Friday, October 30, 2009

Send in the Clouds

Most of us know that our persistant thoughts create our reality. And most of us know that when we think negative thoughts, we bring more of those negative things to us. But what do you do when you have persistant negative thoughts that you don't want, but you just can't seem to get them out of your mind?

I asked that same question one day. I had a situation that had upset me. I went through the whole emotional scale, from crying, to being mad, to being frustrated and on up as I slowly worked my thoughts to broad perspective, positive thoughts. One thought at a time. By noon I was out in the sun and happy again.

But after a while, the "why" thoughts returned to me. I kept going over the situation and analyzing it.

I wanted the thoughts to go away. I wanted to just move on. All is Well! Why do I keep thinking these thoughts? They do not serve me. They bring negativity to me. They will bring more events like this to me.

I said, "Universe, please take these thoughts away, please tell me how to stop these persistant thoughts!!!" And the answer came to me.

I heard a familiar voice that came from no where and every where say, "Imagine that you are putting those thoughts that you don't want into a cloud and let it drift away. You might need to do it a few times and the thought might still come sometimes, but just put the thought into a fluffy white cloud and let it drift away with the wind."

It just seemed too simple, but I tried it. And guess what? IT WORKED!!! I gave my thoughts over to the clouds and let them drift away. The thoughts returned a couple of times and as soon as they did, I sent them off with the floating clouds. Negative, destructive thoughts gone!!!

I don't know how this will work for others, but it has worked great for me.

Another wonderful tool for my toolbox, given to me by my blessed higher self, always watching out for me. I even gained an understanding into the present situation and insight into how it would benefit me now and in the future. Oh how I love my divine guidance!

I also seem to get some of my signs and messages from the clouds. I'll have a question that I am pondering and the clouds will form into images that answer me.

I have long seen shapes in the clouds. When on dolphin tours, the clouds tell me where to go with an arrow or a dolphin fin and I’ll never forget swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas with a giant dolphin cloud above us. So many amazing experiences have happened with clouds that I can’t ignore the messages that I get from them.

I was sitting on my bed working on my computer one day and got a very strong message to go look at the clouds towards the bay. I did this, and it was beautiful, the sun was setting pink so the waves crashing on the rocks were light pink, and the color of everything had such a beautiful tint to it. I didn’t see anything unusual in the clouds so I went back to the computer. Ah, this was just to get me off the computer and into appreciation, I thought, okay, great! This happened two more times, I kept hearing GO LOOK AT THE CLOUDS.

So on the third time I saw a cloud that looked just like two dolphins and above it was the exact shape of a large bird soaring over them, wings spread. The bird immediately represented freedom to me. The dolphins, well, I see dolphins a lot and didn’t think much until these two dolphins started splitting up and multiplying…. The clouds were quickly changing into more and more dolphins, all swimming in the same direction, each dolphin splitting into two, and so on, until there was a pod of 12 dolphins all swimming together in the same direction. The bird cloud stayed perfectly intact the whole time, and flew just slightly behind the dolphins.

Then I looked above that cloud formation and there was a hand in the sky, in a fist, and with a finger pointing in the direction the dolphins were swimming. It was very, very clear, I did not have to try to figure out what it was, it was like a drawing, the whole thing!!!

Then came the mermaid, she was swimming towards the hand (opposite direction as the dolphins), with her arm outstretched and touching the finger with hers. The mermaid represented me (like, duh) and had long hair, the whole bit. Quite amazing, actually, it was soooo clear. The pointed finger was telling me to swim in the direction of the dolphins (and I heard, “go with the dolphins”) but the mermaid, even though the “current of the wind” was taking her in the direction of the dolphins, kept her arm stretched out to the hand, as if not wanting to let go of something, as if resisting the dolphins and the natural current and flow of things.

I looked back down at the dolphin pod… they were swimming out of my view now and left a fluffy wake of water in the clouds… then a perfect Ram head appeared on top of the “water” and I said out loud “Aries”. Not sure what that one meant besides that I am an Aries, but a perfect Ram head it was….

This cloud experience gave me the exact message I needed to hear at the time. I love cloud watching, and now I love cloud thought releasing too!