Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Am Not Lucky, I Am Leap-y!

(I am going through some of my notes for my book and found this and felt inspired to post it. 

People often tell me how “lucky” I am to live in paradise and swim with dolphins and whales…. But it is NOT luck that got me here. Trusting in Divine Standard Timing and Orchestration and taking BIG LEAPS along the way is how I got where I am. I was thinking and dreaming about Costa Rica since I was about 18. I told my parents then, "I am moving to Costa Rica." And they said fine, we will not financially support you in any way. And that scared me off for many years. Until it was so right and it was only me holding me back… and NOT doing it was scarier than doing it. NOT leaping was scarier than staying in a life that I knew was not who and what I AM.

When there is a dream so deep... it is YOURS... let it unfold and mold… and I am NOT saying to not take action... I took several BIG leaps to get here, BIG ACTION LEAPS... things that I think most people wouldn't have risked or done because of the standard logical things to do. But Baby, I LEAPED to get here... and the road super appeared when I threw away all logic and what others told me made sense to do and I totally ignored what others, from their own fear and perspectives and experiences, told me was impossible and not a good idea and would never work. I did it anyway!

If I was logical, financially anal, double and triple thinking everything, looking for everything that could go wrong... trust me I would not be here because it would have all gone haywire with my mixed signals to the Universe such as: I want this but I don’t deserve this. I want this but I have obligations and people dependent on me, I want this but it is just a dream, I want this, but I can’t really do anything about it, it will never work, it will fail. I will spend my life dreaming about it, and I know Universe you will forever send me reminders of the dream I am not living because I am still vibrating it on some level, but you will never move mountains for me because I am not moving into YES!!! NOW!!

The Universe moves mountains when we move and take action towards our dreams.
And about leaping… there is a not so fine line… because you can only leap with your WHOLE BODY AND SOUL AND MIND. Yep, the mind too. Especially the mind. Half leaps usually end up at the bottom of the mountain, struggling and scratching to get to the top. And ya know what? That is okay too. It will still all work out with a lot more experiences before you get to where you want to be. But at least you are moving!! Just LEAP. You will land... Somewhere... it's action and movement from where you are.

And on some level it is scary for me to share this as I don't want people to quit their jobs (like I did), sell all their stuff (like I did), drive your animals and car in a move across the country (like I did), then stay there only 7 months when you are then called to move to another country (like I did) and totally give up their lives as it was… (like I did)… and then blame me when it didn't turn out how you thought it would. You gotta leap to YOUR farthest leaping abilities. I threw myself out there... I took some what others would say are crazy chances, leaps and actions… but I trusted the whole way. I had faith and trust and let it unfold with divine orchestration.

So don’t say Luck. Say LEAP!!!

  Sierra Goodman  ~