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Joy Vibe Radio - Parallel Universes and You - Nov 4, 2009

Physical reality is a multi-dimensional broadcast, every version of you and your corresponding reality exists right now. Which you? Which reality? And what good are parallel universes for us right now? Join Sierra and Kidest for a mind bending conversation with special guest, Ford.

With his name on over 20 million records worldwide and 17 Gold and Platinum production credits to date, Ford now sets his sights on the literary world.

Ford originally wrote the book "Becoming God" as scientific approach to debunk spirituality and religion through a close examination of quantum physics, chaos theory, and neurobiology. It became clear to Ford that there is a much closer connection between science and spirituality than anyone could ever imagine. This understanding transformed Ford from an atheist to spiritually enlightened. We're going to talk to him about what he discovered about the multi-verse and parallel universes, and how his spiritual awakening has changed his life and what this information means to you.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Music for Manifestation

I have been enjoying the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins cards by Doreen Virtue for years. They always seem to give me just the right message at the right time.

One night the time was right. I picked a card. It was Music for Manifestation. I shuffled the deck well and picked again. MUSIC FOR MANIFESTATION. Wow, twice in a row!! I shuffled the deck REALLY GOOD for several minutes while I watched something on TV and picked again:


My friend told me that from a deck of 44 cards to pick the same card three times in a row after a good shuffle, the odds are in the millions or BILLIONS even. WOW. I love how the Universe goes out it's way to give us the messages we need to hear.

The card says: "To manifest rapidly, think of your desire while you chant, hum, sing, or play music."

I love to sing. When I am singing I feel so connected to Source, I have not a worry in the world, I feel free and it is absolutely a form of meditation for me.

I thought about it, and I had not been singing recently. It had been about four weeks since I put on my favorite songs and had a singing session. I also realized that I had been going through a bit of "low vibration period" for the past four weeks, actually in a place that is very out of the norm for me.

Well, after this one in a billion message from the Universe, I immediately put on my Ipod and started singing! And you know what? I FELT SOOOOO AWESOME!! I felt the old me coming back, but even better!

For me, music is one of the best ways to move myself up the emotional scale. No matter how down about something I might feel, I can put on my favorite songs and immediately feel better. Music is a great tool for raising my vibrations!

I know now that the feelings I feel when I am singing, JOY, BLISS and NO RESISTANCE is the perfect time to think about and picture my desires. We manifest what we think about, what we put emotion behind, what we put PASSION and DESIRE behind, and that is how I feel when I sing. Passion, desire, all that good stuff. So of course that is the best time for me to visualize and dream and CREATE MY REALITY!


Music for Manifestation. How cool is that?

The Law of Attraction is Always Working...Even When We Wish it Wasn't!

My bedroom in Costa Rica is up on the point, with a panoramic view of the ocean. When I still had the eco lodge we put up signs around the property that pointed and guided people to the public areas and away from my room. When I closed the lodge, I left the signs up as people still often came to the property and wandered around.

One of the reasons I closed the lodge was because of the lack of respect for privacy some of the guests had, walking right into my bedroom as if it was part of the "jungle show". Because I lived on site, people thought I was available 24/7 and even at night, while I was in my bedroom with the door closed. People would come to my door, and sometimes, like mentioned above, just walk right in, even though I have "private" signs on BOTH sides of my door. One guest even sat down and started watching TV!!! This was my private bedroom!!

One day a woman arrived who had been at the lodge several years ago to film a program called "Quiet Places". She is very nice and came with a friend of hers. She asked if they could stay. I said sure.

After about an hour, she comes walking right into my room to ask me something. I was very nice to her as I backed her out as I spoke to her. I hadn't cleaned my room yet (living with 3 macaws, 4 dogs and a cat, besides it being a totally open space with only half walls, it gets dirty REALLY FAST), and I was annoyed that she would walk right in without knocking.

