Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Birthing of a Book

It started in late 2011… I began to receive all kinds of “birth” messages, signs and messages that I would be birthing something… or someone. A couple of my friends told me they saw a baby dolphin being birthed. Hmmm, that would be most interesting. The birth messages continued into the beginning of 2012 and I knew that something was coming, but I wasn’t sure what. I have been talking about writing a book for several years. I thought my first book would be about my experiences talking to animals and then I thought it would be my weight loss book. The weight loss book is more than ¾ done, it has been for over a year, but I couldn't find the inspiration to complete it and get it out. So I didn't. I just can’t force myself to do things when I am not inspired. That feels like WORK and writing a book should be a joyful expression of Spirit.

I am one of those people who will wait till I am inspired, which is sometimes at the last minute, and then I go into high action gear and belt stuff out. I remember it used to drive my brother crazy that I would leave book reports and other school assignments to the last minute and then I would bust it out and get an A. It’s just how I do things and it works for me.

One day in late October I was out on a dolphin and whale trip and a wave of thought came to me as we were surrounded by dolphins. I was to put together a book of my quotes. This would be a book that people would use as daily inspiration. They could turn to any page and get the message that they need to hear that day or in that moment. The dolphins showed me how they would help me embed the book with their joy and love, through me. Well alrighty then! Swim on ahead!

When I got home I started to put together my quotes and contacted my dear friend, India Redman, who had just spent 10 days visiting me at my rainforest home. When she was there, I didn’t have the book on my mind, but I now knew who was meant to be the graphic designer, especially since she already had experience putting out a book on Amazon’s CreateSpace.

I told India I wanted one of my joyful dolphin photos on the cover and I wanted the quotes surrounded by some swirly, spiraly, dolphin, love graphic. With both the cover and the inside graphic, what she sent the first time was IT. When I saw the cover, it was like I had seen it a million times and I knew there were no changes to be made. It was perfect. First try. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I now know that India and my time together in my sacred space helped to set the energy for this book and our working together.

Everything came together so easily. It was like gliding down a rainbow wave. Everything lined up perfectly. Once I got to California, I got a strong message that the book should be published on November 22. 11/22/12. I am a big fan of number alignment so I told India and we went into high gear to get the book submitted, and again, everything fell into place. The book has a publishing date of 11/22. Every time I go to Amazon and see that, I smile and get the chills.

India also came up with the design for the website and I went forward putting it together but very quickly realized that my web design abilities are soooo last decade as I have not kept up with new programs and programming for the latest versions of the browsers. After some frustration I decided to call in the professionals and contacted my friend Travis who runs a very successful web design business. He did a great job cleaning up my mess and the website went from being a struggle for me to ease and joy. Sometimes we just gotta delegate and let everyone be in the zone of genius. Website design is not mine.

I still needed to wait for my book to appear in Amazon’s listings and knew that Monday, 11/26 would be the day. And sure enough, early in the morning, there it was. My book. My name as author. Me. Published. Right there on Amazon.com. Woo Hoo!!

Yesterday was a magical day in so many ways. It was a day of birth, the birth of my book baby with a dolphin on the front. It feels so amazing to bring Joy and Inspiration to the people in this way. I walked outside and a flock of birds, swallows I think, created an amazing design in the sky as they flew in a tight formation in unison. The seagulls and crows circled directly above. I kept hearing to get into the water so I filled up my parent’s Jacuzzi bath with warm coconut oil filled water.

As soon as I touched the water I felt the dolphins come in very strongly. I was not alone in that bathtub! They thanked me for being a vessel through which they can express their joy and love. They showed me how they have jumped into each and every book that gets printed helping me to embed each book with their joy, love and light. I closed my eyes and we joined in a prayer that every single person who touches my book feels peace, calm, worthiness, freedom, confidence, joy, love and light. In that moment I literally saw a dolphin stampede all around me and they showed me how they were carrying that energy from the prayer through the book, across the planet, across the Universe and once again I was shown the map with points of light, everywhere my positive influence and joy vibe is reached and felt. It is brighter than ever.

Yesterday I already received offers to translate the book into Slovanian, Italian and Spanish. I have been offered interviews too. This is FUN!! Giving birth was not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact it was a most divine experience. All the gain, none of the pain. This is how it works when we act when inspired, follow our heart, surrender and let the Universe lead the way.