Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food: Saving Grace at Thanksgiving

Let's face it. For many, Thanksgiving is a much about food as it is about giving thanks. It can be a trying and guilt filled day for those wanting to become thin, but it doesn't have to be. I suggest making a plan before the big day, feel good about your plan, and stick with it. This will save yourself a lot of guilt, torture, self loathing, anger and resentment.

Plan A: Decide that you are not going to let Thanksgiving get you off track. It's just food after all. We live in abundance and there will still be food the day after Thanksgiving; you don't have to eat it all in one day You ill concentrate on the joy and love of being with your friends and family, taste many things, but stick to small portions and not pig out. You will enjoy every bite, chew slowly, and savor the smells and tastes without stuffing yourself to the limit. You will feel strong, satisfied, healthy and proud of yourself.

Plan B: Decide that it's just once a year after all, and no two ways about it, you are going to pig out. You will not torture yourself pretending that you wont and then do it anyway creating feelings of guilt and failure. You are being honest with yourself. Your thin relatives are stuffing themselves and you should be able to eat as much as you want too. You will enjoy every bite, chew slowly, and savor the smells and tastes and eat to your heart's content. The difference is, you shall not feel guilty about it. You will allow yourself this day of feast and commit to it not becoming a week-long binge.

Which plan is best? The one that feels the best to you; the one that you will stick to. Plan A is great if you are on a roll, have been visualizing and Being your thin self and are dreading a day of overeating and what it might do to your self esteem and body. Plan B is great if you know you will not be able to resist and don't want to feel bad about it. By allowing yourself to eat as much as you want this one day, you are less likely to keep binging in the vicious circle of eat/guilt/eat/guilt.

Which ever plan you choose, Have a Joyful and Gratitude-Full Thanksgiving and remember to give YOURSELF thanks too!