A little later I was talking to my friend Jerry who was visiting and I went on and on about how people don't have respect for other's privacy, how I would NEVER EVER just walk into someone's bedroom like that, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla....

So, guess what I attracted by putting my attention onto what I don't want?

About an hour later after my rampage about privacy, or rather the lack thereof, I had just gotten out of the shower, and I had the music blasting. My bedroom door is split, I can just close the top, or just close the bottom or both. I had closed the top half knowing that my friend might walk in again and that would slow her down and I had left the bottom open so the dogs could get in and out.

I am brushing out my hair and this lady I had never seen before in my life actually peeks her head under my door and starts to walk in, under the closed door with two privacy signs on either side! I must have looked horrified, well, because I was!! She said, "if this is not a good time..." I didn't even know what to say.. She goes on to explain that she is a friend of someone that I knew in the Bahamas when I was doing dolphin swims there that I haven't had contact with for years. She and her boyfriend were looking for a place to stay. I explained as nicely as I could, considering that I was in shock, that I do not have a hotel anymore and to please go to the tent camp next door and that if she wanted to talk to me, she could return the following day.

She and her boyfriend left and I just had to laugh because I knew that by my putting attention to what I didn't want, people not respecting my privacy, AND especially by going on and on about it, I had MADE IT EVEN BIGGER!!! Oh, bless the Law of Attraction! It always keeps us in check and this was a great and obvious reminder.

Don't focus on what you don't want. Don't complain about it, don't blog about it, don't join groups against it, don't hold yourself in the vibration of what you don't want by focusing on it! I focused on lack of privacy and that was EXACTLY what I got a lot more of.

I have learned to only focus on what I DO want. I have learned that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work, and so it only makes sense to keep my wants and desires and how I want things to be in my range of focus. I love this because it means it is up to ME what I create in my reality. It's my choice. It's the law!

Making Decisions Based on Joy, Not Money

I closed my successful eco lodge in the remote rainforest of Costa Rica on May 1, 2007. It was a happy, joyous day for me! I had no longer found joy in running the hotel for many reasons, it was a source of stress and conflict, and I followed my heart and intuition and converted it into a marine education and research center. All is well and many wonderful things came out of that decision!

About a year after closing the eco lodge, the person who actually introduced me to my property ten years ago, asked if he could “rent” my hotel for a couple of months because his place would not be ready in time for the high season and he already had reservations. He offered me a $5000 deposit and $5000 a month. Sure, I could use that money, it would pay off several bills, so I actually began to consider it.

But every time I really checked with my higher self, with my true feelings, I knew the answer. I had gotten away from all that craziness for good reason, and I am so enjoying my peaceful, quiet home now….but I could use the money, and maybe it was Source’s way of giving me some, was I just being “selfish” and non allowing and not seeing income being offered by Source?….. So it went in my mind.

Then last night I really thought about it and remembered that I am all about following my heart, and by doing this just for the money, when I knew it would not be a fun time for me, I was going against who I am. By doing something just for the money that I know will not bring me joy, and will actually bring me non-joy, I am saying to the Universe that there is limitation and no other sources of income and therefore I have to do something I don’t want to do!! Well, NO WAY, JOSE (actually, it’s Fernando, but that didn’t rhyme!!!) It’s just not like that! Life is supposed to be fun! Divinely offered Source income doesn’t feel so hard and upstream to do!

And when I made my final decision, and I felt the feelings of relief and calmness, I knew it was the right decision!! That is how we know where is the Highlighted Route to our joy, happiness and true path. HOW DOES IT FEEL? What makes you feel good? What gives you relief?

Here’s to unlimited resources and following your heart and intuition!! You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t bring you joy because Source will always provide channels that do!!!



