

We got to the hotel and wouldn’t you know, the person whose place Christopher was taking had the room right next to mine. Of the 14 rooms on different floors for all the participants, we ended up right next to each other. Imagine that. More divine orchestration.

That evening our new Human Pod for the next week met in a hotel meeting room for dinner and getting acquainted. This always happens to me at these first meetings… it is like a dream and as I meet “new” people, I feel like I have always known them. We all introduced ourselves to each other and to my delight and surprise, I remembered everyone’s name first time around. Amazing things happen when we change the story we tell about ourselves.

The next morning we flew 20 minutes to Bimini, got settled in, had an orientation and we were off into the turquoise waters. Only thing was, the ocean was choppy. The wind was blowing and the boat was rocking and several people got sick that first day. We headed back in with no dolphins but still there as lots of dancing going on on the way back.

I checked into the energy and with the dolphins and it didn’t feel right to try to meet that night as many people were very tired from traveling and the boat so everyone did their own thing. That evening my dear dear friend Jerry showed up at my door. He works on one of the other dolphin boats in Bimini during the summer. It was Jerry who came with me to Costa Rica when I first moved there and he helped me build the property up for the first several years. He is the kind of friend who is a rock in my life, someone who is always there.

We went and got Christopher, who also is dear friends with Jerry, and as the three of us walked down the streets of Bimini arm in arm, I felt the JOY of being with TRUE FAMILY and those who you can depend on no matter what. I felt like I was in a warm loving cocoon of Love and Trust and Friendship. It was a wonderful reminder of what I want to feel on my property with those who come there and Jerry also reminded me once again, “You have to be careful about who you bring out there, Sierra.” And he’s right. I could see how the messages were coming to me and I was taking it all in. And I basked in every moment of the three of us being together. It does not happen often!

The next day we went snorkeling at a beautiful spot at a calm part of the island and since it was still windy we didn’t try to go out too far to find the dolphins. Amazingly though, not one person was complaining about now two days without dolphins. Everyone was using this time to get to know each other and really form a strong pod bond. Everyone was so lovely, and warm and easy to talk to and I felt no expectations put upon me to “perform.” However, that evening it felt very right to call the group into ceremony and I was very happy to have Christopher there to start it off with her beautiful singing bowl and chanting.

I shared with the group what the dolphins had told me about writing down our intentions for the week:

I am clear about: ___________

I am now allowing into my life: ____________

I am now releasing and letting go of: ___________

One of our podmates had brought beautiful quartz crystals for everyone and handed them out, asking us to let them enhance our experience during the week and before leaving the island, to give them back to the Earth, either in the water or on the land.

We then went around the circle and said one word we wanted to give to the others. After we all went around the circle once, everyone started to shout out their gifts and desires for themselves and the others. It was a VERY powerful experience for all of us.

Love! Joy! Passion! Ease! Grace! Peace! Compassion! Acceptance! Abundance! Patience! Kindness! Gratitude! Harmony! Trust! Allowance! Self-Love! Generosity! Courage! Faith! Openness! Happiness! Flow! Alignment with our Higher Selves! Oneness! Synchronicity! Empathy! Not caring what others think! Wholeness! Releasing Judgment and Judgment of judgment! Allowing Our Magnificence!

We joined hands once again and our Human Pod was forever bonded. And I KNEW that was what the dolphins were waiting for and that we would see them the following day. Christopher closed off the ceremony with chanting and her magical crystal dolphin bowl and there was tears, laughter, hugs and a feeling of PURE JOY throughout our human pod.

The next day we went out and the wind had died down, the ocean was much calmer and of course we had amazing interactions with dolphins. We had formed our human pod and then joined with our dolphin pod in pure divine bliss.

There really are no words to explain the feeling and experience of swimming with wild dolphins. I can say that dolphins see you whole and complete and divine… just as you are. And just how you feel when you are with a person who sees you whole and complete, being with the dolphins in this way, in the wild, in their natural habitat, on their terms and by their choice, is a life changing experience. More tears, laughter, hugs and PURE JOY!! That is what these dolphin trips create for all in attendance!

There was a VERY special encounter with a group of elders. I was surrounded by very spotted dolphins and as always, it felt like HOME.

That night we all went on a boat, then a bus to a wonderful restaurant for dinner and dancing and more human pod bonding was had! We just all love each other so much that being together was easy and fun. I found for me that conversation was easy, which is something to note for me as it doesn’t happen all the time. We all felt as if we were with our family, and we were. Deep bonds were formed very quickly, and many will be lifetime bonds as I see on all our trips. It is such a divine experience and you feel so bonded to those who go through it with you. I was seeing what the dolphins meant when they told me “this trip will be about the human pod.”

