Monday, June 3, 2013

Let Yourself and Everyone Off the Hook

Anything anyone has ever said and done to us either came from a place of love for us (even if we didn’t understand their perspective or way of “loving”) or from a place of disempowerment and not being able to love themselves. That means we get to let everyone off the hook who has ever said anything to us that we allowed to make us feel less than or limited. That means we get to let ourselves off the hook too because how it made us feel was just a story we made up at the time from our then perspective. We can change that story and all the beliefs we created around it from our NOW perspective… the now perspective that KNOWS the Divine, Worthy, Spiritual Being that we truly are. We can now return to Love for them and for ourselves. Today is the day!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration