Monday, September 16, 2013

There Is No Separation


After all, how do you separate from WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE? 

You can create an ILLUSION of separation with judgment and racism and us and them kind of thinking, but it is completely impossible to separate yourself from anything or anyone on this planet and way beyond, as we are ALL part of the same Divine Web of Miracle Molecules and Divine DNA that form together in different shapes and forms. We truly are ONE.

Does this mean that we have to like everything and everyone? Of course not. Just because we are not separate from something doesn’t mean we have to like it. It doesn’t mean that we are vibrating on the same frequency. But we can love it/them on a wider, grander level. On the level that we KNOW that ALL is a part of us and us a part of them.

And all this talk of separation and how to end separation only leads to… more separation and feeds into the illusion. So I am not going to talk about it anymore. I’ll just say it one more time.


 Sierra Goodman  ~
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EGO: Everything's God Orchestrated

Ego bashing is soooooo Third Dimension Psycho Babble. I have never resonated with the saying that EGO stands for Edging God Out. God put our ego there in the first place. Do we think it was a mistake? NOT. 

Our EGO helps us to create preferences and desires which are an integral part of being human and expanding into MORE. No mistake there. It is a divinely designed part of who you are, not something to edge out or push away. Just don’t give the EGO power over your heart.

If we let GO into our heart space, taking the GO out of EGO, that leaves us with an E-ticket Ride into Heart Centered Divinity! Woo Hoo!

So let’s make a new acronym.

I say EGO stands for Everything’s God Orchestrated. Yessss!

 ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ Sierra Goodman ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙  ~
Sierra Amy Goodman
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Retrain Your Brain to Refrain from Self-Inflicted Pain

Be gentle with yourself. It is not about focusing on what you have done wrong or mistakes you think you have made, as that just keeps you stuck there in self-pity and unworthiness. Yuck. Instead, focus on what you can and will do in this NOW moment to be fully and authentically who you already are; Love and Light Vibration. YES. YOU. ARE. Retrain your brain to refrain from self-inflicted pain. Change the tone of your self-talk to LOVE, GENTLENESS, PEACE, GRACE and EASE. Watch how worlds open up for you as you embrace the fine, divine being that YOU ARE. 


 Sierra Goodman  ~ 


Divine Sparks Set the World on Fire

Of course we all have the Divine Spark within without using any tools or toys or mantras and meditations… but OH! It’s so fun to play and interact and expand with other Divine Sparks, whether that be human, rock, animal, plant, material, other dimension, out of this world Sparks. It’s about seeing the Divine Spark in everything and anything... and PLAY accordingly. Nature has POWER... PLAY with it! Listen! Feel!! Do nothing or do whatever you do with passion and love and inspiration and the highest intentions…for ALL concerned. That’s how Divine Sparks who BE who they truly are set the world on fire… ~  Sierra Goodman  ~

YOU are the God Particle

Even as a very small child, I have felt/known that EVERYTHING is alive. From people and animals to rocks and trees and machines. EVERYTHING is made from Divine Energy, Spirit Sparkle Stardust, Miracle Molecules, the God Code, Love. Even so called man-made things are made from Spirit Sparkle products and humans of course are made up of Miracle Molecules as Agents of Source, so there is nothing that exists that isn’t SPIRIT. I talk to everything and everyone, from what most others consider inanimate objects such as computers and chairs (they all have stories!), to birds, trees, dolphins, whales, spiders, etc. Although objects such as computers and chairs do not have brains, or what we think of as souls, to process language or thought processes, they are of the Divine Mind, of Miracle Molecules and so since that is what WE are made of too, communication is possible. Divine Mind to Divine Mind. The thread that binds us ALL with EVERYTHING.

The God Particle.


Tag. YOU’RE IT!!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~
˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ Sierra Goodman ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

(About this photo: This might look like a painting of a fantasy star scene but it's actually a very real image from three of the world's most advanced space telescopes. Combining data from Hubble, Spitzer, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, this brilliant and colorful image shows young stars within the Small Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way located 180,000 light-years away. Source: )

Let Divine Orchestration and Divine Order DO your DOing!

