Friday, June 21, 2013

Super Moon Super Sale - 75% Off on all Becoming Thin Products!

Hellloooooo Beautiful Peeps!! We have a very powerful moon coming up... a SUPER FULL MOON and I have decided to make a SUPER SALE on ALL my Becoming Thin products. I have SLASHED the prices more than 75%, so NOW is a great time to stock up on all my guided visualizations and my ebook if you don't have it already.

Here is the link - Don't Wait as this Madness wont go on forever... ;) 

Happy Summer Solstice - Time to Focus!

WOW. What incredibly powerful times we are in... The Summer Solstice right on top of a Super Moon... and I know almost everyone is feeling it in some way. This is a MAGNIFICENT time to focus on what you want to create in your life, write it down, all of it, all the details, FEEL IT, SEE IT, BE IT! Get silent, if only for a little while, and FEEL your connection to ALL THAT IS and move it THROUGH YOU and OUT INTO THE WORLD.

You, you, YOU are DIVINE STARDUST and a MIRACLE. So act like it! 


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You Are A Spiritual Being & a Channel

You cannot not be spiritual, for you are a spiritual being... more non physical than physical. You cannot not channel, for you are always channeling and expressing God/Source through you. You cannot get it wrong as every choice is a valuable experience and expands you. You cannot not love, for it is who you are and where you came from. You are all this and so much more… let it in, let it in, LET IT IN!! ~ Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Make Life Happen

Life doesn't just happen, you make it happen... and whether shit happens or #miracleshappen, happens to be up to you... and how you happen to feel about it. ~ #SierraGoodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Let Go of the Little Things

Let go of all the little things and not so little things that you allow to bother you and take you away from your true Love and Light. Let go of the small stuff, the judgments, the wanting things to be different, wanting people to be different and JUST BE. JUST LOVE. And instead let the little things and the big in life thrill and inspire you into BIGGNESS! ~  Sierra Goodman 

We Are Not Meant To All Be Little Pink Houses in a Row

We are not meant to be a bunch of little pink houses all in a row. We are all unique expressions of Divine Spirit. So stop judging yourself for your likes and preferences and ways of being. Stop comparing who you are to who others are. You are a perfect extension and expression of The Divine. Yes, YOU. Wave your true authentic flag proudly, Baby, and express your fine, Divine Self. And allow others to express theirs. ~  Sierra Goodman 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silence is Golden

For so long, I thought that maybe something was wrong with me. I was just not able to have the small talk social conversations that other people seem to easily have. I am so easily entertained by nature and silly things but soooo easily bored by constant banter about… well, nothing or at least nothing that interests me. I have a very hard time pretending like I am interested and quite honestly, don’t do a good job of it. I am so content just quietly hanging out, like the animals do, and especially WITH the animals. I have no need for constant conversation and in fact I avoid it.

Many people do not understand, and I understand that they do not understand but it is just in the last year or so that I have really truly embraced who I am, how I am, what I am… and what I am not. Some people get frustrated with me or take it very personally that I don’t need to know every last detail of every event that ever happened to them, but I now have learned that that is their insecurities and I don’t let it become mine. I feel sooooo free now to just be me and not take personally what other people think or try to change who I am and how I am to please others.

Oh yes, Silence is Golden. And so is Embracing Who You Really Are and BEING it and LIVING it. Woo Hoo!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Get Affirmations to Work For You

Affirmations, faith, etc. work when you don't have stronger beliefs that negate them. For instance if you are repeating an affirmation of "I am healthy, wealthy and wise" and the words are coming out of your mouth but your mind is thinking, "No I'm not, that's for other people, things like that never happen to me, I don't deserve it, I'm too fat, lazy, stupid, ugly", etc. etc.... all the negative things we can think and say about ourselves... well then THAT is your dominant vibration, what you are putting out to the Universe, and your affirmation gets canceled out. You might not even realize it because the beliefs of unworthiness have been an underlying current for years. (or not so underlying) It might be time to learn to REALLY love yourself and feel your worthiness as the divine extension of God/Source that you are! Then step back and allow the Universe to deliver everything you want and more! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

You Are Always Divinely Guided

You are always Divinely Guided. An ever-present Loving Universal Super Intelligence is always guiding you to manifest your dreams, desires, happiness and life purpose. Spirit is always calling you forward. Trust this Truth and know that when you truly listen to your Heart you are always Divinely Guided. Pay attention, be present, observe and allow your Divine Guidance to show you the easiest and quickest path to your true purpose and highest good. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Passion Creates Magic!

