Friday, October 30, 2009

Every Day is Appreciation Day!

What would our lives be like if we were in the constant state of appreciation?

Have you ever tried to go through an entire day without making EVEN ONE JUDGMENT? Not even one opinion about the way some is dressed, or looks, or who is doing everything WRONG? Try it. It is almost impossible for us humans to do.

I have found a very powerful process that keeps me in the State of Appreciation, and that is to switch from judgment and negativity to the broader perspective of love and appreciation. Appreciation and love are looking through the Eyes of Source Energy/God.

Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

We often focus on everything we don’t like about our lives and others: How could she wear that? What was he thinking? My life sucks! My job sucks! When I find myself making a judgment about someone or something, I try to catch myself as fast as possible and see things through the wider, higher perspective of Source Energy. That IMMEDIATELY changes my perspective. It changes my vibration to one of APPRECIATION instead of a low vibration of judgment. It changes everything in my view as I now have the broader perspective of God, Pure Source Energy.

Instead of the above statements, I might instead say, “How wonderful that she expresses herself and doesn’t care what others think,” “I am sure from his unique perspective and life experiences he has a point,” “I am so appreciative of all that I have,” “I am so appreciative for my job and my co-workers.”

It is also good to realize that often what we don’t like in others are things that we don’t like about ourselves. By unconditionally loving and appreciating ourselves, it’s much easier to feel unconditional love for others. One way to start appreciating yourself more is to write out a rampage of appreciation about everything you like about you.

My friend Osho Rewa, from India, is one of the best rampagers on self appreciation that I know. Here are some examples of his lists he has made about what he loves and appreciates about himself. Sit back and read a master of self appreciation:

• I appreciate my attention to detail - I notice small things, a slight change in flavor, how the little leaves seem to dance harder during the winds
• I appreciate how I delight in everyday things like breathing - I really enjoy breathing, once I start paying attention its like wowza sexy
• I appreciate my communication skills - I've got an involving, smooth flowing, clear way of writing
• I appreciate how I intuitively sense people's needs
• I appreciate that I am passionate about food, I enjoy food so much. I like how I smell food, feel myself touching the food, look at foods closely, yeah totally enjoy food.
• I like how relaxed about life I am, I know that my life will turn out magnificently. And it is.
• like how full of energy I am all through the day.
• I am a natural inspirer, so many people tell me they find me uplifting, 'a delightful breath of fresh air'
• I love what an appreciative being I am, and I am so happy that I turned my attention to me now
• I like how I take care of my body - giving it oil massages, stretching my limbs, eating what I am inspired to, walking, jumping yeah, and I appreciate the acceptance and appreciation I feel for all parts of my body - its heart warming
• I like that I like myself - what a guy I must be!
• I like my sense of humor - its free flowing, and I really crack myself up often
• I appreciate how much I delight in my senses - like this morning I woke up to sunlight reflecting off the green trees around, such a sight to see first thing in the morning.
• I've got a powerful, full smile
• I like how I care for aesthetics and always look for how to leave things beautifully
• I like how bold I am, if there's something I want to say, I say it
• I appreciate the enthusiasm I bring to everything I do
• I appreciate that I delight in the successes of other people, I get so delighted when I hear of people succeeding that I pump my fist! I want to have happy, successful people all around me
• I like that I do what feels best to me
• I appreciate that I am accepting of myself in all circumstances
• I like that I am now accepting of other people too in all their diversity
• I like that I am relaxed and know I don't have to figure it all out
• I appreciate that I feel happy for no reason at all
• I appreciate that I feel centered all through the day
• I appreciate that I allow myself as much rest as I require
• I appreciate that I have attracted peace unto me.
• I appreciate that I put my feeling good first
• I appreciate that I am one who is committed to my truth
• I am worthy of appreciation
• I say yes to myself
• I like that I allow my imagination to flourish
• I appreciate my ability to cook
• I appreciate my ability to play various sports
• I appreciate my ability to goof off
• I appreciate how easily I laugh, how playful I am, how easy going I am
• I appreciate that I am always looking at the bright side of things

After making a list of all that you appreciation about yourself, start to do the same with every person and aspect in your life; your job, your relationships, your body. You will be amazed at how good you feel. Appreciation is a heart felt feeling, and when you are there, the world looks brighter, everything is beautiful and all is truly well. And when you appreciate all that you have and look for the good and best in things, you bring more of that to you.

When I go into deep appreciation and love, I can actually see the lighting change, everything gets brighter, the trees are greener, the sky bluer, I can hear sounds more intensely. Because of my high vibration of Love and Appreciation, Source Energy/God can join me, we are a vibrational match. In other words, when you are in the State of Appreciation, you are seeing through the eyes of God. Your life will change dramatically for the better.

So, let's make every day APPRECIATION DAY!