Let Divine Orchestration and Divine Order DO your DOing!

Didn’t you know? To DO stands for allowing Divine Order and Divine Orchestration to take over… so the only thing you have to DO is let D.O. do YOU!

Relax. Allow Ease and Grace into your Life by DO’ing!!


 Sierra Goodman  ~
˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ Sierra Goodman ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blackfish, An Eye Opening Documentary About Orcas in Captivity

I just finished watching Blackfish and I HIGHLY recommend it to all, especially anyone considering going to Seaworld or otherwise supporting #Orcas and other #dolphinsand #whales in captivity.

It is an extremely well done film documenting the life of Orcas in captivity and in particular, Tillikum, the orca who has now killed three times. 

Blackfish the Movie shows how Orcas are super intelligent, extremely social beings who deserve to live wild and free. This movie has even further strengthened my passion to be a voice for the Orcas in captivity, and of course for the right for all dolphins and whales to free in their natural habitats.

GO SEE BLACKFISH or you can order it on Itunes UK only at the moment. Check for showtimes, locations and availability here:

Blackfish will also soon be shown on CNN. Yay!!!!

May the day come soon when dolphin and whale captivity is a thing of the past and we wonder how we ever put up with keeping super intelligent, sentient beings in jail for our own entertainment.


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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Using My Spirit Given Filtration System

This can be trying time as the dolphin killing starts in Taiji, Japan once again (and the US threatens to go to war again)... and I sometimes struggle to practice what I teach... that Love is the answer no matter what. 

And I still believe that. 

My anger and frustration will not help the situation, so I allow myself to cry the tears and sometimes even scream, and then I take that energy and filter it into BEING the change I want to see and ACTING, with positive action, on the things that matter, educating, spreading the word and staying centered and balanced in love. It is the only way I can be truly effective.

I look at myself as a filtration system and help create true positive action and change... I see the things I see that obviously need the Love Light shone on them and I take it through my filtration system and churn out love.

I just have to be sure to keep my filtration system clean and unclogged... and nature, and sometimes a good salty cry, really helps me to do that.

I do not want to and I shall not turn my head to pain and suffering and injustice, pretending it is not there for my own self preservation and fantasy world... but I also shall not take it on as my own. I shall filter it through my Spirit Given Filtration System, all of it, and RELEASE LOVE back.

Here's to clean filters filtering everything into LOVE!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~


Bless the Human Angels Who Come Into Our Lives

Bless the human angels who come into your life, as mutually agreed, to cause you to remember more of who you really are. Bless the ones who you allowed to make you feel angry and hurt for they are the ones who give us the biggest opportunity for growth and expansion. The key is to not get stuck in the hurt or the anger, but to look within to what was triggered and heal thyself with LOVE. Bless them all… for they give us strength, courage, clarity and the never ending opportunity to BE LOVE. ~ Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Message from the Dolphins: May LOVE Stop the Brutal Killing of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Hello Beautiful Peeps,

For those of us involved in keeping dolphins out of captivity and stopping the slaughter of dolphins and whales, September 1 brings up a lot of emotions as it is the start of the killing season in Taiji, Japan. I wanted to share what I received from the dolphins last yearナ I needed to be reminded myself as the pictures and posts start streaming through my news feed on Facebook once again:

As September 1st rolled along and the brutal killing season of dolphins and whales began once again in Taiji, Japan, I found myself seeking higher answers in how to deal with the sadness, pain, frustration and not so nice feelings towards those involved. I asked what would Spirit say? What is for the highest good of all? How do those of us deeply affected by this tragedy best deal with it all? As soon as I asked, I felt and heard the dolphins come in and this is what they told me.

"Our Dear Ocean Sister. Thank you for coming to us with your questions and concerns. We have seen your pain and anger and embrace you and Love you. And therein lies the answer. There has to be love for ALL concerned. Even as the killing goes on, we feel only Love and Compassion in their hearts for them. They are not bad or evil people. Evil does not exist. There is only Love or a self imposed separation from Love. They are only doing what they know, perhaps uneducated about our species, following traditions.

