Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Like They Do It On The Discovery Channel

I so LOVE nature, you all know I do, but sometimes it pisses me off, like right now when a white faced monkey came into my bedroom and before I could run over, grabbed my beautiful Golden Orb spider friend, whom had made such a big, lovely web in a corner of my room, and ate her right in front of me, while looking me in the eyes. 

"THIS is nature, Baby, THIS is the Discovery Channel Live," says the monkey. Yes, indeedy. Monkeys need food too. But I swear they do it to mess with me sometimes, like the day I was talking to a beautiful green iguana and a monkey came over, grabbed it, bit off it's head, and threw it's body at my feet. Gee, thanks, Monkey.

Why do I hear Elton John singing right now???  The Circle of Life. Yes indeedy. Played out right here from my bedroom on a point in the most biologically intense place on Earth. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Monkey sense of humor nor not.

See you in your next life, my dear friend Charlotte. 

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