Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Power of Repetative Audio Programs (RAPs) for Shifting Beliefs and Manifestation

I recently discovered the power of listening to repeated affirmations, repetitive audio programs (RAPs) while sleeping. When we sleep, we are in an alpha state, a state of non-resistance where our subconscious beliefs are easily tapped into. During the day, we stay focused with positive thoughts, but sometimes our deeper beliefs held on a subconscious level are stamping out our good work.

I have had amazing results in all aspects of my life with listening to looping affirmations while in the state of sleep/non resistance, especially when coupled with bineural beat music, like the Guided Visualization I created.

It's perfect for people like me who don't like to do many processes. I just turn on my ipod and go to sleep. Now that is MY kind of process!

I knew my recorded affirmations were working and could feel the difference for sure, but then I started feeling a resistance...kind of an irritation when I went to put on my RAP playlist before going to sleep that made me want to just put on music instead.

I asked myself what that was about and my guidance told me that it was my limiting beliefs fighting for their lives...the constant affirmations at night were breaking them down and they were resisting being written over with new unlimited beliefs. I knew this was the most important time of all to push through it, keep listening, break on through to the other side!! So after a two or three night break, I started up again.

Truly, I am having amazing results in the way I feel and think. The trick is to stick with it, especially when you feel resistance, as this is a sign that your limiting beliefs are being shifted. Personally, I am really liking this Night Shift thing.

Of course, I recommend the looping affirmations I have created as it covers all aspects of wellness and wellbeing, including weight loss, abundance, worthiness, and more, and there are many others that can be found on the internet. I recommend ones with bineural beats for added sinking in factor!

Sierra's New Becoming Thin Guided Visualization mp3 is here!

This is a visualization process for you to BECOME the healthy, thin, abundant person you desire to be.

It is enhanced with binaural beats which allow you to ease into a deeper state of concentration which synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain, causing higher awareness, intellectual thought and comprehension, and therefore you receive the information on a deeper subconscious level. Guaranteed to change the way you think and feel!

"I have been listening to your Guided Visualization for almost a month straight, and I am noticing significant changes in how I feel about food, and especially about myself. I am much more confident and happy and have been dropping pounds easily and effortlessly. Thank you for this gift, Sierra!"
Joanie Craig