Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Kitty Visitor to Brisa Azul

I have a new visitor! I was watching a movie on the big screen with my neighbors and all of a sudden my cat, Tico, jumped up from my arms and started smelling into the air and then ran out of my room outside. I went to go look for him to make sure he wasn't after some animal much bigger than him, such as the wild pigs I saw just at sunset, and boy was I surprised when I my flashlight caught FOUR glowing green eyes. Tico had a friend, a cutie little orange and white cat.

Tico ran into my room and Orange Kitty followed and now they are working it out... Tico is not happy at the moment because OK is eating his food. But I can tell this is a sweet cat and we'll see what happens now. I have no idea where this cat came from, he doesn't look too skinny and seems sweet and friendly. I'll have to ask around at the neighbors tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are meows and growls and more meows but I think OK likes it here because he/she (I haven't checked yet) just laid down on my balcony, winked at me, and said, "He'll get used to it, leave it to me." LOL I'm not so sure it will be that easy as Tico has enjoyed being an only child after living here for many years with 4 other cats, 5 dogs and 3 macaws. We shall see what happens now...