We ask you, all of you, our dear friends, to do the same as it is only with Love and Compassion that they might see the spark of Love and Compassion in our eyes that will make a difference and change them forever. It is only with Love and Compassion that they can even hear you, your concerns and feelings. It is the ONLY way that things can truly change. Love still is the answer!

Does that mean not to write letters and take action? No, not at all. We need you to speak up for us!! You KNOW, dear Sierra, that we have called you into action on our behalf. But it must be done with Love and not in hateful and threatening and making wrong ways. It must be done with Light and Love. It must be done with love, compassion and concern for ALL involved, in educational and mutually satisfactory ways where everyone wins. It IS possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You KNOW that!

Help us to tell the people. Help us to put the "E" (Evolved) back into human to create the human"e" society that you ARE.

Make Love not war no matter what anyone else is doing. Focus on ALL involved finding Love and Compassion in their hearts. See and feel them seeing the Light and becoming conscious and Evolved Human(e)s. Envision them waking up, all those that contribute to the destruction of the oceans and planet. Sign your petitions, create and participate in your campaigns and write your letters, but only those focused on solutions, education, compassion, Love. This is not about not standing up for what you believe in. This is about standing for what you believe in with Compassion and Love. It is the only thing that will make the difference we all seek.

Spreading hate and making war will not be your solution. Your focus must be LOVE while taking action.

As you Love us, BE like us.

War does not create Love. Hate does not create Love. Only Love creates Love.

We LOVE you."

   Received through Sierra Goodman   

If you would like to become lovingly and compassionately involved with helping the dolphins and whales of Japan, here are some words in Japanese and Spanish that you can use in your faxes and emails:


Iruka wo jiyuu ni kurasasete agete kudasai onegaishimasu.

Please let the dolphins live and be free. Thank you.

Por favor permitan a los delfines vivir y ser libres. Gracias.

Please make your LOVING calls and send your KIND faxes and emails!
And here is a list of emails and fax numbers that you can use.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are all fax #s. (206) 624-9097, 503-224-8936, 503-224-8934, (212)371-1294, (305) 530-0950, (615)340-4311, (213) 617-6725, 713-651-7822, (1-670) 323-8764, (303)534-3393, 312-280-9568, (617) 542-1329, 907-562-8434, 202-328-2184, 202-328-2187

We Don't Have To Figure Out the How or When

We don't have to figure out the how or when... that is the work of the Universe. Our work is to dream the dream, getting into the feeling place of it being DONE, and then let it go like we KNOW it is already done... because it is, even better than we could have imagined! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Why Do We Stay In Relationships That No Longer Serve Us?

Oh us humans. Why do we ever stay in relationships; love, work or otherwise, that do not nourish our souls? Maybe we think we don’t deserve better. Maybe we think we can help or save these people. Maybe we just get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Maybe we are forever waiting for “the right time.” Maybe we think tomorrow will be different or if we just hold our high vibration it will be okay. But all of this at what expense to our own joy and happiness and self-respect and tranquility and peace? Every single time I have finally retreated from a relationship that was no longer nourishing my soul, I say every time, “What took me so long?” The feelings of release and freedom and LIGHTness sooth my soul immediately. And here’s the great part. EVERYONE goes off to their HIGHEST GOOD!!! What is good for you is good for others, even if they don’t see it at the time. ALL is in Divine Orchestration; we can’t take away someone else’s Good… EVER!… And when we take control of our joy and happiness and peace and tranquility by stepping away from that which does not feel good, it gets REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Sooooo GOOD!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your Personal Love Bubble

Everyone has their own personal bubble through which we see physical reality. No matter what we say or do, others always filter it through their own perspective and belief system bubble. There are those that will find what is right with us and those that will find what is wrong with us...and that is their reality based upon how they see the world, not yours. This is why it is so important to stay true to your core, to your heart, to YOU. If you let what others think enter your reality bubble, be sure that it resonates in your heart, otherwise you are allowing someone else's reality to become your own. Stay centered in Love even if others want to pop your bubble... because then your bubble becomes so filled with light that it raises above anything that is not Love. Up Up and Away! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allow In the Beauty!

