Thursday, May 16, 2013

Embrace the Dream and Live It!

Sometimes when our dream is right in front of us, fears, unworthiness, insecurities, and doubts can come up. We can start mind-f*ucking our way out of it and looking for things that are wrong with us and/or others involved. Our upper limits of what we can have and deserve might be being tested… Can I really have it all? Do I really deserve this? Am I worthy of living my dream? If you have not worked on your beliefs and limitations and raise the ceiling limit you have placed upon yourself, you will surely find a way to sabotage it.

Isn’t it time to EMBRACE THE DREAM and LIVE IT? Isn’t it time to PLAY BIG and RELEASE all limitations and old baggage that binds you? It’s 2013, People!! There has never been a time when your dreams (the ones that are for the highest good of all concerned) can come to you faster and in more magical ways… that is if you ALLOW it. Sooooooo whaaadddaya waiting for? ~ Sierra Goodman