Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Think Better Thoughts and Feel What You Feel

I never know when poetry will strike me, but a dear friend posted in one of our groups here on FB and in response to her, this poem just instantly came into my head. I couldn't type fast enough it just literally flowed out. I typed it out right into the thread in the moment.

Now with a little more time, I have changed a few words and added a couple verses and there you have it... my poetry for the day! 

I tried to think a better thought
But in a downward spiral I got caught
So I thunk I thunk I thunk some more
And slowly I walk myself through another door

With the first better thought, more come indeed
From the garden of my mind I pull out the weeds
I think and I think about the good things in my life
And quickly starts to fade the strife

A Divine Human Being I am, I be
I feel my feelings, I let them free
And once I feel it, I can let it go
And get my ass back into my divine flow

I think better thoughts, I feel what I feel
And that is how to shift for real
Stuff will happen, there is no doubt
But the trick is how we think and feel our way out

We can stay stuck in our thoughts and our feelings too
Or we can consciously shift, it’s all up to you
Go at your own pace, do what you need to do
And in the end joy and happiness are waiting for you

 Sierra Goodman  ~