May you allow in the beauty and grace that surrounds you, no matter where you are and what you are doing... Smile, bask, appreciate, feel the LOVE that IS and that you ARE... and let Spirit shine through YOU! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

Just Like They Do It On The Discovery Channel

I so LOVE nature, you all know I do, but sometimes it pisses me off, like right now when a white faced monkey came into my bedroom and before I could run over, grabbed my beautiful Golden Orb spider friend, whom had made such a big, lovely web in a corner of my room, and ate her right in front of me, while looking me in the eyes. 

"THIS is nature, Baby, THIS is the Discovery Channel Live," says the monkey. Yes, indeedy. Monkeys need food too. But I swear they do it to mess with me sometimes, like the day I was talking to a beautiful green iguana and a monkey came over, grabbed it, bit off it's head, and threw it's body at my feet. Gee, thanks, Monkey.

Why do I hear Elton John singing right now???  The Circle of Life. Yes indeedy. Played out right here from my bedroom on a point in the most biologically intense place on Earth. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Monkey sense of humor nor not.

See you in your next life, my dear friend Charlotte. 

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Wish Only the Very Best as We Are One!

Never wish ill will upon others, no matter what you think they have done, as it will surely come back to you though the web of inter-connection. Because we are all ONE, all intimately and eternally intertwined and connected, we must wish the highest and best for everyone, even our enemies and those who do not wish it for you, and especially them. The highest and best for others is always the highest and best for you too. Spread only good will and good wishes through our inter-connected web of life. Make LOVE be your contribution to the WHOLE.. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ fromOceans of Inspiration



We, the people of Planet Earth, proclaim that our Earth and her inhabitants are now freed from those who exploit us for their own profit. Harmful technologies that are poisoning the people and wildlife of the Earth are immediately stopped. We uphold the ideals of truth, health, peace, prosperity and liberty, for all people of this planet. We affirm that all countries are governed by public servants who support the highest good of all in good faith and truth. Those responsible for media communications base all reports on the truth and the good of all.

We create a new economy that frees all people from being indebted to a corrupt banking system, and rewards creative solutions that serve the highest good of all. All industry and commerce based on untruth and exploitation are dismantled and replaced with creative endeavor that supports personal and environmental health for all. Jobs are provided for all, based on “right livelihood.” We invite and promote non-partisan scientific studies and technologies that return our world to the pristine condition of clean air, clean water, healthy food and natural Earth resonance.

All food is grown organically from natural seeds with sustainable methods. Treatment for those who are not healthy, begins with determining the root cause of illness and treating the whole person in returning to a state of organic balance. The health and needs of all life/all beings of Planet Earth are tended to.

People who have more than needed are encouraged to share the excess with others in their communities. All people are encouraged to live according to their highest purpose and share their unique personal gifts with others in the spirit of community. We utilize nonviolent communication to heal differences and replace war offensives with peaceful initiatives. All people are given the opportunity to heal the past and, together, create a future that nourishes all beings.

United Citizens of Planet Earth

My friend Lisa Be and I have started a brand new Facebook page called United Citizens of Planet Earth. Please read our purpose and please come and join us together with all the CITIZENS OF PLANET EARTH to create POSITIVE CHANGE with POSITIVE ACTION.


We join together, as a Planet, as Citizens of Planet Earth, to create positive change through conscious, caring consensus.

We join together, on the issues that are near and dear to us, many of which affect life on this beautiful planet as we know it, and get our elected officials to take notice and more importantly to CREATE CHANGE. The change WE, the World want.

Let's stop complaining about it, fighting about it and dreaming about it and let's take POSITIVE ACTION!! As THE WORLD UNITED.

As United Citizens of Planet Earth!

Through our network created here, we can get Petitions signed by hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions all around the world in a day or two. We can spread important issues across the internet like wildfire so that mainstream media, governments and those making decisions for us will have to take notice and work towards the positive change that we see.



