Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let Others Be While YOU Be Who You Truly Are

I’ve had lots of opportunities for people watching lately as I take a break from monkey, toucan, macaw and beach watching. 

On the cruise I just returned from there were people from all over the world from all walks of life and all ages. And of course now I am in the city so people abound all around! 

It has been such a great practice for me to allow, allow, allow and to stay in Love… which means non judgment. I played a game with myself on the cruise ship, reminding myself that every single one of those people are an aspect of ME/WE… and it would make me giggle to think about that, especially with some of the people I met and saw. It’s so much more rewarding and pleasant and peaceful and entertaining to look at others without judgment and as a Spark of the Divine… just like YOU. There is such a big difference in the energy of “I would do/say things differently and I respect their way of being.” then to say “They are wrong and bad and crazy” for how they do it.

And when people try to fit me into their mold for how they thing things/I should be or judge me, I have learned that it is about THEM and not about me. They are seeing things from their own unique perspective, not mine. We only feel bad about it when we are judging ourselves and/or are not confident in ourselves and who we BE.

Soooo, the moral of the story is:

Let others BE while you BE who you truly ARE without shame, excuses, doubt. YOU YOU YOU are a Divine Spark in the Fire of Love… and so is everyone else. In their own Divine Unique way.

~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~