Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joy Vibe Radio - Parallel Universes and You - Nov 4, 2009

Physical reality is a multi-dimensional broadcast, every version of you and your corresponding reality exists right now. Which you? Which reality? And what good are parallel universes for us right now? Join Sierra and Kidest for a mind bending conversation with special guest, Ford.

With his name on over 20 million records worldwide and 17 Gold and Platinum production credits to date, Ford now sets his sights on the literary world.

Ford originally wrote the book "Becoming God" as scientific approach to debunk spirituality and religion through a close examination of quantum physics, chaos theory, and neurobiology. It became clear to Ford that there is a much closer connection between science and spirituality than anyone could ever imagine. This understanding transformed Ford from an atheist to spiritually enlightened. We're going to talk to him about what he discovered about the multi-verse and parallel universes, and how his spiritual awakening has changed his life and what this information means to you.

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