Money is Energy & So Am I

I had the MOST amazing experience at a casino recently. I was REALLY tired and sleepy as I had only slept three hours the night before due to my excitement about a photo shoot for the cover of Woman's World. I really just wanted to crash. But I kept hearing the casino just across the parking lot calling to me..... Sierra..... Sierra..... Sierra, come to the casino..... even my IB chimed in and told me to go. It was a strong pull that I could no longer resist. Besides, my hair was still a bit curly and I still had on all the make up from the photo shoot......hmmmmmmmmmm, I thought.... maybe I will get lucky one way or another..... so off I went.

I walked around looking at the slot machines for the one that called to me. I found it. WILD FOR DOLPHINS it was called. PERFECT. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS, DO WHAT YOU LOVE, DO WHAT CALLS TO YOU....

At first I was disappointed that it wasn't the kind with a stick that you pull down, i like the hands on feeling... but I heard, "it doesn't matter, it's all Source". So I sat down and put in 10,000 colones, like $20.00. I am an all or nothing better, so I always bet the maximum bet on these machines, which on this one was 9 lines and 5 acrross. More chances that way. More fun. MORE GOING FOR IT!

I Immediately I heard a mantra in my head....MONEY IS ENERGY and I AM SOURCE ENERGY. MONEY IS ENERGY AND I AM SOURCE ENERGY. I said it over and over and over in my head. I thought that I could control this machine with my strong, amazing, high vibing thoughts. The machine is energy too, it is ALL SOURCE. I started to win.


Sometimes when I would get distracted, I would lose several times in a row and get down pretty low, one time I got so low that I could no longer bet it all, I had to be only 3 lines and 3 across cause I didn't have enough left. BUT, before I placed that bet, which would have been my last with the money I started with, I said, I AM ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF BY SOURCE. MONEY FLOWS TO ME. I CAN NEVER LOSE, I AM DIVINELY GUIDED AND TAKEN CARE OF. MONEY IS ENERGY AND I AM SOURCE ENERGY. On that ALMOST last bet, I got three TALENT SHOWS in a row, which is the big prize. You get to choose your dolphin, I chose MAGIC MARTY and then you pick your trainers and the dolphins do a series of tricks and depending on if you choose the right trainers, you win more or less money. I won enough to get me back to where I had orginally started, with 10,000 colones. That was on my last bet and having COMPLETE FAITH in the Universe that I am taken care of and aligned with the energy of money that is Source Energy just like me.

I was in the most amazing vibration as I sat there for HOURS playing WILD FOR DOLPHINS. I was in a high vibing money energy vibration. I COULD NOT LOSE AND I KNEW IT.

Right next to me was an annoying slot machine called DICK CLARK'S UNSENSORED BLEEPERS. It made really annoying sounds and announcements when people would come to play it and at first I let it distract me. But by the second person that came I already had my mantra for that. NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN DISTRACT ME FROM MY GOOD. NO ONE AND NOTHING CAN DISTRACT ME FROM MY HIGH VIBRATION. I would just keep playing and at least six times, people came to play that slot machine and as i stayed in my high vibration and ignored the annoying sounds, they would not play more than five bets. They came and went within 30 seconds EVERY TIME. GONE. No more DICK CLARK. No being distracted from my high vibe of MONEY IS ENERGY AND I AM SOURCE ENERGY.

Besides the TALENT SHOW which was the biggest way to win the fastest, if you got three PEARLS, you got to pick a pearl and it would open and you would win a bunch all at once. Each PEARL had a different amount. I let my intuition guide me and 8 times out of 10 I would pick the PEARL with the largest amount of money. I was winning a lot now. I noticed that my standard was higher now. There was now a much higher amount that I was not willing to get below anymore. And I never did. I just kept getting TALENT SHOWS and PEARLS as I aligned more and more with the ENERGY OF MONEY.


What was also working ON me was the free tequila they kept bringing me.... it was funny, but the more buzzed I got, the more any resistance was gone and I KEPT WINNING! At one point, though, I started to get buzzed enough that I screwed up my mantra and heard myself say I AM ENERGY AND MONEY IS SOURCE. I started to laugh and called my friend David. He said, QUIT WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD, SIERRA. So I did.

