Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Spirit Shine Through

Before You Act
Before You Speak
Let the Universe Know
It's the Highest Good for All You Seek

Let Spirit Run Through You
Co-Create with the Divine
If You Relax and Let Go
It is Perfect Every Time!

You Don't Have to Push
You Don't Have to Shove
When You are Creating with Spirit
It's ALL about LOVE!

Have Compassion, Be Kind
For We Are All One
Allowing Other Aspects of Ourselves
Is All Part of the Fun

Let Go of Your Fears
The Past is the Past
Tell a New Story
One You Want to Last

And Most of All
Be True to YOU
That is the Best Way
To Let Spirit Shine Through!

~ ♥ From Oceans of Inspiration, http://www.oceansofinspiration.com/ by Sierra Goodman ~ ♥
 — with Sierra Goodman.