Monday, July 8, 2013

Let Go of the Anger and Blame and Take Your Power Back

Below is a message I sent to a friend this morning and felt inspired to post it here too as I think others will benefit:

In a past love relationship you got very hurt and allowed this person to make you feel unworthy. You need to forgive this person and even above forgiveness, embrace unconditional love and begin to thank this person for the lessons and the strength you received. It was a soul agreement that BOTH of you agreed to so that you could learn, grow, expand. No one does anything hurtful to another person who isn't hurting themselves. Only a person who doesn't feel good about themselves or doesn't love themselves can inflict pain upon another. Stop feeling rejected and less than and embrace the Divine Light Being that you ARE. Everyone loves you so much. Let go that someone else with their own issues and their own journey can judge you or make you less. Only YOU can do that. And in the eyes of God, you are perfect. Don’t give anyone else that power. So you can let go of all blame and anger and take your power back because you agreed to it all… and now you know better. You are divine and awesome and pure Love and Light.

Love, Sierra Goodman

(btw, this photo is NOT photo-shopped, just incredible divine timing and being at the right place by the photographer)

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