I pushed the CASH OUT button, collected my pile of money and went back to my hotel room.

It was an AMAZING experience for me because through the metaphor of a slot machine, I REALLY REALLY GOT the aligning with the energy of money thing. I loved the metaphor of it being a dolphin slot machine, I loved my new mantra, I loved the PEARLS opening up to give me more money as I used my intuition to choose the right one.

I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. My money vibration is raised, I have felt BEING THERE and now I can no longer go back. My standard has been raised.


Now, the question is........

Who is going to Vegas with me?

Woo Hoo!

~ Sierra ~

Send in the Clouds

Most of us know that our persistant thoughts create our reality. And most of us know that when we think negative thoughts, we bring more of those negative things to us. But what do you do when you have persistant negative thoughts that you don't want, but you just can't seem to get them out of your mind?

I asked that same question one day. I had a situation that had upset me. I went through the whole emotional scale, from crying, to being mad, to being frustrated and on up as I slowly worked my thoughts to broad perspective, positive thoughts. One thought at a time. By noon I was out in the sun and happy again.

But after a while, the "why" thoughts returned to me. I kept going over the situation and analyzing it.

I wanted the thoughts to go away. I wanted to just move on. All is Well! Why do I keep thinking these thoughts? They do not serve me. They bring negativity to me. They will bring more events like this to me.

I said, "Universe, please take these thoughts away, please tell me how to stop these persistant thoughts!!!" And the answer came to me.

I heard a familiar voice that came from no where and every where say, "Imagine that you are putting those thoughts that you don't want into a cloud and let it drift away. You might need to do it a few times and the thought might still come sometimes, but just put the thought into a fluffy white cloud and let it drift away with the wind."

It just seemed too simple, but I tried it. And guess what? IT WORKED!!! I gave my thoughts over to the clouds and let them drift away. The thoughts returned a couple of times and as soon as they did, I sent them off with the floating clouds. Negative, destructive thoughts gone!!!

I don't know how this will work for others, but it has worked great for me.

Another wonderful tool for my toolbox, given to me by my blessed higher self, always watching out for me. I even gained an understanding into the present situation and insight into how it would benefit me now and in the future. Oh how I love my divine guidance!

I also seem to get some of my signs and messages from the clouds. I'll have a question that I am pondering and the clouds will form into images that answer me.

I have long seen shapes in the clouds. When on dolphin tours, the clouds tell me where to go with an arrow or a dolphin fin and I’ll never forget swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas with a giant dolphin cloud above us. So many amazing experiences have happened with clouds that I can’t ignore the messages that I get from them.

I was sitting on my bed working on my computer one day and got a very strong message to go look at the clouds towards the bay. I did this, and it was beautiful, the sun was setting pink so the waves crashing on the rocks were light pink, and the color of everything had such a beautiful tint to it. I didn’t see anything unusual in the clouds so I went back to the computer. Ah, this was just to get me off the computer and into appreciation, I thought, okay, great! This happened two more times, I kept hearing GO LOOK AT THE CLOUDS.

So on the third time I saw a cloud that looked just like two dolphins and above it was the exact shape of a large bird soaring over them, wings spread. The bird immediately represented freedom to me. The dolphins, well, I see dolphins a lot and didn’t think much until these two dolphins started splitting up and multiplying…. The clouds were quickly changing into more and more dolphins, all swimming in the same direction, each dolphin splitting into two, and so on, until there was a pod of 12 dolphins all swimming together in the same direction. The bird cloud stayed perfectly intact the whole time, and flew just slightly behind the dolphins.

Then I looked above that cloud formation and there was a hand in the sky, in a fist, and with a finger pointing in the direction the dolphins were swimming. It was very, very clear, I did not have to try to figure out what it was, it was like a drawing, the whole thing!!!

