Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blackfish, An Eye Opening Documentary About Orcas in Captivity

I just finished watching Blackfish and I HIGHLY recommend it to all, especially anyone considering going to Seaworld or otherwise supporting #Orcas and other #dolphinsand #whales in captivity.

It is an extremely well done film documenting the life of Orcas in captivity and in particular, Tillikum, the orca who has now killed three times. 

Blackfish the Movie shows how Orcas are super intelligent, extremely social beings who deserve to live wild and free. This movie has even further strengthened my passion to be a voice for the Orcas in captivity, and of course for the right for all dolphins and whales to free in their natural habitats.

GO SEE BLACKFISH or you can order it on Itunes UK only at the moment. Check for showtimes, locations and availability here:

Blackfish will also soon be shown on CNN. Yay!!!!

May the day come soon when dolphin and whale captivity is a thing of the past and we wonder how we ever put up with keeping super intelligent, sentient beings in jail for our own entertainment.


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