Sunday, October 16, 2011

ONE People ♥ ONE Planet ♥ ONE LOVE ♥ Occupy Earth. Together.

Can you feel it? There is something really amazing going on. There is passionate energy swirling around the planet as people awaken and remember their power and take action towards their dreams and desires. This is much bigger than about Occupy Wall Street. This is about Occupy Your Heart. Occupy Your Power. Occupy Compassion and Love. Occupy Together.

While some of the blaming and pushing against in the Occupy Wall Street movement is the old paradigm way of doing things, as more and more remember their power and embrace it, there will be no more need for blame, for in blame there is powerlessness. It will quickly move past the old way of doing things into the new paradigm of personal power and unity, of love and community. As more and more awakened beings come together in our mutual desires for the world in which we live, the more powerful we become. Together.

One of the benefits coming from the demonstrations around the United States is that people in other countries are seeing that the majority of the American people are not the actions of their government and in some ways are similarly controlled by the government and currency system. And just like them, Americans want their freedom and right to live a peaceful, abundant and harmonious life on this beautiful planet we all share. This will allow more global unification instead of separation. This is becoming a truly global movement not AGAINST the machine but FOR the world we wish to see as we embrace that we truly are all ONE.

This, my friends, is what we have been waiting for. WE are who we have been waiting for. And the time is NOW! Stand up for what you believe in and desire. Stand up for who you are. Become a part of this Movement of Awakening and Love and Evolution… if not in the streets, in your own home. EMBRACE your power and KNOW that the world we dream of is with-IN our reach NOW!

ONE People ♥ ONE Planet ♥ ONE LOVE ♥ Let us Occupy Earth. Together.