Then came the mermaid, she was swimming towards the hand (opposite direction as the dolphins), with her arm outstretched and touching the finger with hers. The mermaid represented me (like, duh) and had long hair, the whole bit. Quite amazing, actually, it was soooo clear. The pointed finger was telling me to swim in the direction of the dolphins (and I heard, “go with the dolphins”) but the mermaid, even though the “current of the wind” was taking her in the direction of the dolphins, kept her arm stretched out to the hand, as if not wanting to let go of something, as if resisting the dolphins and the natural current and flow of things.

I looked back down at the dolphin pod… they were swimming out of my view now and left a fluffy wake of water in the clouds… then a perfect Ram head appeared on top of the “water” and I said out loud “Aries”. Not sure what that one meant besides that I am an Aries, but a perfect Ram head it was….

This cloud experience gave me the exact message I needed to hear at the time. I love cloud watching, and now I love cloud thought releasing too!

Focus on Your Desires, Not Your Dislikes!

One night I sat on the beach below my property in Costa Rica. I was very upset as I was waiting for two of my employees to get back from fishing with one of my boats, and they were very late. This was not feeling good. Not at all. And I wanted to feel good.

I decided to change my thoughts instead to the passionate desires this situation was creating. It was such a POWERFUL and INSTANT process that I wanted to share it. It changed my vibration so fast, that by the time they got back, I wasn’t even mad anymore, but happy! Boy where they surprised because they thought they were in BIG TROUBLE!!

CONTRAST/PROBLEM: Licho and Nito ask me if they can get off work an hour early (2:00 pm) and use my boat to go fishing. I say sure, no problem. They’ve done it many times before and always bring yummy fresh fish to eat and just go out for a couple of hours. At 6:00 pm, they still were not back. Now it is dark. They are in my little 50 hp boat. I go to sit on the beach and wait. I think about what if something happened to the motor or they are out of gas? There is no way to go and look for them at night and they will just drift all night. I check, they didn’t bring a VHF radio with them. What if they are just having fun, knowing they can’t have the boats out after dark, they have to do a beach landing (in the waves) at night and the moon is not out and it is dark. There are rocks that they can easily hit and tear up my propeller coming in. Why do they always have to take advantage, I was being nice letting them use my boat and leave work early….. bla bla bla, etc. etc. etc.

Then I looked around and realized how beautiful the beach was at that time, and every time the waves crashed, the water glowed with bio-luminecense. It was amazing!! I didn’t want to be mad anymore. I decided to concentrate on the new and passionate desires this situation was creating for me instead:

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to learn to fly my little flying boat so that I am not dependant on Licho as a pilot anymore (he knows I need him right now!). Thoughts of flying around as pilot over the ocean and dolphins and whales made my vibration fly!!! I am going to check into the cost of lessons today!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to attract new employees or even better, my partner and/or friends that will help me around here with things like the generator, fixing things, building things, creating a marine education center, so that I am not dependant upon these particular employees. I thought about the great community I want to create here in paradise with like minded people! (accepting applications!) That was great!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to get lights on my boats for nighttime fun!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to come to the beach more often at night!

And so it went. It was so fast and so immediate and SOOOOOO FREEEEEEEING!!! I was sailing downstream in seconds!!! I would have done myself no good staying stuck in the problem and all my negative thoughts, being pissed off on the beach, and probably still pissed off two days later, and instead I totally elevated my vibration to new heights by defining and concentrating on the PASSIONATE DESIRES that were created from it.


I highly recommend this process for quick downstream thoughts when faced with problems. It can quickly turn anger and frustration and thoughst of what you don't want into clear focus on what you DESIRE!

Much love,


It's Not Your Body's Fault!

If you are more than just a few pounds overweight, your body is protecting you from something. It's what you have it programmed and asked it to do. It could be fear of physical abuse, fear of intimacy, fear of success, fear of being liked, fear of not being liked, fear of not enough food... there are a great variety of fears that we hold onto that make our body think it needs to protect us with excess weight. It's just doing it's job!