It's time to take our power back. We want and demand clean air, clean oceans, access to free energy, clean, chemical free foods, and so much more.

This is not a page to spread fear or conspiracy theories. It is a place to educate about what is happening on Planet Earth and what positive action can be taken. No issue or problem will be posted without a positive action that can be taken, a solution.

We welcome healthy debate, constructive comments and inspired ideas, but we will not tolerate hate, insults, racism or name calling. Let's act like the respectable Citizens of Planet Earth that we ARE.

Are you ready for POSITIVE CHANGE?

We sure are. Let's do it together.

As the United Citizens of Planet Earth.

Close Encounters with Humpback Whales on a Kayak!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

YOU are the GURU!

I have noticed that I am no longer listening to seminars, webinars, workshops, channelings, or really any outside “stuff” except for divine conversations with my Sacred Sisters, which expand and fulfill me. My connection has grown so strong… no, that’s not it. We all *always* have a strong connection. The correct thing to say is that I now TRUST in my connection like never before. I AM now listening like never before. I AM now hearing like never before. I AM confident and clear and conscious like never before. I have no desire or need to listen to outside input at this time except that from Nature and my own Inner Guidance. I AM all I need!

I have found a really perfect balance for me of spirituality and groundedness… and that is something I desire in those closest to me too. I have no desire to ascend, descend, or be anywhere else than right where I AM. I AM creating Heaven right here on Earth, right where I stand in the Light. I VALUE the REAL Human Experience and those who speak and share from that place. I don’t want to be labeled as a lightworker, a guru, a channeler or a master of others, and have found myself moving away from those who self proclaim that they are and that you need their teachings/coaching to get anywhere. A true master/teacher just IS. And that true master/teacher is YOU. Yup, YOU!!!

It is time now to claim YOUR mastery.

Embrace it. Live it. BE IT.

DO IT!!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Let Go of Your Inner Critic

Others real or perceived judgments can only affect you if you are already judging yourself. It is only if you are afraid there is some truth in it that it can break you or shake you. Usually the judgments we think are happening are created in our minds because of our insecurities and others mirroring that. Let go of your inner critic and all the other critics, real or imagined, will disappear from your reality. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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What an incredible day!!!

Okay, first, I am getting ready for the tour and someone comes to my door and it is this nicely dressed man and a Costa Rican guide and they are lost and looking for the hotel next door. I point them in the right direction, finish getting ready and head down to the beach. The nicely dressed man starts talking to me. He is from India, now living in Costa Rica, and he wants to bring people to see the dolphins and whales and for yoga retreats. "I will show you the real yoga, Sierra," he tells me. I say, "Everything happens for a reason and it was not a mistake that you came to my room this morning and that we are talking now, it is Divine Orchestration." "I agree," he says.

I give him my business card, we hug and off I go on the tour with 8 guests including a man from MINAE, the environmental governmental agency here in Costa Rica.

First mom and baby Humpback come up right in front of the boat with baby rolling over and showing us his pec fins and cute little (relatively) tail. We travel on and find another mom and baby and while we are with them, we see a breach out further and start to head that way and this whale comes up right next to the boat, and I see the dorsal fin and it is NOT a Humpback.

We stop and the whale starts to circle our boat... it is a Sei Whale, and a HUGE one!! I haven't seen one for a long time and here it is in the middle of all these Humpbacks!! How cool is that???

As we are watching the Sei Whale, ANOTHER mom and baby Humpback swim by and we had two species of whales on either side of the boat. How cool is THAT??? Seriously!!

We head out again and find yet another mom and baby Humpback pair (four in all today) plus they are with a huge male escort whale. During the day we had seen other blows off in the distance and we did again while we were with them. I can't remember ever seeing so many Humpbacks for such a long period of time here! So very cool.

And that is not even the best part yet!!!

