Friday, October 30, 2009

The Law of Attraction is Always Working...Even When We Wish it Wasn't!

My bedroom in Costa Rica is up on the point, with a panoramic view of the ocean. When I still had the eco lodge we put up signs around the property that pointed and guided people to the public areas and away from my room. When I closed the lodge, I left the signs up as people still often came to the property and wandered around.

One of the reasons I closed the lodge was because of the lack of respect for privacy some of the guests had, walking right into my bedroom as if it was part of the "jungle show". Because I lived on site, people thought I was available 24/7 and even at night, while I was in my bedroom with the door closed. People would come to my door, and sometimes, like mentioned above, just walk right in, even though I have "private" signs on BOTH sides of my door. One guest even sat down and started watching TV!!! This was my private bedroom!!

One day a woman arrived who had been at the lodge several years ago to film a program called "Quiet Places". She is very nice and came with a friend of hers. She asked if they could stay. I said sure.

After about an hour, she comes walking right into my room to ask me something. I was very nice to her as I backed her out as I spoke to her. I hadn't cleaned my room yet (living with 3 macaws, 4 dogs and a cat, besides it being a totally open space with only half walls, it gets dirty REALLY FAST), and I was annoyed that she would walk right in without knocking.

A little later I was talking to my friend Jerry who was visiting and I went on and on about how people don't have respect for other's privacy, how I would NEVER EVER just walk into someone's bedroom like that, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla....

So, guess what I attracted by putting my attention onto what I don't want?

About an hour later after my rampage about privacy, or rather the lack thereof, I had just gotten out of the shower, and I had the music blasting. My bedroom door is split, I can just close the top, or just close the bottom or both. I had closed the top half knowing that my friend might walk in again and that would slow her down and I had left the bottom open so the dogs could get in and out.

I am brushing out my hair and this lady I had never seen before in my life actually peeks her head under my door and starts to walk in, under the closed door with two privacy signs on either side! I must have looked horrified, well, because I was!! She said, "if this is not a good time..." I didn't even know what to say.. She goes on to explain that she is a friend of someone that I knew in the Bahamas when I was doing dolphin swims there that I haven't had contact with for years. She and her boyfriend were looking for a place to stay. I explained as nicely as I could, considering that I was in shock, that I do not have a hotel anymore and to please go to the tent camp next door and that if she wanted to talk to me, she could return the following day.

She and her boyfriend left and I just had to laugh because I knew that by my putting attention to what I didn't want, people not respecting my privacy, AND especially by going on and on about it, I had MADE IT EVEN BIGGER!!! Oh, bless the Law of Attraction! It always keeps us in check and this was a great and obvious reminder.

Don't focus on what you don't want. Don't complain about it, don't blog about it, don't join groups against it, don't hold yourself in the vibration of what you don't want by focusing on it! I focused on lack of privacy and that was EXACTLY what I got a lot more of.

I have learned to only focus on what I DO want. I have learned that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work, and so it only makes sense to keep my wants and desires and how I want things to be in my range of focus. I love this because it means it is up to ME what I create in my reality. It's my choice. It's the law!