The things that manifest best and fastest are the things you are naturally passionate about, without having to try. The things that make your heart sing and your toes wiggle are things that Source is leading you to, so everything goes perfectly when you follow THOSE. Passionate, inspired desires are the ones that manifest like magic because you don't have to try to get into the feeling place. You are already there! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nature Speaks to Me Once Again Through the Bees

How Nature speaks to me and through me never ceases to AWEmaze me. As I sat here contemplating writing up something about activism, revolution, spirituality and love, a single honey bee came and landed on my finger. As you might know, Monsanto's chemicals and other factors are decimating our bees and therefore essential pollination.

Yup. Nature Speaks. Be expecting a lil' something from me soon!  Thank you for the confirmation, Beautiful Bee! 

Get Out of the Cave and Step Into LIFE!

Most of us didn't come here to meditate our lives away in a cave and get all spiritual and enlightened in that way... we came here to experience the physical human experience... ALL of it! The laughter, the tears, the joy, the anger… ALL of it! Living a Life of Joy is not about challenges not arising... it's about loving it ALL and constantly shifting to the higher, broader perspective because you know that everything is in divine order and orchestration... that's how you stay joyful and enlightened! ~ Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Think Better Thoughts and Feel What You Feel

I never know when poetry will strike me, but a dear friend posted in one of our groups here on FB and in response to her, this poem just instantly came into my head. I couldn't type fast enough it just literally flowed out. I typed it out right into the thread in the moment.

Now with a little more time, I have changed a few words and added a couple verses and there you have it... my poetry for the day! 

I tried to think a better thought
But in a downward spiral I got caught
So I thunk I thunk I thunk some more
And slowly I walk myself through another door

With the first better thought, more come indeed
From the garden of my mind I pull out the weeds
I think and I think about the good things in my life
And quickly starts to fade the strife

A Divine Human Being I am, I be
I feel my feelings, I let them free
And once I feel it, I can let it go
And get my ass back into my divine flow

I think better thoughts, I feel what I feel
And that is how to shift for real
Stuff will happen, there is no doubt
But the trick is how we think and feel our way out

We can stay stuck in our thoughts and our feelings too
Or we can consciously shift, it’s all up to you
Go at your own pace, do what you need to do
And in the end joy and happiness are waiting for you

 Sierra Goodman  ~

Monday, June 3, 2013


I knew it!! My pet Gecko, Lucy, who eats bugs off the wall behind my bed every night was the fattest Gecko I had ever seen and I wasn't sure if she was pregnant or just very well fed from hanging out by my dolphin light. Then for two days she stayed on the wall in my bathroom and didn't move and I thought... I bet she is about to have babies... and sure enough, all day today, I have seen little baby Geckos around my room. I hope some of them survive with the now TWO cats I have hanging around here... they are sooooooooo cute!!!
  — at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

LIFE IN THE JUNGLE: A Visit from Wasps

LIFE IN THE JUNGLE: I was listening to nice, calm, beautiful Reiki music and then looked over and saw that a group of wasps was trying to make a home inside my bass speaker... so had to switch to VERY LOUD HARD BASS dance music so they would leave. Seems to be working... I might have to switch to the BeeGees though.  

So I've attracted a cat and wasps today... hmmmm what am I missing in my man description??? LOL 

A New Kitty Visitor to Brisa Azul

I have a new visitor! I was watching a movie on the big screen with my neighbors and all of a sudden my cat, Tico, jumped up from my arms and started smelling into the air and then ran out of my room outside. I went to go look for him to make sure he wasn't after some animal much bigger than him, such as the wild pigs I saw just at sunset, and boy was I surprised when I my flashlight caught FOUR glowing green eyes. Tico had a friend, a cutie little orange and white cat.

Tico ran into my room and Orange Kitty followed and now they are working it out... Tico is not happy at the moment because OK is eating his food. But I can tell this is a sweet cat and we'll see what happens now. I have no idea where this cat came from, he doesn't look too skinny and seems sweet and friendly. I'll have to ask around at the neighbors tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are meows and growls and more meows but I think OK likes it here because he/she (I haven't checked yet) just laid down on my balcony, winked at me, and said, "He'll get used to it, leave it to me." LOL I'm not so sure it will be that easy as Tico has enjoyed being an only child after living here for many years with 4 other cats, 5 dogs and 3 macaws. We shall see what happens now... 

Today is Your Day to FLY (First Love Yourself)

 Okay, Beautiful Peeps. Today (and every day) is your day to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) 

Let Yourself and Everyone Off the Hook

Anything anyone has ever said and done to us either came from a place of love for us (even if we didn’t understand their perspective or way of “loving”) or from a place of disempowerment and not being able to love themselves. That means we get to let everyone off the hook who has ever said anything to us that we allowed to make us feel less than or limited. That means we get to let ourselves off the hook too because how it made us feel was just a story we made up at the time from our then perspective. We can change that story and all the beliefs we created around it from our NOW perspective… the now perspective that KNOWS the Divine, Worthy, Spiritual Being that we truly are. We can now return to Love for them and for ourselves. Today is the day!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration