Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Guilty! Eating with Joy

Eat too much Halloween candy? Already sampling Thanksgiving Dinner? Can't keep your fingers out of the cookie jar? Well, you are not alone. And you are not alone in the guilt that you feel during and afterwards either.

The thing is, thin people eat Halloween candy, they enjoy every bite and don't spend days in depressed guilt. They get on with it. They ate it, it was good, carry on! This is an attitude that most is beneficial to adopt and emulate. Think like a thin person, become it now!

If you are going to eat something, eat it with JOY, not guilt as guilt carries a lot of calories and emotional baggage. If we tell ourselves we can't eat it, it's bad for us, it will make us fat and then eat it anyway, that is the worst thing you can do for you and your body physically and emotionally. It's an emotional tug o' war and because we eat it with guilt, our bodies hear the message "bad for you, fattening" and therefore process it that way, causing you to gain weight quicker.

If there is something you truly want to eat, then stop tormenting yourself and eat it with JOY. Allow yourself to eat it without guilt and you will probably find that you will eat less anyway because it is no longer a "forbidden" food, and that takes away half the seduction and temptation. Try guiltless eating and see how much better you feel emotionally and your body feels physically.

Let go of the guilt. Think like a thin person. Today is truly a new day, ready for you to create the new YOU!