Saturday, May 4, 2013

Conflict: Do It Like They Do It On the Discovery Channel

Conflict. Somehow many believe that we are supposed to live without conflict, but I look to nature and see what the animals do. Oh, yes, there is conflict in nature. I see the monkeys furiously fighting over food and territory and other issues; same with the macaws, dolphins, down to the hermit crabs. But the difference is in how they do it. They express themselves fully, they let it out, they GET ANGRY, and then they let it go. Five minutes later, they are swinging, swimming and pruning each other. Animals do not hold onto the anger because they have expressed it fully, said their truth and let it go. And THAT, baby, is how they do it on the Discovery Channel!! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman♥ ~ from Oceans of Inspiration