The following day, Summer Solstice, we had more divine interactions with the glorious wild dolphins of Bimini, gliding and diving through the blue green crystal waters with our finned family. The dolphins wove among us, giving everyone their Love and Joy blasts, sonaring us with electrical currents that I felt down to my DNA. The effects of being sonared by dolphins last long after you are out of the water. I have had people months after the trip tell me of shifts that happened when they were ready. It is an ongoing and expanding process.

We bonded as a human pod even more and on the evening of the Summer Solstice had a beautiful ceremony around the fire, this time speaking out what we want to release for ourselves and for the others. We had written down what we wanted to release on a piece of paper to be thrown into the fire. During the day, I received a beautiful prayer and affirmation from the dolphins for our human pod and I read it to begin our ceremony. I would repeat it here, but I wrote it on the paper that was meant to get thrown into the fire with whatever we were releasing. I meant to transfer it to another paper before the ceremony but never did… and that’s okay. The vibration of it will last forever in our hearts. I do remember that it was about embracing and owning who we really are, taking flight, swimming free, and welcoming us into our new human/dolphin pod.

Everyone read what they were releasing for themselves and for the others from their papers and then they were thrown into the fire… burn, baby burn!!!! Release and REJOICE!!

Judgments! Judging those who judge! Limiting beliefs! Fear! Non serving patterns! Heartache! Negativity! Scarcity consciousness! We let it all GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

As we looked around, we could see the changes and shifts in people’s faces and vibration as we released what no longer served us and is for our highest good. Long lost JOY was found, long term baggage was released and our human pod hugged and chanted once again.

It was VERY hard to leave this group of people who so quickly had become a family, but we knew we would stay in touch and in fact we have. We still often write in our group on Facebook and I have been blessed to see four family members since our trip, three in California and one here in Costa Rica with more coming here in February. The bond between us is STRONG!!!

As hard as it was to leave, I am blessed to come back to a vacation paradise and when I did, I could feel a big difference in me. I have even more confidence and am more sure, true and authentic to WHO I AM.

When I was with the Bimini Dolphins, I had felt a special sonar, especially with the elders, and they told me they were encoding me with a message for the dolphins here in the pacific in Costa Rica. They said that the first dolphins I saw would be the ones to receive it. So, on my first tour after I got back, I felt dolphins WAITING. I felt it since the night before. We headed out, I saw the sparkly flash in the sky, directed the boat that way and there was waiting BOTTLENOSE in a place close to shore where we never see them. One in particular kept turning belly up and looking at me and I felt when the message had been transcribed and received. Just gotta say... that was sooooooooooo fricken COOL!!! Message signed, sealed and DELIVERED.

But then something else happened that changed my life. I was out on a tour with a beautiful family from Belgium, the mom, dad and 2 beautiful teenage girls. We came upon the big tuna boat that had encircled a pod of beautiful spinner dolphins. I wasn’t sure what the tourists would want to do but my heart leaped with joy when one of the girls said, “I don’t want to leave here until every dolphin is out of that net.” Me either. We were staying. I also wasn’t going to put them in the water but they insisted and wanted to swim over to the net. Such cool girls. We did. And then I don’t know what came over me, but I found myself swimming closer and closer to where they were trying to pull the net down to let the dolphins out.

As the dolphins got out a few at a time, they swam by me so fast that they were just streaks of gray going by. I continued swimming until I was inside the net. And there I saw dead dolphins, lots of frantic tuna and even more frantic dolphins, huddled together and making lots of noise. It was horrible. I filmed the whole thing but as I swam out of the net, my camera caught on the net and before I realized what happened, I looked down to see it spiraling into the deep depths of the ocean. My video was lost, but the message was not.

I have always supported all the dolphin and whale causes and signed the petitions as my personal action. But that day some force that I NEVER knew I had made me swim inside that net... and I still can't believe I did that and when I think about it, I wonder if I would do it again... It was the most CRAZY REAL thing I have seen that affected me so deeply.

And as we know, there are NO mistakes. And I know... with all my heart... that that day the dolphins asked me to not only quietly sign my petitions and as ALWAYS share the JOY and DIVINE BEAUTY they ARE... but that day I KNEW and felt and beyond words KNEW that they were asking me to step it up and help them more in more physical ACTION ways.

And I will stay in LOVE. I shudder when some passionate activists declare hate and want acts of violence against the people doing this. That will NEVER solve this. It is still about LOVE. And I got this. I am doing that divine delightful dance of the observer and EXPERIENCING the human experience... It is still my JOB (Joy of Being) to share the Joy and LOVE that the dolphins embody… AND the dolphins and whales have told me that some POSITIVE PHYSICAL ACTION is needed too. It is a call from my finned family that I will not and cannot ignore.

So my life has changed in many ways since our Summer Solstice Bimini trip. I have gained the clarity I asked for. I am allowing many new things into my life. I have released a lot of old patterns, beliefs and baggage. And I have lots of renewed and new passions in my life.

