Friday, November 20, 2009

Send in the Army ~ The Amazing Power of Bee-Lief

(I wrote this back in July of 2008 and just stumbled upon it again due to another bee experience yesterday. It's worth repeating!)

Living in the rainforest in commune with nature can sometimes be a challenge.

I have a big colony of wasps living inside my bedroom wall. They enter from a crack in the wood on the outside. They have been there for at least a year, probably more. We have lived together in harmony. My workers told me to get them out, but I just let them bee (ha ha). As long as I left them alone, they left me alone.

Well, four days ago, I broke our deal, forgot they were there and pounded a shoe on the wall to get the sand out. One came flying at me and stung me right on the face. My face swelled up to monstrous proportions. I was not a happy jungle girl. But it was my fault. I broke the deal.

The next day I was merely raising the plastic window from the rain and wind the night before, and they came flying at me. I got stung eight times. These guys inject a sort of poison, and actually leave small burn holes where they sting. It hurts!!! Bad!!!

Now I had to do something. They attacked me from just getting near. If the entire swarm came at me, they could probably kill me, or at least send me to the hospital. It would seem that we were now at war.

I am one of those “reverence for all life” kind of people and hate to kill anything. When I was a small kid I ran over snails with my tricycle, but when I realized I had actually killed them, I started to cry and since then have tried not to kill anything. Unless my life and wellbeing is at stake! I even refuse to use bug spray, I don’t like to invite poisonous chemicals into my space and kill anything.

But I had to do something. My hand shook as I wrote bug spray on the grocery list (not really, but that sounded more dramatic!) I then got quiet and connected with the wasps. I told them that they would have to go, we were no longer living in harmony and if they didn’t leave, I would have to kill them. I then asked the U to please take care of this problem for me, to somehow remove these wasps so I didn’t have to kill them myself. I decided to let it go for a few days and let the wasps and the U think about it before I took any action.

This morning I was working on the computer and looked over and saw all the wasps swarming outside. I thought that was very strange. But then I looked onto the ledge and there were hundreds of ARMY ANTS entering their home and taking out the eggs and the queen. A constant stream of Army Ants removing the wasps!!!


I am truly amazed at the way the U delivered on my asking. Even I wouldn’t have thought of army ants!!! I was completely blown away at the way this was handled by the U and nature without me having to kill anything. And not one wasp flew into my room, it was like there was an invisible shield, and they only stayed outside even though my room is open with half walls.

Ask and it is Given in ways that you cannot even imagine. The U can deliver ANYTHING, even an entire army!!!


AND today was the real test for me. Where the wasps started to build a new nest after being kicked out of their home in my wall was a bush still way to near my room for me. I said to them, "Okay guys, this is still too close. I need you to move further away, after all, you have the whole rainforest to choose from! Go to your highest good ELSEWHERE!"

And to my amazement, (well, not really at this point) within ONE HOUR I saw them swarming again and they MOVED!!! Far away, to the other side of the property. OMG!! I am the creator of my reality!!!