Our bodies were originally built for feast or famine. Our bodies translate every day stress and long term fears as a time of famine and scarcity. Time to eat up, time to store up, time to fatten up. Our body begins to crave fattening foods and give us urges to eat even when we are not hungry. We overeat as if we are starving. It's our body taking care of thinks.

So, we want to reprogram our bodies to think we are in a time of feast. We program our bodies to want to be thin. There is plenty of food, we do not need the extra protection of excess weight because we are safe. We can eat whole, healthy foods because there is plenty and that is what your body naturally begins to crave.

As we easily let go of long term fears by changing our thoughts through practice, visualization and BECOMING the thin person we seek to be, our body responds. Our body begins to start craving healthy foods. We no longer feel the urge to overeat. We easily and naturally become thin as our body and our mind work together to create the new YOU! No more blaming and struggling against our bodies that are just trying to protect us. Let us thank and appreciate our bodies for taking care of us, and for now taking care of us again by reprogramming itself to want to be thin!

About Affirmations

People often ask me why affirmations are not working for them. If you are saying your affirmations but then thinking "No, that can never happen for me, that is not true," you are actually cancelling out your affirmations with your negative thoughts. Affirmations only work when you believe them, when you feel passionate about them, and allow yourself to feel the feelings of them already manifested. If you do not believe them at first, it’s best to repeat them often and practice feeling how you would feel if the desire you are affirming for is already fulfilled. BE IT NOW!! FEEL IT NOW!! This is the key to having affirmations work for you. It is best to personalize affirmations so that they resonate with you. The more you feel the affirmation is for YOU and about YOU, the faster you will see results. Affirmations are never written in stone, so continue to edit them as you evolve and expand and become more focused on your outcome.

Be creative and really go for it! Affirm your desires, affirm your worthiness, affirm your ideal body weight!

How much and for how long should you say affirmations? Once you believe the affirmation and really feel it to be true, IT IS TRUE and you don’t need to keep reaffirming over and over. Know it is done, let it go, and allow the Universe go to work. Once you believe and become it, your body and life can't help but catch up to who you have already become!

Every Day is Appreciation Day!

What would our lives be like if we were in the constant state of appreciation?

Have you ever tried to go through an entire day without making EVEN ONE JUDGMENT? Not even one opinion about the way some is dressed, or looks, or who is doing everything WRONG? Try it. It is almost impossible for us humans to do.

I have found a very powerful process that keeps me in the State of Appreciation, and that is to switch from judgment and negativity to the broader perspective of love and appreciation. Appreciation and love are looking through the Eyes of Source Energy/God.

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

We often focus on everything we don’t like about our lives and others: How could she wear that? What was he thinking? My life sucks! My job sucks! When I find myself making a judgment about someone or something, I try to catch myself as fast as possible and see things through the wider, higher perspective of Source Energy. That IMMEDIATELY changes my perspective. It changes my vibration to one of APPRECIATION instead of a low vibration of judgment. It changes everything in my view as I now have the broader perspective of God, Pure Source Energy.

Instead of the above statements, I might instead say, “How wonderful that she expresses herself and doesn’t care what others think,” “I am sure from his unique perspective and life experiences he has a point,” “I am so appreciative of all that I have,” “I am so appreciative for my job and my co-workers.”

It is also good to realize that often what we don’t like in others are things that we don’t like about ourselves. By unconditionally loving and appreciating ourselves, it’s much easier to feel unconditional love for others. One way to start appreciating yourself more is to write out a rampage of appreciation about everything you like about you.

