Friday, October 30, 2009

Focus on Your Desires, Not Your Dislikes!

One night I sat on the beach below my property in Costa Rica. I was very upset as I was waiting for two of my employees to get back from fishing with one of my boats, and they were very late. This was not feeling good. Not at all. And I wanted to feel good.

I decided to change my thoughts instead to the passionate desires this situation was creating. It was such a POWERFUL and INSTANT process that I wanted to share it. It changed my vibration so fast, that by the time they got back, I wasn’t even mad anymore, but happy! Boy where they surprised because they thought they were in BIG TROUBLE!!

CONTRAST/PROBLEM: Licho and Nito ask me if they can get off work an hour early (2:00 pm) and use my boat to go fishing. I say sure, no problem. They’ve done it many times before and always bring yummy fresh fish to eat and just go out for a couple of hours. At 6:00 pm, they still were not back. Now it is dark. They are in my little 50 hp boat. I go to sit on the beach and wait. I think about what if something happened to the motor or they are out of gas? There is no way to go and look for them at night and they will just drift all night. I check, they didn’t bring a VHF radio with them. What if they are just having fun, knowing they can’t have the boats out after dark, they have to do a beach landing (in the waves) at night and the moon is not out and it is dark. There are rocks that they can easily hit and tear up my propeller coming in. Why do they always have to take advantage, I was being nice letting them use my boat and leave work early….. bla bla bla, etc. etc. etc.

Then I looked around and realized how beautiful the beach was at that time, and every time the waves crashed, the water glowed with bio-luminecense. It was amazing!! I didn’t want to be mad anymore. I decided to concentrate on the new and passionate desires this situation was creating for me instead:

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to learn to fly my little flying boat so that I am not dependant on Licho as a pilot anymore (he knows I need him right now!). Thoughts of flying around as pilot over the ocean and dolphins and whales made my vibration fly!!! I am going to check into the cost of lessons today!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to attract new employees or even better, my partner and/or friends that will help me around here with things like the generator, fixing things, building things, creating a marine education center, so that I am not dependant upon these particular employees. I thought about the great community I want to create here in paradise with like minded people! (accepting applications!) That was great!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to get lights on my boats for nighttime fun!

PASSIONATE DESIRE: I want to come to the beach more often at night!

And so it went. It was so fast and so immediate and SOOOOOO FREEEEEEEING!!! I was sailing downstream in seconds!!! I would have done myself no good staying stuck in the problem and all my negative thoughts, being pissed off on the beach, and probably still pissed off two days later, and instead I totally elevated my vibration to new heights by defining and concentrating on the PASSIONATE DESIRES that were created from it.


I highly recommend this process for quick downstream thoughts when faced with problems. It can quickly turn anger and frustration and thoughst of what you don't want into clear focus on what you DESIRE!

Much love,