Thursday, May 2, 2013

Listen Divine Beings

Listen, Divine Beings and you will hear
Your own Inner Guidance loud and clear

You are the one who knows what’s best for you
So follow your heart, to your authentic self be true

There is nothing to obtain, no one you have to be
You have it all inside you, so set yourself free

In the present moment is where you find your true self
Past stories and present worries remain on the shelf

To follow your dreams is what you came here for
So get passionate, BE Possibility and wait no more

Instead of complaining and waiting for change
Refocus your NOW and watch your life rearrange

Let go of the baggage and the attachments too
Cause’ once resistance is gone, it’s a dream life for you

Let go of the hurt, let go of the blame
And start living your life in charge of the game

Be FOR, not against, speak from love and respect
his is how you create the Love Consciousness Effect

When things don’t go how you think they should
Remember there is the law of The Highest Good

The higher perspective, the Divine Broader View
Is how it can all make sense to you

Allow unique perspectives and inspired Source to flow
Every Being has their unique journey to expand and grow

Trust in Divine timing, let the Universe orchestrate
And it all turns out better than your imagination could create

Know you are worthy, embrace your Divine
Expect the best to happen, for it happens all the time!

Live from the heart, be the LOVE that you ARE
And your true and authentic self will shine like a star.

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~