When I had my foundation, Vida Marina, I had contact with Mr. Madrigal on various occasions at meetings and events. I hadn't seen him for years. We started talking about the marine protected area and he has been preparing a proposal for the same thing and in fact has a presentation on Wednesday about it! He asks me if I have any info and photos that can help him, something that demonstrates the effects of the commercial fishing and "I say oh yesssss, what do you want? I have long liners cutting up manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, I have a baby humpback with a rope around it, I have dead dolphins, dead whales.... what do you need?"

He also tells us to start a Petition for the protected area to show support within Costa Rica and around the world. Imagine that I just started working on a petition for the same thing this week. Imagine that! I shall be asking you all to sign very soon.

He says to arrange a meeting with all the interested parties wanting to create the protected area. Imagine that just yesterday I sent out an email to do this very thing. Now the governmental agency that we need on our side will BE THERE!


We are nearing the place to drop Miguel off and I mention how I've never seen so many Humpbacks around for so long and he says, "It is a sign from God that this area should be protected."

And I say. AMEN!!!

Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

It just keeps getting better and better and better!



Oceans of Love

 Sierra Goodman  ~

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A Beautiful Video of Costa Rica

One of the cool things that just came through is that a film crew who was here filming and interviewing me several months ago, and I hadn't heard a word from them until yesterday, sent me the link to this preview/promo video for the 70 minute film they made being shown in theaters around Quebec, Canada. The promo piece not only has video they took around my property but also two pieces of my own video (you'll know which they are, the dolphins and the pseudo orca. Duh. LOL). The full length feature has interviews with me about the desire to protect and conserve this area. They are sending it to me by mail and I can't wait to see it! I hope there is a way to share it in the future, but in the meantime, check out the promo video. It is gorgeous. Woo Hoo!!! ‪#‎drakebaycostsarica‬


(August 17, 2013)
It just amazes me how many things are clicking into place right now. It's as if the switch has been turned on and many dreams, goals and inspirations are coming together like magic, all at once, even on things I've wanted to create on for many years.

All of a sudden I have all these projects I am working on, and all the right people and resources are showing up out of the blue and right on cue. One magical thing and opportunity after another... and I just gotta say... I AM LOVING THIS!

Thank you, Magical Universe, Divine Spirit, All That Is. I so trust your Divine Timing and Orchestration. You Rock and it is an honor and a pleasure to be co-creating with you.



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 — at Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

The Universe Always Speaks to Us in OUR Language

The universe always speaks to us in OUR language. Signs and messages will always come in ways that we will understand but may mean nothing for someone else. I am appreciative that the Universe speaks to me through nature in the most creative and amazing ways. We are all always Divinely guided. Are you listening? ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Complete Faith and Trust are the fastest and easiest way to alignment with your dreams

Complete Faith and Trust are the fastest and easiest way to alignment with your dreams. You don’t have to “try” to align, you LET GO to align. Ask for the highest good for all concerned and then relax, KNOWING it is done… then watch the miracles happen. ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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Divine Moments with Ma'Taaya, the Baby Hawk Born Here on My Point

There Is No Veil.. Only Vibration

Many speak of the “veil” lifting. For me, it is not a matter of some misty veil lifting to reveal what is behind the curtain… there is only being a matching vibration to what is and always has been there. As humans vibrate at higher and higher rates as we are now, what used to be invisible, seemingly behind some veil, becomes visible. More and more people are seeing lights, energies, angels, and so much more previously thought to be “out there” on another plane or in another dimension. They were never out there. They have always been here and now we are coming to the vibrational point that we can see them more easily. More people are accepting and allowing of it too. The supernatural is becoming Super Natural and there is a lot more to come. Bring it on!! Especially the shiny, pretty, sparkly lights and stuff… ~  Sierra Goodman from Oceans of Inspiration

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Wish Only Love Upon ALL!

Why would we ever want or wish anything less than LOVE and the very best for everyone, including those who oppose us? 

Because we are ONE, LOVE is the only possible desire for all to experience. What affects others, affects us. Wish LOVE upon all, even those who may not be wishing Love upon you. Yes, it starts with YOU!! ~  Sierra Goodman  ~ from Oceans of Inspiration

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