Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Step Into the Tri-LIGHT Zone - Body/Mind/Spirit

Step into the TRI-Light Zone.

It is the balance between body, mind and spirit.

When we are that we are unlimited but then we are unable to do unlimited things, it can cause us to feel that we are doing something “wrong” or that we are not enough or not aligning or not in balance when we can’t create everything we desire. The fact is, there ARE limitations to the human body and being in the physical in a 3D world. A rock can think and believe it can float all it wants, but it’s gonna sink. We can believe we can fly, but if we jump off a 100 story building, chances are, we’ze gonna die.

The very nature of being physical has limits as long as we are living in the 3D world. So yes, it’s important to embrace that. That’s why it’s also important to take care of our physical vessel. It’s remembering that above and beyond the Law of Attraction there is also the Law of Highest Good and trusting in that… and to stop trying to force and push and pull for everything to happen.

It’s embracing the challenges/contrast/stuff that happens and turning it into golden expansion, looking for the good, grabbing the Golden Nuggets.

It’s in finding the balance of body, mind, and spirit that we find in what I am calling the TRI-LIGHT Zone. That’s the zone where we go with the flow, trust, have faith, exercise our bodies and our minds, deliberately connect with Spirit and let go of the outcomes. It’s where we don’t fight our ego but embrace it and know that it is a very important part of who we are and what gives us our individuality and uniqueness.

It is where you know and FEEL that you are ONE with the Universe and All That Is, with the stars and the planets and beyond. It’s the ability to see the big picture and the little picture at the same time. It’s having your feet on the ground while knowing you are of the stars.

It’s when we don’t try to deny our humanness but embrace it, physical limitations, pain, anger, frustration and all and know our own power to overcome and fly once again.

We don’t have to make anything happen. Does that mean we don’t go to the audition, interview or date? No… unless it really doesn’t feel good on a gut level, we go and give it our best and let go of and trust in the outcomes.

Step into the Tri-Light Zone of Body, Mind, Spirit Balance and Ease and Grace.

It is your birthright.
  Sierra Goodman  ~