My guides said to me at one point after getting back, “Forget that whole “spiritual” thing you wanted to do on your property and go with the dolphins. It is there you will find your true pod of humans and your property’s true purpose at this time. The whole “spiritual movement” in many ways has become like a religion and people forget it’s ALL spiritual. We know you don’t want to be labeled as a guru or teacher, so why would you put yourself in that position on your own property? Go with the dolphins, Sierra, go with the dolphins. Share their JOY and SPIRIT both through your quotes and photos as you always do but mostly in HOW YOU LIVE. You embody the spirit of the dolphin and so will those who come to be a part of the community.”

Well alrighty then!!

Also after getting back the dolphins emphasized doing lots of spiral movements that activate my spinal cord and chakras. They showed me to do somersaulting twists in the water and I could feel the energy move through my spine. They encouraged more hoola hooping which I love to do anyway. They made it known that this kind of movement is very important to keep things flowing and unstuck in my body as we upgrade to the HUMAN 2.0 body. Moving the energy through my spine has been amazing for me.

I continue to change my story when it no longer serves me. Actually, I just tell less and less stories. Ya, I know, even quieter… LOL I have had many breakthroughs both personal and with others in this way. I have gotten very good at catching myself when I start telling an old story that I have told for so long I don’t even realize it… till now.

I continue to OWN WHO I AM and when people push my buttons, I look at where I am not. The effects on every single persons’ life who came on this trip have been grand and ongoing.

Once you’ve swam with the dolphins, once you’ve connected with your pod, life can never be the same.

I hope some of you will join me either here in Costa Rica or on my 2013 Summer Solstice Dolphin Swim in Bimini next June.

Oceans of Love to ALL!

Sierra and Christopher swim with the dolphins...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dolphins' Message Regarding the Killing Cove of Taiji, Japan

As September 1st rolled along and the brutal killing season of dolphins and whales began once again in Taiji, Japan, I found myself seeking higher answers in how to deal with the sadness, pain, frustration and not so nice feelings towards those involved. I asked what would Spirit say? What is for the highest good of all? How do those of us deeply affected by this tragedy best deal with it all? As
soon as I asked, I felt and heard the dolphins come in and this is what they told me.

“Our Dear Ocean Sister. Thank you for coming to us with your questions and concerns. We have seen your pain and anger and embrace you and Love you. And therein lies the answer. There has to be love for ALL concerned. Even as the killing goes on, we feel only Love and Compassion in their hearts for them. They are not bad or evil people. Evil does not exist. There is only Love or a self imposed separation from Love. They are only doing what they know, perhaps uneducated about our species, following traditions.

We ask you, all of you, our dear friends, to do the same as it is only with Love and Compassion that they might see the spark of Love and Compassion in our eyes that will make a difference and change them forever. It is only with Love and Compassion that they can even hear you, your concerns and feelings. It is the ONLY way that things can truly change. Love still is the answer!

Does that mean not to write letters and take action? No, not at all. We need you to speak up for us!! You KNOW, dear Sierra, that we have called you into action on our behalf. But it must be done with Love and not in hateful and threatening and making wrong ways. It must be done with Light and Love. It must be done with love, compassion and concern for ALL involved, in educational and mutually satisfactory ways where everyone wins. It IS possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You KNOW that!

Help us to tell the people. Help us to put the “E” (Evolved) back into human to create the human”e” society that you ARE.

Make Love not war no matter what anyone else is doing. Focus on ALL involved finding Love and Compassion in their hearts. See and feel them seeing the Light and becoming conscious and Evolved Human(e)s. Envision them waking up, all those that contribute to the destruction of the oceans and planet. Sign your petitions, create and participate in your campaigns and write your letters, but only those focused on solutions, education, compassion, Love. This is not about not standing up for what you believe in. This is about standing for what you believe in with Compassion and Love. It is the only thing that will make the difference we all seek.

Spreading hate and making war will not be your solution. Your focus must be LOVE while taking action.

As you Love us, BE like us.

War does not create Love. Hate does not create Love. Only Love creates Love.

We LOVE you.”

♥ ♥ ♥ Received through Sierra Goodman ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

If you would like to become lovingly and compassionately involved with helping the dolphins and whales of Japan, here are some words in Japanese and Spanish that you can use in your faxes and emails:



Iruka wo jiyuu ni kurasasete agete kudasai onegaishimasu.

Please let the dolphins live and be free. Thank you.

Por favor permitan a los delfines vivir y ser libres. Gracias.

Please make your LOVING calls and send your KIND faxes and emails! Here is a list of emails and fax numbers that you can use.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are all fax #s. (206) 624-9097, 503-224-8936, 503-224-8934, (212)371-1294, (305) 530-0950, (615)340-4311, (213) 617-6725, 713-651-7822, (1-670) 323-8764, (303)534-3393, 312-280-9568, (617) 542-1329, 907-562-8434, 202-328-2184, 202-328-2187