Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working on My Money & Abundance Beliefs Creates $50,000 (temporarily, but not for long!)

This past week, I have been consciously working on my money vibration...I always have just enough, money shows up in the nick of time when I really need it, but I am tired of playing that game. I want MORE!! So for the past several days I have been doing some conscious work on my money vibe and asking to be shown my sub and not so sub conscious thoughts so I can break free about money.

Thursday, I had a wild experience with a bee that I saved. Bees represent ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE to me. Bees should not be able to fly as their body weight is much more than their thin little wings can support. But yet, they fly. Why? Because they believe they can!! After saving the bee and he flew off, I felt a very profound shift in my reality. I saw the energy around the trees, in the sky, around everything. My vision was very focused but yet unfocused. It’s hard to explain, but anyway, for me it felt weird and wobbly and wonderful. Something was noticeably and deliciously different.

Anyway, a few hours later, I go to the ATM machine to deposit 2 checks. The machine scans the first check, an image of the check shows up on the screen, I verify the amount. I put in the second check. It starts to scan the check, I wait for the image to come up but instead, the screen flashes and blips and a screen comes up that says Verify Deposit Amount of $51,975.00. The ATM had added $50,000 to my deposit!!

I blinked, I quickly processed what the screen was saying and hit OK. Then it asked if I wanted a receipt with copies of the images of the checks. HELL NO! Just give me my card back!

I drive home, check online. Yup, the money is there. My mind races with all kinds of interesting thoughts. "They will catch it" is a prominent one but I also realized that there are no mistakes, only parallel realities and infinite possibilities. Did I just step into the one where I deposited $50,000? There is no one "out there" I make up the tellers, the bank, all of it. Money is energy; transactions of billions of dollars are just flowing right through the air, right through me as they are passed from bank to bank.

I found it very interesting to note some of my thoughts about the money, and some surprising resistance. It was VERY interesting to see my belief systems and thoughts through it all.

I purposely did not check my account again for over 24 hours. Whatever it would be, I was collecting data on my thoughts, feelings and vibration around money. Either way, this was helping me IMMENSELY to note my true vibrations around abundance.

I was practicing stepping into the parallel universe where I HAD deposited $50,000 and it WASN'T a bank error. I was FEELING my way through the whole thing, and as I mentioned above, noticing interesting resistance and other thoughts that came up. I practiced telling myself that there was nothing to "catch", that no bank tellers exist outside of myself, that I was the creator of all of it.

I knew I still had work to do when I heard sirens and my heart skipped a beat when police cars pulled over a car two houses away from me. Of course I had done nothing wrong, I had not spent a cent of it, but I obviously was not convinced that it was "mine" free and clear. LOL

I checked last night. They found it. Minus $50,000. But the value of discovering some hidden beliefs was priceless. I had asked to clean up my money vibration. The U delivered big time in a way I couldn't have imagined. Or was it Jeeves (as in Ask Jeeves, lol), the name I gave the doorman to my sub-conscious thoughts? Whoever it was, my sub conscious B.S. (belief systems) were quickly and easily revealed to me because of my asking and deliberate focus on my money vibration.

It was an amazing experience, I love the exciting, heart thumping game that I set up for myself to check in with my money vibration and bring my limiting belief systems to the very top where they could be exposed and de-bunked.

Next time it will be for reals, that I can promise!

Of course, as always, the Universe continues to play with me with sychronicities. This was the daily message from the Abraham-Hicks Facebook page today:

The question that we would put to you is, "Where is your dominant vibration relative to the subject of allowing money into your experience?"

In other words, when you think about money does it feel more like shortage or not enoughness?'

Here's a better way of putting it. When you think about money does it feel more like insecurity? Or does it feel more like security? Does it feel more like a little fluttering fearful feeling? Or does it feel more like exhilaration?

Every one of you with no exception can answer that question easily. And as you answer the question, you know whether the dominant vibration within you is about your desire -- or is about whatever contrasting experience caused you to formulate that desire.

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA - 3/16/02