My friend Osho Rewa, from India, is one of the best rampagers on self appreciation that I know. Here are some examples of his lists he has made about what he loves and appreciates about himself. Sit back and read a master of self appreciation:

• I appreciate my attention to detail - I notice small things, a slight change in flavor, how the little leaves seem to dance harder during the winds
• I appreciate how I delight in everyday things like breathing - I really enjoy breathing, once I start paying attention its like wowza sexy
• I appreciate my communication skills - I've got an involving, smooth flowing, clear way of writing
• I appreciate how I intuitively sense people's needs
• I appreciate that I am passionate about food, I enjoy food so much. I like how I smell food, feel myself touching the food, look at foods closely, yeah totally enjoy food.
• I like how relaxed about life I am, I know that my life will turn out magnificently. And it is.
• like how full of energy I am all through the day.
• I am a natural inspirer, so many people tell me they find me uplifting, 'a delightful breath of fresh air'
• I love what an appreciative being I am, and I am so happy that I turned my attention to me now
• I like how I take care of my body - giving it oil massages, stretching my limbs, eating what I am inspired to, walking, jumping yeah, and I appreciate the acceptance and appreciation I feel for all parts of my body - its heart warming
• I like that I like myself - what a guy I must be!
• I like my sense of humor - its free flowing, and I really crack myself up often
• I appreciate how much I delight in my senses - like this morning I woke up to sunlight reflecting off the green trees around, such a sight to see first thing in the morning.
• I've got a powerful, full smile
• I like how I care for aesthetics and always look for how to leave things beautifully
• I like how bold I am, if there's something I want to say, I say it
• I appreciate the enthusiasm I bring to everything I do
• I appreciate that I delight in the successes of other people, I get so delighted when I hear of people succeeding that I pump my fist! I want to have happy, successful people all around me
• I like that I do what feels best to me
• I appreciate that I am accepting of myself in all circumstances
• I like that I am now accepting of other people too in all their diversity
• I like that I am relaxed and know I don't have to figure it all out
• I appreciate that I feel happy for no reason at all
• I appreciate that I feel centered all through the day
• I appreciate that I allow myself as much rest as I require
• I appreciate that I have attracted peace unto me.
• I appreciate that I put my feeling good first
• I appreciate that I am one who is committed to my truth
• I am worthy of appreciation
• I say yes to myself
• I like that I allow my imagination to flourish
• I appreciate my ability to cook
• I appreciate my ability to play various sports
• I appreciate my ability to goof off
• I appreciate how easily I laugh, how playful I am, how easy going I am
• I appreciate that I am always looking at the bright side of things

After making a list of all that you appreciation about yourself, start to do the same with every person and aspect in your life; your job, your relationships, your body. You will be amazed at how good you feel. Appreciation is a heart felt feeling, and when you are there, the world looks brighter, everything is beautiful and all is truly well. And when you appreciate all that you have and look for the good and best in things, you bring more of that to you.

When I go into deep appreciation and love, I can actually see the lighting change, everything gets brighter, the trees are greener, the sky bluer, I can hear sounds more intensely. Because of my high vibration of Love and Appreciation, Source Energy/God can join me, we are a vibrational match. In other words, when you are in the State of Appreciation, you are seeing through the eyes of God. Your life will change dramatically for the better.

So, let's make every day APPRECIATION DAY!

What Would God Say?

Last year, while still on my property in Costa Rica, I was having a bad day. My four boats all had motor problems and I had to rent boats (expensive) to operate my dolphin and whale tours. My cell phone wouldn't charge. Our battery system in the kitchen was faulty and so we didn't have lights at night (We run on a generator during the day that charges the batteries for night time electricity). Because of the boat problems and having to rent boats, two people at one of the hotels didn't get picked up for the dolphin tour, they were mad and I had to refund their money. It was just one thing after the other. I was not my usual happy, joyful self at all.

In the late afternoon, I decided to go down to BLISS BEACH, which is the beach below my property on the very point. From there I have a 220 degree panoramic ocean view and the other 140 degrees, behind me, is rainforest. I can see the island, the bay, the river mouth and far out to sea from there. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCE! It makes for incredible sunsets as there are rocks that jutt up at the very tip and make a rocky frame that the sun goes down between. It is simply breathtaking. Above is a Google Earth photo of Bliss Beach which is the point and to the left of the point.

