Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Using My Spirit Given Filtration System

This can be trying time as the dolphin killing starts in Taiji, Japan once again (and the US threatens to go to war again)... and I sometimes struggle to practice what I teach... that Love is the answer no matter what. 

And I still believe that. 

My anger and frustration will not help the situation, so I allow myself to cry the tears and sometimes even scream, and then I take that energy and filter it into BEING the change I want to see and ACTING, with positive action, on the things that matter, educating, spreading the word and staying centered and balanced in love. It is the only way I can be truly effective.

I look at myself as a filtration system and help create true positive action and change... I see the things I see that obviously need the Love Light shone on them and I take it through my filtration system and churn out love.

I just have to be sure to keep my filtration system clean and unclogged... and nature, and sometimes a good salty cry, really helps me to do that.

I do not want to and I shall not turn my head to pain and suffering and injustice, pretending it is not there for my own self preservation and fantasy world... but I also shall not take it on as my own. I shall filter it through my Spirit Given Filtration System, all of it, and RELEASE LOVE back.

Here's to clean filters filtering everything into LOVE!!

 Sierra Goodman  ~