Friday, October 30, 2009

About Affirmations

People often ask me why affirmations are not working for them. If you are saying your affirmations but then thinking "No, that can never happen for me, that is not true," you are actually cancelling out your affirmations with your negative thoughts. Affirmations only work when you believe them, when you feel passionate about them, and allow yourself to feel the feelings of them already manifested. If you do not believe them at first, it’s best to repeat them often and practice feeling how you would feel if the desire you are affirming for is already fulfilled. BE IT NOW!! FEEL IT NOW!! This is the key to having affirmations work for you. It is best to personalize affirmations so that they resonate with you. The more you feel the affirmation is for YOU and about YOU, the faster you will see results. Affirmations are never written in stone, so continue to edit them as you evolve and expand and become more focused on your outcome.

Be creative and really go for it! Affirm your desires, affirm your worthiness, affirm your ideal body weight!

How much and for how long should you say affirmations? Once you believe the affirmation and really feel it to be true, IT IS TRUE and you don’t need to keep reaffirming over and over. Know it is done, let it go, and allow the Universe go to work. Once you believe and become it, your body and life can't help but catch up to who you have already become!