So, I played with the dogs for a while and then spread out the blanket I had brought with me and took a look around. I had come to the beach to feel sorry for myself and have a good cry. I just needed to release. I had realized during the day that I actually feel guilty when I feel bad because of the life I have set up for myself. I mean, come on, Sierra, spectacular ocean views, the most biologically intense rainforest in the world, dolphins and whales, I am bombarded with beauty every single day. How can I feel bad? I realized that I don't let myself just cry sometimes because I feel guilty what with all the good things I have, how can I not be happy? How can I get out of appreciation for even one minute?

But I decided it was time to allow myself to feel bad, even for a few minutes. TO RELEASE. It does not serve me to hold it in or ignore it, it just gets bigger that way. So I went down to defy Bliss Beach, to not be blissful there and to feel sorry for myself and cry. I sat down and waited for the tears to come.

Backing up a bit, a few years ago, Jeff Corwin (of Animal Planet) and his film crew stayed at my eco lodge for several days to film a show (you might have seen it, with whales in Costa Rica). Anyway, those guys were fun to hang around and I picked up some new language from them. First of all, they said niiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccce to everything and I still say that all the time. Niiiiiiiccccce!

The other thing I picked up from them is "What would Brian Boitano say?" These guys loved the show SOUTH PARK and had every episode recorded on their portable DVD. Every night they watched SOUTH PARK and from SOUTH PARK, they got WHAT WOULD BRIAN BOITANO SAY? and they used it all the time.

It became a joke with me and my friends around here. Whenever we had a question about something, it was "What would Brian Botano say?" (Brian Boitano is a famous ice skater in case you don't know!)

So as I sat there on the beach, I asked myself "What would Brian Boitano say?" and that made me laugh out loud. Not a good start to my feel sorry/cry session. But then I got another question in my head. "What would God say?" I got a message to sit there on the beach and see everything through the Eyes of Source. My present situation and all that is around me.

As I saw my situation through the Eyes of Source, it seemed that I was just stuck in "what is" for a brief moment, a hold up of my allowing and flowing. I was instructed to see money as a flowing river and that river comes flowing to me always. I saw that my broken cell phone was in response to me getting annoyed with all the phone calls and asking the phone to stop ringing so much. I got what I asked for! Imagine that!

As I saw my life through the eyes of Source, many things were explained to me and none of the problems seemed big anymore. In fact they seemed just like the temporary contrasts that they are, contrasts to allow me to set of rockets off desire for something better. Through Source's eyes, I saw how I actually create contrast sometimes just for the learning and expansion. I mean, wow, my life is soooo good, that I have to CREATE CONTRAST! I make things bigger than they really are! Aren't us humans funny that way?

Then I started to look around me. All the boats in the bay that usually bother me because of "human impedance on nature" I saw as wonderful tools for people, who are part of this planet and nature too, to get around and enjoy this incredible area. I saw the shrimp boat coming in, which I usually throw not so nice thoughts at, through the Eyes of Source.

I started to get happier and happier. More Joy poured through my body. I put on my Ipod to a playlist I had made earlier. I had downloaded Om Namaha Shiva by Sheila Chandra and another one by Panta Rhei, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

I played them over and over as the sun went down and BLISS BEACH did it's thing, and brought me to bliss once again. I felt a moment of sadness as it got dark because I was so enjoying the view, but then the fireflies came out in force. The whole beach was sparkling with fireflies!! It was completely and totally magical, like a fairy tale dream!! And I was seeing it all through the Eyes of Source.

I could have stayed there all night, and that actually had been my plan, but a light rain started and I gathered up my things and walked up the path to my room.

I tried, but I could not defy Bliss Beach! It brought me to bliss once again and gave me a new question to ask instead of referring to Brian Boitano.