Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sierra's SUNgasm

Sierra’s SUNgasm: Oh, how I’ve missed you. I appreciate so much the days of rain in the rainforest, but am SO appreciative of your divine return. Thank you for how you caress me with your warm, loving, embrace, feeding me strength, renewal, power and balance. You fill my cells with Yellow Light Joy. I shall never hide away inside from your Light nor slather toxic chemicals to “protect” myself from you. You bring me DIVINE JOY AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL. And these glorious days laying before your Divine Grace on the now empty spot of my future home, in between swims in the Divine Ocean, each and every time I have gone to this sacred space to take in your gifts, various species of birds circle in a vortex above. CRAZY MAGICAL POWERFUL DIVINE. SUNGASM!!!!!!!! I FEELTHE POWER and LIGHT with ALL MY HEART. I Love YOU, Divine Sun. Your faithful Sun Goddess. Amen.