Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nature Speaks

In the past few days, as I sit here at my computer, I have had butterflies regularly fluttering into my room and flying circles around my head. There was a big grasshopper the other night that continuously jumped on me no matter where I went. Yesterday, TWICE, two hummingbirds flew in together and buzzed around myhead. Yes, twice. Of course I also have a wild macaw flying into my room and letting me get close, but I raised him, so not sure if that counts, nor the coati who came to the kitchen yesterday since I give him food. :)) Oh and there was the gecko who jumped onto my head yesterday and besides Ma’Halo, our Guardian Hawk’s constant presence and calls, a new falcon has taken up residence here and he make sure I see him dive bombing for food. And just now, a dragonfly flew in my room and did complete circles around me. Figure 8's too.

It is literally getting WILD around here!

Nature Speaks. I AM LISTENING.