Sunday, November 15, 2009

Defining Your Desires

WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Getting clear on what you truly desire is essential because in order to get what you want, you need to know what that is. How can the magical Universe give it to you if even you don’t know what you want? You gotta tell em’! You want to be thin, you say? Well, of course, but what else? This is not just about “I want to be thin.” How will you feel in your thin body? How will your clothes feel? How will you interact with people and how will they interact with you? How do you want to walk, feel, relate to others? How will your life feel to you with the body that you desire? We want the nitty gritty details that create the Attractor Factor!

By defining what you truly desire, you start feeling how it would be to have these things in your life, and this brings more of what you want to you. It also begins to take your mind off that which you don’t want, because when you talk and think about what you don’t want, you are bringing those things into your vibration also. You are focusing on it, thinking about it and therefore attracting it to you. Focus and think only about what you do want! It’s a Law of Attraction thing.

Also, by getting really clear on what you desire, you just might find that you have resistance and deservabiltiy issues to actually having them, and then you can deal with those one by one as they come up. You have to really want it, feel that you deserve it and be it for this to be an easy journey.

For me, writing down all my desires let’s me feel that it is done, that I have handed over to the Universe and I can let it go, not worry about the how's and when's and details. But many people feel it and then go through the thought process of, “that will never happen, how can it happen, when will it happen”, and they negate all their good work and intentions. Let the Universe work for you. Tell your new story and stick with it! The more you tell it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more it becomes reality.

You'll see it when you believe it.
Wayne Dyer

I have found that putting true passion behind your desires brings them closer to you faster. Passion is a major Attractor Factor. Defining your desires and getting excited about them is what creates the passion and inspiration that makes them manifest easily and quickly. It gets you into that feeling place of already having them and that’s where you want to be.When you get clear on your desires and know what you truly want, you feel inspired. And when you are truly inspired, ideas and connections and opportunities come to you that you couldn't have even imagined. Let the magic begin!