Monday, July 29, 2013

It Is Time for Mega-Morpho-Sis!

Us Humans often repeat patterns and behaviors we created based on past experiences that caused us to develop a belief system that no longer serves us... but we are so afraid to face that event or situation that got us there, that we continue to live under the influence of it. This comes up because an old friend is going through something and is afraid to face "the event" but yet allows it to drag her down through her whole life... so every day is like reliving it anyway, affecting every day of her life.

We have the choice to let our limiting beliefs that are based upon past experiences affect every decision and way of being for the rest of our lives, or we have the choice to identify them, shift them and fly. Why would we ever stay stuck in beliefs that no longer serve us?

It is also important when we identify a limiting belief or repetitious cycle we've been living that we don’t waste our precious time and vibration to go into the “I am so stupid, why didn't I see that, look how much time I've wasted, I coulda shoulda woulda done that” vibrational mind downward spiral. That just holds us there. Instead celebrate and embrace the insight and make the shift into our new way of thinking!!!

Feel free and excited to admit that “Wow, this is something I've done my whole life, I see a pattern, a theme, a running story through my experiences. I see it!!! Wow, how great to notice that. I can shift and change it now!!”

It’s not about admitting that we've been wrong all our lives, we can let that self-sabotaging crap go. It’s about self-observation and growth and expansion. Changing our beliefs doesn't mean we were wrong. It means we have changed our beliefs through experience and guidance and greater understanding and awakening. Being fluid with our beliefs allows them to flow as our awareness grows.

It's time for MEGA-MORPHO-SIS!  

 Sierra Goodman  ~